A Perfect Post, amongst other things

3 01 2008

Yup, its that time. Perfect Post Award time. I always keep an eye out for those posts that really touch me and they are out there, all over the blogosphere. But I always forget to write my perfect post award. Maybe 2008 will be a good excuse to stop forgetting simple things like that! 

PP Dec

I’m giving my December perfect post to Jessie for her Anniversary post, Happy. It’s true you know. The great loves of our lives don’t always come with a “spark”. If you have someone in your life that can quiet the daily rush of activity around you, you are lucky indeed. Of course, I will argue that an 8 1/2 inch personality cant exactly HURT, now can it?

If you want more PP, go visit Petroville and Suburban Turmoil.

Aside from that Perfect Post award, I can recommend LOTS of good blogs with LOTS of good entries. Lets see…

Guess 2008 brought out the fertility stick because two of my favorite bloggers are pregnant. Go give congrats to The Kept Woman and Heather over at I’ll Think of It. I was holding Rura’s niece the other day and I gave him the eyes and said “lets have one”. He just rolled his eyes at me. Is that a no?

Z is kicking 2007 out the door. Sometimes we have bad years. It happens. 2008 belongs to her though. Amy needs some support and some major muscle to break down some walls. Go lend her an ear or two.

If you want gossip, go check out Ali’s new website, Juice: Entertainment News with Extra Pulp. She touches on all kinds of good stuff and always has good music to pimp too. Go say hi why don’t you!

Monique is making some big changes in ’08. Maybe we can all learn something from them!

One more thing… Go check out Crawl Watch ’08. Its gonna be a good one.




14 responses

3 01 2008

I pink puffy heart you.

Even though you made me tear up over coffee.

3 01 2008

ohmigosh! thanks for the shout-out! you just made my day!!

3 01 2008

Do it Miss! Have one! I need a pregnancy buddy – last time I knew like 8 people who were at the same time with me and this time the cheese stands alone. It’ll be fun…

3 01 2008

Yeah Miss, is it Baby Watch ’08 for Rura and Miss? Seriously that would be one good looking kid! But no pressure or anything.
And of course, you rule as usual!

3 01 2008

The scariest thing in the world, is receiving the pingback email and thinking one of those crazy porn blogs got through to me, lol. I’m so glad you’re not porn. 🙂
I’m thinking I need someone cool to be pregnant with too, I mean, I can’t incessantly rant on my own. 😥 Hop to it, lol!!

3 01 2008

Ill allow the pregnancy if you stop calling yourself fat. Because pregnancy, according to science experts, makes you even more fat, so you cant have both. Baby and be a bit rounded, or skinny and shut the fuck up. You call bitch.

And thanks, it’s on my sidebar.

3 01 2008

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the incredible comment. Judging from all these links I was lucky to catch your eye. I’ll be visiting these links and coming back to check on you, hoping that you do in fact try for a little Ruralette.

4 01 2008

I think it’s great that you’re passing out some blog love. I think when someone else promotes someone else’s blog it means a lot. I just started doing that myself with my cre8buzz blog with members there. I plan on doing that every Tuesday, and an occasional Friday.

4 01 2008

And I’m giving you another award, hope you can check the site!

4 01 2008

hi there…just checking out the place. saw you on the buzz! great blog. consider me a new reader!!!

5 01 2008

Thanks for connecting me to another great read!

5 01 2008

Lookit this… people love you!

Now I have competition. *sniff

7 01 2008
The Kept Woman

LOL at Jessie…I’m a FREAK when I’m knocked up. I even WALK to playgroup in the snow.

Thanks for the shout-out too…I think you should TOTALLY have one though…then we can all IM while our kids aren’t sleeping in the middle of the night.

27 01 2008

omg, thanks for the shout out. 25 days later. Am ass.

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