Enough waiting!

28 11 2007

Vacation picture time!

Wait… you mean no one was waiting to see the 177 pictures I took while we were in San Francisco for 2 and a half days? I’m the only one? Weird…

Don’t leave! I’m not going to show you all 177. Serious. I’m not that patient and you probably aren’t that interested. I’ll do you a favor and break the days up. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m doing my lazy ass a favor because I just dont want to post our whole vacation in one post.

So I took a few pics on the road up there, and here they are, in all their glory. Aren’t you excited?? Well get excited becuause NaBlowMe is almost over and I’m really running dry here people.

Yup this is my offspring. And the very first picture I took to kick off our vacation. He makes for nice memories.

This is the inside of the car after a few hours on the road. My mom has a PT Cruiser and it was pretty cramped in there. As you can see.

Anyone else think thats sexy? Just me? Ok…

mmmm pea soup. Like boogers.

I so love them.

Woman! Put the camera down and grab something!

Hahaha thats all! For tonight anyways. Is it really only Wednesday?? This week is draggggging.



3 responses

29 11 2007

I love your caption on that last one! He does look kind of pissed 😉

29 11 2007

I cant find your email addy so this is how Im contacting you. $50 for both TV (27 inches, color, works perfectly) and dvd player, AND you can have my DVD’s for free if you come by. Come get this shit bitch!

30 11 2007

How many people were in the Cruiser?? That is tight. I see a can of Pringles in the picture of the backseat…mmm.

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