This award show is NOT getting canceled!

10 01 2008

Before I begin, did you know that it is (again) National De-lurking day???? OMG!!!!!!! I think this happens about 3 or 4 times a year but I must do as the bloggy gods say.


Some people have drawings and enter everyone who comments. But I cant whore myself out THAT much. Dontchaknow I’m poor? So the only promise that I will make is that I will comment back on your blog and probably possibly email you in response to your comment. Fair enough?

Moving on…

People are giving me blog lub out there and of course, that makes me happy! I love bloggy lovin’ that give out buttons just as much as I love linky love. And you know I’m all about that!

The first award I got is from Mariposa.


Thank you sweetie! I don’t know the rules of this one but I’m guessing it has to go to women. So Ima go ahead and give one out to my baby’s momma Amy who I lurrrvvveeee. Another one goes to my favorite Canadian Ali, for her great taste in clothes, shoes, music, and all things girly. Last one goes out to Monique, who I think is the bees knees. And she makes awesome graphics.

The second award comes from the always lovely Sabrina:

blog friend

Pretty huh!! Thank you soooooo much Sabrina! I’m going to give this pretty bouquet out to two hotties that I LOVE to read. Jennifer and TKW are two bloggers that you should definitely be reading if you aren’t. Trust me. I’m going to go ahead and give this award to some of my new reads that I really enjoy. First one goes out to Piper of Bliss in Bloom. Her boys are adorable and she cracks me up and touches my heart with her writing. Second one goes to one of my favorite daddy bloggers, Jim at The Busy Dad Blog. Not only is he a neighbor and fellow So Cal blogger, he tells great stories about his adventures with his son, Fury. Jim tagged me *gasp* so check back tomorrow for that. Check them both out!! 

The last award goes out to me, for lamest post title EVER.




13 responses

10 01 2008

Um, I thought that was a brilliant title.

And congrats on all the bling-bling!

10 01 2008

I’m not a lurker, but I’m delurking anyway. I should leave my reader more often because I’m just noticing the new look. And if you mentioned it before, then I read that and I’ve seen it and I’m not behind at all. 🙂

10 01 2008

Loved the title… I might be guilty of lurking on occassion… but I’m only taking one picture, with your permission. Thanks Miss, those were some very sweet things you said about me! Thanks for the award! You are my new favorite blogger, you are the one who cracks ME up! Word to your mother.

Bliss in Bloom

10 01 2008

Miss you rule! Thanks so much for this. And hey – we’re friends why? Yup. Because YOU de-lurked. See people? De-lurking is a good thing. Do it! And let me take this opportunity to smack myself for not updating my blogroll. I promise, when I get to it (tonight?) your link will shine with glory.

10 01 2008

you=one funny lady

10 01 2008

Ooooh wow!!! I have never felt so honored!! *sniff* Thank you!!!!! 😀
And I’m no lurker, but I’ll delurk anyway- *delurk*. 🙂

10 01 2008

Even though I’m not really a lurker… I’m de-lurking to say I would totally have your babies.

10 01 2008

ohmigosh! thanks for the award!!! 🙂

you’re the best!

10 01 2008

It’s nice to know you here… 😉

11 01 2008

*sniff, sniff* Ahh, thanks! You a great blog friend, too! And I totally agree, people really should read me *snort*! I’m kidding! Not really.

11 01 2008

I am a reformed lurker. I would have liked to have delurked yesterday just so I could put that button on my page – hee hee. Love it. Also thanks for the links to more blogs I can lurk on. =)

12 01 2008
The Kept Woman

Awwwwwwwww!!!! I love it! Thanks so much!!! Do I need to add water to those flowers or are they sorta in a permanent cryogenetic state?

17 01 2008

Congrats on your awards

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