29 11 2007

As I was doing my normal blog reading today, I never thought I would actually GET something out of it. Tomorrow, we are gettin’ a new TV. And a DVD player. And free DVD’s. I love me some free stuff. Yes, I have to treck allll the way out to Beaumont to get them, but its ok.

See Jessie is ridding her home of TV. She says they don’t need it. I say thats awesome. For them. For us? Not so much.

We are TV people. Sure its probably rotting our brain. That’s fine by me. I’m a movie addict and my boys are gaming freaks. Right now Rura’s playing a video game. We just got done watching an hour and a half of Cops DVD’s. Before that? I read on the couch with my mom for almost two hours. (I’m reading a really good book right now.)

Those are my DVD’s that I have managed to either salvage from my ex or buy new. That is NOTHING compared to what my old collection looked like. To the left, a sliver of my book collection. Those are just the books I have read and/or bought in the last few months. Dont mind the 3 cups of Jamba Juice. We have a slight addiction. You can also see my very yummy cookies in the very back by the wall. Hee. Can you spy anything else?

I’m not going to say that TV enriches our life or any of that crap. But having a TV in the house and in my room is something I have always have. I love to watch the news in the morning when I am getting ready for work. One of my favorite things to do is cuddle in bed and watch a movie with Rura, one we both enjoy. We like to watch Cops, and South Park, and Family Guy, and CSI, and Las Vegas, and Heroes. Even SBJ enjoys Heroes.

There is a lot of debate over TV being bad for you and all that. I don’t believe the hype. We spend a lot of time together as a family anyways and the amount of TV we watch is small in the long run. All I know is, I’m getting an awesome deal on a much bigger TV than the 6 inch TV I have in my room now. Yea, I actually think its smaller than that. It’s sad. I’ve had it since I was a kid. And you know what? This will be the first TV I have bought on my own.

Does that make me a grown up? Oh and Jessie, do you have any left over turkey? That you might be able to make into a sandwhich? That might just be ready when I show up? No? Cookies? Bread? I’m just sayin….




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29 11 2007

I want a turkey sandwich now. Thanks for that.

We don’t watch half as much TV as we did pre-baby, but we always watch Heroes. Love. And I gotta say, there’s nothing better than snuggling up to watch a movie. Tony even watches old episodes of He-Man and Shera with Eliana (I don’t get it, but whatever).

Yay for free stuff!

30 11 2007

We don’t have Jamba Juice here but I bet I would be addicted too. I loooove smoothie type things.

30 11 2007

I love how you have cleverly used the Jamba Juice cups to hide your porn collection…

30 11 2007

I have sugar cookies with cinnamon sugar on them, is that alright? I dont go to the store till Sunday. Oh, but Ive got some cranberry sauce that you can take home with you. Its home made, really good.

And to expand your book collection, I have some that you can go through and take, but theyre really random mostly. Oh but you know what? I have a copy of MY book right here in my purse! Ill sell it it to you at my cost ($20) if you promise to do a book review of it 😉

1 12 2007

Congrats on making it through NaBloPoMo(Fo)!! Who wouldn’t be burned out after thirty consecutive posts? Hope you enjoy your loot this weekend. Sounds like good stuff. Oh, and you know I luuurve me some Sylvia Browne.

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