Stuff Portrait Friday is Back!!!

21 03 2008

*Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!*

Stuff Portrait Friday is back my friends! I am so excited. And unprepared.

The first official SPF is Your Favorite Picture.

This is my second favorite. My first is on another computer that I wouldn’t be able to get to until tonight. If I remember, I’ll update this post with it.


I took this picture on a hot summer evening. Last year’s summer KILLED, and we spent much of it in the pool. I had already gotten out of the pool and I decided to just get some pics of my guys swimming. SBJ LOVES to run and jump in the pool and we have just the right kind of concrete that does NOT get slippery (you can hang up with CPS now fuckers). This jump is NOT a trick of depth perception. He really got high. I completely love the color of the water and of the sky in the corner, and the way his arms and legs are just flung so carefree.

*sigh* Thanks Kristine, for giving me a reason to take my camera out again!!

Did you play??




16 responses

21 03 2008

That’s a great pic! Makes me long to jump in.

Blog Hoppin’,
Balancing Hops

21 03 2008

You’re right, it is a great pic.

21 03 2008

I love it! I’m with you on the color of the water and the sunset sky. But most of all, I love the way his arms and legs are all flung out, ready to jump right in. Awesome. 🙂

Happy SPF! I played too.

21 03 2008

I’m with April. It makes me want to jump in too!
The blue in the water is just about one of my favorite colors ever.
I played.

21 03 2008
Just a girl

Oh me too, me too! That makes me want to jump in.

What a great shot.

21 03 2008

That IS a great picture and you could make a whole scrapbook page around it.

21 03 2008
Copying other people’s stuff. BONUS: More information about my underwear than you ever needed to know! « Amy’s Magnum Opus

[…] Miss posted one of her favorite pictures.  Here is one of mine: […]

21 03 2008

Do NOT remind me of how hot last summer was, especially since summer is right around the corner and we still don’t have AC yet. UGH.
Great picture though!

21 03 2008

This is super cute! Boys are so silly… at all ages.
I played too.

22 03 2008

AWEsome shot!

22 03 2008

I love this picture! It’s the carefree of it.
You’re welcome, how can I resist 30+ emails a week with people asking for it to come back? LOL.

22 03 2008

That is a great shot! I didn’t touch the pool at all last Summer. I have hair issues, lol. I think I will play, it looks like fun {I say this and haven’t looked through all of my favorites yet, however}.

22 03 2008

Great pic! You can just FEEL the excitment that he’s feeling too!!

24 03 2008

AWESome picture!

I miss my pool, we don’t have one yet at our new house..yuk!
I also miss my son being younger, you are blessed!

Have a great day!

26 03 2008

Flying! Awesome!

26 03 2008

To be a kid again *sigh*. Awesome pic Miss!

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