SPF – Numbers

28 03 2008

Don’t be upset.

You just saw this photo.


I chose it for today’s SPF because tomorrow is the big game. But 555 wont be in action. Number 5 in this picture has to work. As for Monday’s home opener? Remember how I said that you had to win the chance to buy tickets? Well turns out, my parents bought me a seat for the season. Not the whole season, but one of the mini-plans available. They bought 4 seats all together and that package included Opening Day.

He can’t go to that game either.

He can’t go to Opening Day.

Of the Dodger’s 50th Anniversary.

*insert picture of me crying and banging my head on the table*

His work is important. I get that. I’ve been where he is, just starting out at a new job. BUT ITS OPENING DAY! Oh well. Anyone in my area want to go? I’ve got an extra ticket.

Oh and I’m SO wearing #5, probably to both games. Garciaparra is my baby daddy. And at least HE’LL be at both games.  




4 responses

28 03 2008

I would totally want to go if I was any kind of a baseball fan but really when it comes to sports I’m out of it you’d probably get annoyed with me asking when they get to do the free throw. yes I’m that bad. sad that your man is going to miss all those games.

28 03 2008

Oh, pick me! Pick me!

You have nice parents. Are they looking to adopt a pasty mid-western white girl? I’m potty trained…

30 03 2008

Oh, that totally stinks! I hope you can make it up to him somehow!

2 04 2008

Oh no… that really sucks. How nice of your parents.. they rock!

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