Workin’ on my fitness

30 01 2008

Some of you may recall how, a few months ago, I talked once about getting in shape. And never mentioned it again.

That’s because I never did anything I talked about doing.

And in the last month or so, I have noticed my personal issue with my body getting worse. I’m bulgy in places that there should be no bulge. (OMG is bulge not the ugliest word ever? Say it a few times out loud, it becomes horrible) When I shop, I’m buying one size up, especially in under garment type things. HATE THAT.

BUT! Since being “hired” at my job (the one I’m at, where I started as a temp? Aren’t you paying attention?!) I found out that there are certain benefits that I can use. Such as a membership to a gym. No enrollment fees and the more I go, the less I pay. And? They take it out of my check. This to me is like not paying at all. Don’t ask why, it just is. If I don’t go at all, the most I will pay is $36. If I go a lot, I pay $0. A lot to them is 3 times a week.

So I signed up last Thursday. I’ve gone to the gym twice. *golf claps* Be proud of me. See actually going to the gym, especially after work, takes away time for more important things. Such as watching Ghost Hunters. Or eating. Or reading blogs. Reading blogs people!! Or of course, much much more importantly, spending time with Rura and SBJ. Yea. Them too.

The first night I went? Not so impressed. I walked ran on the treadmill for about 45 minutes. I noticed that my legs were numb afterwards but that was about it. I wasn’t even sore the next day. I was told this means I wasn’t “doing it” right. Whatever the fuck that means.

Last night? Rura went to his cop gym which I am starting to believe is not a gym at all, but just a place for the cops to sit around and chit chat like old women. Seriously. Every time he goes to the gym, he comes home with cop stories. Like, where is all the running? And the pumping of the iron? Anyways, I headed to the gym by his house which, hello ghetto! It was crowded but I guess it wasn’t that bad. Needless to say, I “did it” right last night. I was dripping with sweat after an hour. Do you know how itchy sweat is when it dries? GROSS. I had to stop and call it quits when I looked in the mirror and noticed that my face was turning a lovely shade of red.

As for today, I hurt. I hurt under my armpits. I didn’t even know there were muscles there!! And my right hip hurts. Its weird because I don’t quite know what I did to it, but it often hurts when I do strenuous activities *cough* that involve my legs lifted and/or pinned under me. You know. Either way, I think I got a pretty good work out.




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30 01 2008

Awesome girl! Get all hardcore with that treadmill. After awhile, you’ll be running for the pain – if that makes sense. My gym is not ghetto by far, but it’s packed to the rafters with beefy boys on the circut – hence when I stick to the running. Keep it up! By summer you’ll look all super fly – no more…BULDGE!!

30 01 2008

The Bulge… it will eat you if you let it.

Holy hell, an hour on the treadmill? Damn. You’re my hero.

And I hear you on the hip thing. (Same hip, too. We’re like twins!) I quite often get mid- or post-coital hip cramps. So not cool.

30 01 2008

Go Miss! Here is your advice from an aerobic instructor (yes I really am): Get off the treadmill once in a while…24 hour fitness has some awesome classes – try 24 Lift or SET, also look for power yoga. The time goes faster. I also love cycle, although everyone hates it the first time because you’re hooha will hurt after, so if you do that be prepared. I’m jealous as there is no 24 hour fitness near me. I visit them when I travel. I can’t believe it’s free if you go 3x a week.

30 01 2008

I ❤ working out. I ❤ the gym. I know, I’m strange. But I really do. I like being physical. I like ‘feeling the burn’.

I haven’t had the time, nor the resources to work out lately and I too have a bit more BULDGE than I’m used to.

Keep up the good work!

30 01 2008

Swimming is good for the body and soul my friend.

dude, instead of soul, I wrote soup the first time.

31 01 2008

Good for you! The hardest part is making yourself go and you’ve already done that!

31 01 2008

Sweet! Miss is going to look hotter than ever soon. I just started working out again and although the whole way over there I’m thinking “I totally don’t want to do this” by the time I’m done I think, “yeah this feels pretty good”.
Bulge be gone!

31 01 2008

Ooooo, you can work out for the both of us! ‘Cause me and Jazzercise? Not so much lately.

Golf clap! I love it.

31 01 2008

I need to do this myself. Sigh. Sorry about your pits. (Pits is an ugly word, too.)

1 02 2008

run? on a treadmill? for 45 minutes?
you are my hero.

1 02 2008
Shannan B (Anastasia Beaverhousin)

I just started working out this week. I need inspiration so I’ll be back!!

Blog Hopping~

2 02 2008

Good for you! The first step is the hardest and you’re already way past that! 🙂

Happy Saturday! Blog Hoppin’!
“Margarita Mom”

2 02 2008

Blog Hopped over here and I’m not ashamed to say I now have a totally straight-girl crush on you. Now let’s see if I’m sober enough to get you into my reader.


4 02 2008

I woke up, got ready, drove to the gym to workout yesterday and kept on driving because I couldn’t get in the parking garage. drove straight home

glad you like the LEAP of faith idea! let me know if you want plan topost about it friday and I will link to you in my post FRI. if you don’t want that much pressure of a LEAP than you can just jump in on comments

whatever works for you!!

6 02 2008

Golf claps! cracked me up. No, I will give you a KISS concert YAAAAAA BAAAABY!! I KNOW how hard it is to tear away from reading/writing blogs. That takes major effort.

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