What’s on MY playlist?

6 03 2008

Amy asked so here’s my answer. I’m just playing a random shuffle and giving you the first 11 that come up. The exception is my two Dane Cook stand-ups I have on there. They aren’t music!

  • I Want You to Want Me – Letters to Cleo ~ This song!! It makes me want to just go crazy and dance. I first heard this version on 10 Things I Hate About You. You know you loved that movie too, don’t lie. Every time it comes on and I’m in the car, I crank it up and sing it as loud as I can. I remember one time Rura was pissed at me and not speaking to me in the car. This song came on and he got the full experience.
  • Clumsy– Fergie ~ This is my ringback tone. It’s flirty, then again SHE is flirty and I like it.
  • Walking on the Sun– Smashmouth ~ This song takes me back to high school. Me and my BFF were big into Smashmouth. I don’t know why. Ha. “It ain’t no joke I’d like to buy the world a toke”” 25 years ago they smoked out and they broke out of resession and oppression” Amen brother. Lets just all get high and end this war. Whoo. *cough* Errr…. moving on…
  • Wish You Were Here – Incubus ~ How can you not love Incubus? This song totally rocks. My favorite Incubus song is Echo but this one is pretty awesome too.
  • Epiphany– Staind ~ This song brings out a lot of emotions for me. “So I speak to you in riddles, because my words get in my way””I dig myself a little hole, inside your precious heart””Forget all the things I should have said””It’s always raining in my head” I went through a pretty shitty break up in high school, while I was separated from the ex and well, this song describes that guy to a T.
  • Apologize – One Republic ~ The first people I think of when I hear this song is T and her husband. “Tell me that you need me, then you go and cut me down””I take another chance, take the fall, take a shot for you” That is him. He would do anything for that bitch.
  • Keep Fishing– Weezer ~ Dude this song has the Muppet’s in the video. Nuff’ said.
  • Thanks for the Memories– Fall Out Boy ~ I love me some Fall Out Boy. “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” was one of the first songs that was one of “our” songs. We played the shit out of that when we first started seeing each other. As for this song, I love it. There is much debate over the lyrics “He tastes like you, but sweeter” Now I think he is singing from the chicks perspective but Rura is convinced that it means they are all gay. Whatever.
  • Kokomo – The Beach Boys ~ I remember being in 3rd grade and sitting in the tire swing with my friends and singing this song at school. Thinking about that now, it probably wasn’t very appropriate, considering I went to a private school. I’m a Beach Boys girl at heart.
  • Landslide– Dixie Chicks ~ I totally Heart the Dixie Chicks. I have a lot of songs on my Ipod that are theirs. This song was very beautifully redone by them. Further proof, another Dixie Chicks song came on right after this one, I Like It.
  • SwayBic Runga ~ Go ahead and click on her name because most people have no idea who she is. If you were as big a fan of American Pie as I was, you know this song. It’s THE song, where they are all doing it after prom. You know the one. “Say you’ll stay, don’t come and go like you do””It’s all because of you” The lyrics are beautiful and her voice is haunting. Check her out.

So there you go. Just a little taste of the 657 songs I have on my Ipod. So many are missing too. This list could go on for days. Be thankful it hasn’t.

So whats on YOUR playlist? Give me a recommendation.




6 responses

6 03 2008

I think I’m the only person left in America without an Ipod. I have a bunch of mix tapes, though.

6 03 2008

I love everything Incubus. Everything. They are my absolute favorite.

And good call on Letters to Cleo. And yes, I watch that goddamn movie every time it’s on.

6 03 2008

Like every Beatles album and Dresden Dolls. Plus like Queen and Tom Petty, the good stuff. Back when they made music, instead of this shit that they manufacture today.

8 03 2008

Nice sampling, but to me no playlist is complete without at least a little Trent and NIN.

blog hop hop hopping…

11 03 2008
Dirty Pirate Hooker

Currently everything on my iPod is Kids Bop…damn punk has taken over every aspect of my life…

13 03 2008

I love Sway by Bic Runga too! My iPod has Beatles…Earth, Wind and Fire and lots of 80s songs!

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