56 Reasons Why

15 03 2008

…I love my mommy.

  1. She always buys the coolest gadgets and lets me play with them.
  2. When she was growing up, she had a ton of pets, including a monkey.
  3. She doesn’t cook very often, but she does treat a lot.
  4. She makes great desserts.
  5. And finger foods.
  6. She is a pack rat. She has a whole room of stuff and she thinks she knows everything that’s in it.
  7. When you ask for something in that room, she says she has to find it.
  8. Then she takes two weeks. 
  9. And she gives it to you once you’ve forgotten that you needed it. Or you don’t need it anymore.
  10. She likes to watch Oprah and has watched her my whole life.
  11. She is insane about her DVR and gets cranky if you tape too many shows because it scares her that her’s wont tape.
  12. She collects Chevron Cars.
  13. She has an IPhone and lets me watch You Tube videos on it.
  14. She falls asleep in front of the TV every night around 7. 
  15. Once she has her blanket, she is out.
  16. Rura says I’m the same way.
  17. Once she wakes up, she will stay up till midnight.
  18. Then get up at 5am. 
  19. She made SBJ his own Cheerio’s box with his picture on it.
  20. She still has it. 
  21. Her Christmas tree is covered with ornaments that she has collected forever.
  22. A lot of those were made by me and a few by SBJ.
  23. She irons my dad’s shirts every day he goes to work.
  24. She used to make lunches for both of us growing up. 
  25. She is a teacher.
  26. Her classroom looks like her spare room.
  27. She still runs into her old students that she taught years ago.
  28. When she taught them, they were between 6-8 years old. 
  29. She has been teaching in the same district for 30+ years.
  30. She keeps everything, which is why my son can now play with my old View-Master. 
  31. She buys me kiwis and candied apples, because she knows I like them.
  32. She has a Facebook account. Thank goodness it’s not Myspace.
  33. She loves to take pictures.
  34. She know’s everyone in the families birthdays.
  35. She taught me how to bargain shop and rock those clearance racks.
  36. She let my dad buy two boats and a house in the mountains.
  37. She spoils the crap out of him.
  38. She records episodes of Drake and Josh for SBJ.
  39. She is going to China on Monday and doesn’t mind bringing souvenirs back.
  40. For my friend. 
  41. She always accepts everyone I choose to have in my life.
  42. She totally loves Rura.
  43. She emails him and he texts her.
  44. She has a personalized licence plate that matches her email address.
  45. She makes SBJ the food he likes.
  46. She takes everywhere when she has a day off. 
  47. She yells at me when I yell at Rura or SBJ.
  48. She folds my laundry if I leave it in the dryer.
  49. She hates cartoons like Family Guy, South Park, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. 
  50. The rest of us love them and she gets irritated when we watch them.
  51. She loves to do projects.
  52. Her newest one is making plastic pens that are bent into shapes like stars, dolphins, and circles.
  53. She takes a mini cart FILLED with stuff to school every day.
  54. She travels the same way too, with too much stuff.
  55. She has always supported me, even when I might not have deserved it.
  56. She’s the best mommy I know.

Happy Birthday mom! 




8 responses

15 03 2008

Awwww, that is sooo sweet! Sounds like you have a great Mommy!

Happy Birthday, Miss’s Momma! Thanks for bringing my Internet friend into the world! 🙂

15 03 2008

Ok, so this post soooo makes me want to call my mom!

Happy Birthday Miss’s Mommy!!!!!

15 03 2008

yeah, your mom rules

16 03 2008

Sweet! She sounds cool! I hope my kids feel that way about me someday…that they see the quirks and they also see how much I love them!

17 03 2008

Ahh..What a great mom you have! Makes me ask the question, what would my kids post about me if given the chance? I’m afraid to ask!

Sherry at the Zoo

17 03 2008

So sweet…my mom is a teacher too – same ages.

Just one question, are there 56 things because that’s the birthday or is there an ulterior motive? Never mind, never ask a woman her age.

Happy b-day Miss’s mom!

18 03 2008

Such and awesome tribute to your mom! I hope my daughters feel that way about me one day.

18 03 2008

PS. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!!

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