SPF – Numbers

28 03 2008

Don’t be upset.

You just saw this photo.


I chose it for today’s SPF because tomorrow is the big game. But 555 wont be in action. Number 5 in this picture has to work. As for Monday’s home opener? Remember how I said that you had to win the chance to buy tickets? Well turns out, my parents bought me a seat for the season. Not the whole season, but one of the mini-plans available. They bought 4 seats all together and that package included Opening Day.

He can’t go to that game either.

He can’t go to Opening Day.

Of the Dodger’s 50th Anniversary.

*insert picture of me crying and banging my head on the table*

His work is important. I get that. I’ve been where he is, just starting out at a new job. BUT ITS OPENING DAY! Oh well. Anyone in my area want to go? I’ve got an extra ticket.

Oh and I’m SO wearing #5, probably to both games. Garciaparra is my baby daddy. And at least HE’LL be at both games.  

Here’s some funny

25 03 2008

Since I am seriously busy AND lacking in creativity, here are some funnies for you.

I dont see the problem…

Fuck that.

I only wish I was that cool.

How did no one think of this sooner?

So wrong… but so, so funny.

I fuckin’ knew it.

And I thought we only had to worry about the flying stingrays

That is SO true.

About damn time…

By far the best….
Fucking Douchebags

Thank you! Be sure to tip your waitress!

Stuff Portrait Friday is Back!!!

21 03 2008

*Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!*

Stuff Portrait Friday is back my friends! I am so excited. And unprepared.

The first official SPF is Your Favorite Picture.

This is my second favorite. My first is on another computer that I wouldn’t be able to get to until tonight. If I remember, I’ll update this post with it.


I took this picture on a hot summer evening. Last year’s summer KILLED, and we spent much of it in the pool. I had already gotten out of the pool and I decided to just get some pics of my guys swimming. SBJ LOVES to run and jump in the pool and we have just the right kind of concrete that does NOT get slippery (you can hang up with CPS now fuckers). This jump is NOT a trick of depth perception. He really got high. I completely love the color of the water and of the sky in the corner, and the way his arms and legs are just flung so carefree.

*sigh* Thanks Kristine, for giving me a reason to take my camera out again!!

Did you play??

Hey, Hey

19 03 2008

It’s my birthday!


I’m 26.

Since no one I know *cough* is innovative enough to high-jack my blog and write me a loving tribute *cough* since he isn’t buying me anything *cough*, I need you all to do it.

Seems I have something in my throat. Bitterness maybe?

Say something nice about me in my comments. Lie if you have to. It’s my fucking birthday, you are obligated. Sheesh.

56 Reasons Why

15 03 2008

…I love my mommy.

  1. She always buys the coolest gadgets and lets me play with them.
  2. When she was growing up, she had a ton of pets, including a monkey.
  3. She doesn’t cook very often, but she does treat a lot.
  4. She makes great desserts.
  5. And finger foods.
  6. She is a pack rat. She has a whole room of stuff and she thinks she knows everything that’s in it.
  7. When you ask for something in that room, she says she has to find it.
  8. Then she takes two weeks. 
  9. And she gives it to you once you’ve forgotten that you needed it. Or you don’t need it anymore.
  10. She likes to watch Oprah and has watched her my whole life.
  11. She is insane about her DVR and gets cranky if you tape too many shows because it scares her that her’s wont tape.
  12. She collects Chevron Cars.
  13. She has an IPhone and lets me watch You Tube videos on it.
  14. She falls asleep in front of the TV every night around 7. 
  15. Once she has her blanket, she is out.
  16. Rura says I’m the same way.
  17. Once she wakes up, she will stay up till midnight.
  18. Then get up at 5am. 
  19. She made SBJ his own Cheerio’s box with his picture on it.
  20. She still has it. 
  21. Her Christmas tree is covered with ornaments that she has collected forever.
  22. A lot of those were made by me and a few by SBJ.
  23. She irons my dad’s shirts every day he goes to work.
  24. She used to make lunches for both of us growing up. 
  25. She is a teacher.
  26. Her classroom looks like her spare room.
  27. She still runs into her old students that she taught years ago.
  28. When she taught them, they were between 6-8 years old. 
  29. She has been teaching in the same district for 30+ years.
  30. She keeps everything, which is why my son can now play with my old View-Master. 
  31. She buys me kiwis and candied apples, because she knows I like them.
  32. She has a Facebook account. Thank goodness it’s not Myspace.
  33. She loves to take pictures.
  34. She know’s everyone in the families birthdays.
  35. She taught me how to bargain shop and rock those clearance racks.
  36. She let my dad buy two boats and a house in the mountains.
  37. She spoils the crap out of him.
  38. She records episodes of Drake and Josh for SBJ.
  39. She is going to China on Monday and doesn’t mind bringing souvenirs back.
  40. For my friend. 
  41. She always accepts everyone I choose to have in my life.
  42. She totally loves Rura.
  43. She emails him and he texts her.
  44. She has a personalized licence plate that matches her email address.
  45. She makes SBJ the food he likes.
  46. She takes everywhere when she has a day off. 
  47. She yells at me when I yell at Rura or SBJ.
  48. She folds my laundry if I leave it in the dryer.
  49. She hates cartoons like Family Guy, South Park, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. 
  50. The rest of us love them and she gets irritated when we watch them.
  51. She loves to do projects.
  52. Her newest one is making plastic pens that are bent into shapes like stars, dolphins, and circles.
  53. She takes a mini cart FILLED with stuff to school every day.
  54. She travels the same way too, with too much stuff.
  55. She has always supported me, even when I might not have deserved it.
  56. She’s the best mommy I know.

Happy Birthday mom! 

7 Years Ago

7 03 2008

It was a pretty nice day, for March. It was overcast and I ran over to the video store to pick up some movies. I grabbed JFK because I was hard up for a good conspiracy movie and hadn’t seen JFK in a while. I was pretty excited because it was the first day of my pregnancy leave and I was SICK of Target. I had a good week ahead of me before I expected him to come so I was ready for a mini vacation before EVERYTHING was going to change.

I headed over to the base to my checkup which was supposed to be pretty routine. I felt good going in and was already planning my day. Turns out, that little fetus inside me had other plans.

It has to be said. The worst thing that can happen, while the doc is all up in your biznezz, is for him to get a bewildered and confused look on his face. Not a good sign. Never a good sign. He asks if I am feeling any contractions. Nope actually, I feel great. I rented JFK. No plans for a baby tonight. It wasn’t to be. I was at 4 centimeters and that’s doc talk for admittance. But first, walk for two hours. Then come back and get felt up again.

Grab the ex from his job in the hospital and tell him that we gotta go NOW and get my bag. And of course stop at Target for PJ’s. Go home, grab my bag and pillow and walk around the mall for an hour. Drive the 30 minutes back to the base and get checked, only to be told to go walk some more.

We end up at the apartment of one of the ex’s friends. They play cards while I watch HBO and attempt to time my contractions. Which I couldn’t really feel. End up back at the hospital around 11:00 that night.

The next day rolls around. I have a room with a view of the roof of the hospital and the parking lot. It’s raining. I’m on pitocin. The ex insisted on making all my IV’s. I had to put my foot down when he suggested that he put the IV in me. Uh, no.

SEVERAL hours later and a good half hour of PAIN and I’ve got an epidural injection that will last 45 minutes instead of the normal IV. I’m dilated to 10 and its time to push.

30 minutes later and there he is, all up in my world.

At 1:19 pm, my life changed forever.

This kid makes me smile every day. He makes me want to pull my hair out just as much. He has a crazy sense of humor and it so smart, I don’t know how he came from me.

7 years and he still sleeps with his arms flung over his head, just like he did when he was a tiny little baby.

As crazy as he is, I wouldn’t trade him for anything.


Happy Birthday my sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey.

BTW, I never did get to watch JFK. But the video store decided not to charge me a late fee when I returned the movies 2 months later.

What’s on MY playlist?

6 03 2008

Amy asked so here’s my answer. I’m just playing a random shuffle and giving you the first 11 that come up. The exception is my two Dane Cook stand-ups I have on there. They aren’t music!

  • I Want You to Want Me – Letters to Cleo ~ This song!! It makes me want to just go crazy and dance. I first heard this version on 10 Things I Hate About You. You know you loved that movie too, don’t lie. Every time it comes on and I’m in the car, I crank it up and sing it as loud as I can. I remember one time Rura was pissed at me and not speaking to me in the car. This song came on and he got the full experience.
  • Clumsy– Fergie ~ This is my ringback tone. It’s flirty, then again SHE is flirty and I like it.
  • Walking on the Sun– Smashmouth ~ This song takes me back to high school. Me and my BFF were big into Smashmouth. I don’t know why. Ha. “It ain’t no joke I’d like to buy the world a toke”” 25 years ago they smoked out and they broke out of resession and oppression” Amen brother. Lets just all get high and end this war. Whoo. *cough* Errr…. moving on…
  • Wish You Were Here – Incubus ~ How can you not love Incubus? This song totally rocks. My favorite Incubus song is Echo but this one is pretty awesome too.
  • Epiphany– Staind ~ This song brings out a lot of emotions for me. “So I speak to you in riddles, because my words get in my way””I dig myself a little hole, inside your precious heart””Forget all the things I should have said””It’s always raining in my head” I went through a pretty shitty break up in high school, while I was separated from the ex and well, this song describes that guy to a T.
  • Apologize – One Republic ~ The first people I think of when I hear this song is T and her husband. “Tell me that you need me, then you go and cut me down””I take another chance, take the fall, take a shot for you” That is him. He would do anything for that bitch.
  • Keep Fishing– Weezer ~ Dude this song has the Muppet’s in the video. Nuff’ said.
  • Thanks for the Memories– Fall Out Boy ~ I love me some Fall Out Boy. “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” was one of the first songs that was one of “our” songs. We played the shit out of that when we first started seeing each other. As for this song, I love it. There is much debate over the lyrics “He tastes like you, but sweeter” Now I think he is singing from the chicks perspective but Rura is convinced that it means they are all gay. Whatever.
  • Kokomo – The Beach Boys ~ I remember being in 3rd grade and sitting in the tire swing with my friends and singing this song at school. Thinking about that now, it probably wasn’t very appropriate, considering I went to a private school. I’m a Beach Boys girl at heart.
  • Landslide– Dixie Chicks ~ I totally Heart the Dixie Chicks. I have a lot of songs on my Ipod that are theirs. This song was very beautifully redone by them. Further proof, another Dixie Chicks song came on right after this one, I Like It.
  • SwayBic Runga ~ Go ahead and click on her name because most people have no idea who she is. If you were as big a fan of American Pie as I was, you know this song. It’s THE song, where they are all doing it after prom. You know the one. “Say you’ll stay, don’t come and go like you do””It’s all because of you” The lyrics are beautiful and her voice is haunting. Check her out.

So there you go. Just a little taste of the 657 songs I have on my Ipod. So many are missing too. This list could go on for days. Be thankful it hasn’t.

So whats on YOUR playlist? Give me a recommendation.