1 03 2008

Remeber us

Saw this picture over at FOUND magazine. It just gets to me for some reason. It’s titled “Remember us“. I would like to believe that someone, somewhere has the top half of this picture and keeps it safe, just to remember what was. The thing that bothers me the most? Someone else didn’t think it was quite so special. Which is why it ended up on a website featuring Found items. My heart aches for whoever keeps the other half.

I guess whenever I find myself thinking about the past, I always wonder if the people I am thinking about ever think of me too. I would love to believe that I made some kind of impact on SOMEBODY, but it scares me to death to think that I haven’t.




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1 03 2008

Awwww. I think that same way. I’m always holding on to sentimental little trinkets from long ago. Even if the person with who I made the memory with is no longer ‘special’ in my book, the memory still is. And certain songs always take me back to a magical time. And I wonder if anyone ever holds onto memories of me like that, too.
Sigh… it’s the hopeless romantic in us.
Reason #56174561654 why I lub you.

1 03 2008

I admittedly am not such a sentimental girl. Once the relationship is over, I toss out everything. For example, I have NOT ONE picture of me and my ex whom I dated for 7 years. Not one. I got rid of almost every gift he ever gave me also. **shrugs** I just don’t see the point. It’s just stuff.

But that’s me. I totally understand why some people like to, or even need to hold on to momentos.

1 03 2008

I’m a terrible momento saver. I save anything that has any meaning at all. I have two boxes of the most random crap you will ever see. And I could tell you the significance of each piece. Drives the wife nuts. That being said, I find that picture kid of odd. On the left you have the gangsta sag with tennis shoes and on the right you have the 1970’s Detroit style tight jeans/shitkickers ensemble. Talk about odd couple!

1 03 2008

My guess is that the new gal ripped up the ex-couple’s pic in a moment of jealous fury!

Blog Hoppin’,
Balancing Hops

1 03 2008
Stacey @ Real World Mom

I’m sure you have. Have faith.

Happy Saturday! Blog Hoppin’! 🙂
“Margarita Mom”

1 03 2008

Hey – I’ve been lookin’ ALL over for that picture. so glad someone found it. 🙂

(just kidding … but i think it’s pretty cool, actually)

Senora Patron drinkin’ and bloggin’ on a Saturday nite.

4 03 2008

I wonder what the story is behind this picture.

And I wonder too if people I reminisce about, think about me ever.

4 03 2008

I received an email from my high school sweetheart and boyfriend of five years awhile back saying this….

An excerpt….

“What little impact you had on my life was just a drop in the bucket compared to what I’ve been through…..”

There’s a lot more to the email, but that was the part that affected me the most. Our relationship ended badly and I still think he harbors some resentment, but yeah.

After that I decided that I would stop thinking about people from my past and just look forward 🙂 It hurt, because that guy had a huge impact on my life, you know??

Anyway…I just put that out there, I haven’t told anyone that yet and probably never will.

4 03 2008


I have never seen that magazine. The torn picture is a classic. I totally have NEVER done that. LOL!

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