Is it too late to be thankful?

27 11 2007

I didn’t really have the time to do a Thanksgiving post this year, being on VACATION and all. (I love saying that. Do you know how long its been since I could say that?) So here goes.

*I’m thankful for Starbucks Gingerbread Lattes. I wont be very thankful once they take them away, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.
*I’m thankful for the Mega Mango smoothie at Jamba Juice. Its sooo good. That makes me happy.
*I’m thankful for my Ipod. Without it, I would have no tunes. That would be tragic.
*I’m thankful for Nintendo and their ability to make mind numbing games that keep SBJ occupied for extended periods of time.
*I’m thankful for my camera. It helps me cover the walls of my room with pictures of the people I love.
*I’m thankful for Hershey’s Almond Chocolate Bars because one of them is making Rura happy as I type this. He loves his chocolate, that one does.
*I’m thankful for my friend at work who bails me out two times a day so we can go smoke and bitch about the most annoying co-worker ever. Boy are we snarky!
*I’m thankful for wireless internet, without it, I wouldnt be able to write this in bed. Naked. Or am I??
*I’m thankful for SBJ and the fact that every single day I spend with him, he makes me laugh.
*I’m thankful for my parents, for letting us crash their house party every night of the week.
*I’m thankful for their DVR, without it, I would miss the shows I love the most because I am too scatterbrained to remember when they were on. I always remember in the last 5 minutes of the show and that makes me sad. So DVR makes me happy.
*I’m thankful for my queen sized bed because it’s big enough to share with the sweetest guy in the world.
*I’m thankful for my memories because without them, Rura and I would not have been able to enjoy our car ride home tonight when music helped us remember some good times early in our relationship.
*I’m thankful for my readers, without you I wouldn’t have comments. I love me some comments. Oh and your blogs are ok too.
*I’m thankful for Rura. For so many reasons, for so many moments, for so many breaths that we take, and especially for his cute butt and sexy lips.

Thanksgiving is awesome ya’ll! I feel happy now. Time to get this kid to bed so I can get lucky. And I have to pee.

I really do love you guys. A whole lot. Thank you for coming back here to see what kind of useless information I have to share each day. I hope we get the chance to get drunk together one day. Because I would so make out with all of you and totally blame the booze. Fo Sho.




6 responses

27 11 2007

Im thankful that you have feet.

28 11 2007

It’s never too late to be thankful. Or to make a delicious Thanksgiving meal. I made one mid-december last year. Love T-day leftovers.

28 11 2007

Great list. Now I’m coveting your Gingerbread Latte and your smoke.

28 11 2007

I am also thankful for lattes – pumpkin spice before Thanksgiving and gingerbread after. And also gum to kill the awful coffee breath.

28 11 2007

I am all about getting the drizunk on with you! Someday.

I must try this Gingerbread latte of which you speak!

And are you really nekkid?! Dude! Cause I TOTALLY am. Not.

29 11 2007

Sounds good to me. The smoking and the drinking that is. Oh, and all that other shit you’re thankful for.

But mostly the smoking and the drinking.

I sure miss smoking.

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