All mixed up

20 12 2007

Today is just a jumble of things. I’m even warming up to the idea of using bullets. Should I?? Why not.

rain drops

  • It’s been raining here the past few days. So badly the other night that my car did a little hydroplaning on the freeway. Rura was driving and handled it well. Of course he said that he never wanted to drive on the freeway in the rain again, but that can’t really be avoided now can it?
  • Today SBJ has a Christmas program. Whoever’s idea it was to have 1st graders sing “Must be Santa” must hate all the parents. Do you know how long that song is?? Plus his school has like the smallest cafeteria known to man that they cram a ton of parents and kids in. And no parking. So I had to come to work early and I get to leave late. That kid better appreciate me being there.
  • The crazy biatch at work gave cookies to everyone. Individually wrapped. I don’t feel safe eating them. But she had to throw in my favorite cookie just to temp me. Damn her.
  • I need coffee.
  • Last night, a miracle of sorts occurred. I went to Target and spent less than 10 dollars.Don’t believe me. I know you don’t. But it’s true. I bought mousse, note cards, a composition book, and Tostito’s Queso. Oh and two candy bars. Came out under $10 and both me and Rura were shocked. Never happened before, probably wont ever happen again.
  • Head on over to see a crazy bitch that blogs. While you are there, wish Jessie a Happy Birthday! Just don’t mention Christmas and the fact that its only 5 days from now. She is kinda bitter about that. For good reason of course. Happy Birthday!!!
  • The last bullet is reserved for Amy. Amy! I am the cat, you are the chair:


Fo sho.



10 responses

20 12 2007

Real actual rain! I know, crazy huh? I actually had to use an umbrella… weird.

20 12 2007

I fucking love you, man.

But why do you get to be the cat?

20 12 2007

I can’t believe you got out of Target only spending $10!! I’ve gone there three times in the past week and haven’t managed to get out with under $50 worth of stuff.

You are my new official hero.

20 12 2007

Target for under $10?! How woman!!!???

That cat is awesome.

20 12 2007
Solomon Broad

I love the picture. Even though the cat looks like it’s just pretending to love the chair, and is in fact luring the photographer in, so it can leap into action and attack in a flurry of claws and teeth.

And that wallpaper is just plain creepy. It looks like one of those . Maybe if I stare at it for long enough the chair will vanish, and the cat will turn into a dolphin or something. Or maybe it will appear to jump out of the picture at me, and eat my brain or something.

Or maybe I should just lay off the coffee a bit….

21 12 2007

Bullets rock. I’m also amazed at not only the Target experience but the number of things you bought for that amount. Are you sure the cashier didn’t miss something? Queso alone is like 3.39! (Yes as you know I am a huge Price is Right fan)

23 12 2007
Still here… « Amy’s Magnum Opus

[…] And for my speshul friend, who shares both Teh Crazy and a love of Lolcats… […]

23 12 2007

Speshul? Who told??????

23 12 2007

I love the pictures!

Happy holidays to you!

25 12 2007

I don’t believe the one about Target. That’s simply impossible.


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