Hey, Hey

19 03 2008

It’s my birthday!


I’m 26.

Since no one I know *cough* is innovative enough to high-jack my blog and write me a loving tribute *cough* since he isn’t buying me anything *cough*, I need you all to do it.

Seems I have something in my throat. Bitterness maybe?

Say something nice about me in my comments. Lie if you have to. It’s my fucking birthday, you are obligated. Sheesh.




18 responses

19 03 2008

Awwww, Happy Birthday, Most Gorgeous Internet Friend Evah. You know I love you and would totally hi-jack your blog. Cause that’s how I stalk roll.

I hope you have lotsa fun today. You totally deserve it.

19 03 2008

Happy Birthday!!

19 03 2008

Happy Birthday! OMG you are so young. Well go out and have a freakin’ fantastic day already, geez why are you here looking at the computer anyway?

19 03 2008

Happy birthday Miss! You’ve shown me that people who are good and real (in the “I’m real yo” sense of the word) can live in Los Angeles. I was beginning to lose faith in my city. Seriously, I’d love to meet you in person some time. Our boys would have a rockin time.

19 03 2008

happy birthday!! have some cake for me please! 😉

19 03 2008

God, to be your age again..sigh…happy bithday my dear…hope it is wonderful.
Get your self some birthday lovin’ if nothing else…

19 03 2008

GASP! Me too. March 19th babies RAWK!! You are undoubtedly much younger than my old carcass though!

19 03 2008

Happy Birthday, you sassy, beautiful, kick-ass girl!

19 03 2008

Happy birthday Miss! As the first official person who doesn’t know me in real life to comment consistently on my blog, I heart you. And, since I consider birthdays my own personal national holiday and believe that you shouldn’t have to do anything you don’t want to do on your birthday, including go to work or cook your own meals – I sincerely wish for you a day of expecting to be and being treated like a princess. =)

20 03 2008

Happy Birthday- hope it’s a great one!

20 03 2008

I totally missed it, didn’t I?

Happy Birthday, girl! May your year be blessed with abundance 🙂

20 03 2008

Shit, shit, shit. I’m a day late. Sorry.

Happy birthday! Hmmm, what can I say nice about you…Well, I like you. You leave great comments at mine AND SOME CERTAIN OTHER PEOPLE’s sites. I suspect that in person you’re fun as all get out.

Also, your birthday is the day before mine. Except I’m OLD and you’re not.

20 03 2008

awwwww…. happy birthday to you.

20 03 2008

Happy Birthday! Day-yum there are a lot of March ladies in the blogosphere. Including me! My Bday is on Monday…eeekkkk. It’s the second anniversary of my 29th birthday (otherwise known as the big 3-0) Ouch.

Happy 26th darling! You’re one of those blogosphere babes that I wish I knew IRL.

21 03 2008

1st time visitor so I have an excuse for not wishing you well 2 days ago, right? But how cool is that to have your birthday on St Joe’s Day?! Dude, is your favorite color blue? Happy Birthday. You’re gonna love 26!

21 03 2008

I am 10 years and 4 months older than you, baby girl! Happy Birthday, Gorgeous!

22 03 2008

Damn it! I’m sorry I’m so late!! 😦 Happy belated birthday!!!! I hope it was full of awesomeness!!! 😀

15 03 2009
27 Wishes « Just Miss

[…] Last year, my birthday? Yea, it kinda sucked. I’m not trying to insult anyone I may have recently gotten out of a relationship with but that guy? Never bought me a present. He bought me things if we happened to be in the store together and I was going to buy it for myself anyways. But the “hey baby! Look what I bought you, all on my own, with no prompting or hint dropping from you!” stuff? Never happened. He bought me flowers once. In 3 years. He TRIED. […]

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