SPF – Triangle

4 04 2008



When I went to see the Dodgers take on the Red Sox at the Coliseum last week, I wasn’t really prepared for anything. I knew it was going to be memorable, but I just didn’t really know why.

Only 3 days before the game, an LAFD Fireman lost his life in an explosion. The LAFD and The Dodger’s organization responded by arranging a fly over of 3 LAFD helicopters before the start of the game.

They are literally flying into the sunset. It was moving, and beautiful, and a moment that made the game that much more perfect.

Did you play?




9 responses

4 04 2008

it took me a minute to figure out the triangle lol…it’s been a long day! cool picture! i also played!

4 04 2008
christina ina

Very cool, a nice tribute.
I played.

5 04 2008

Love the picture – it’s beautiful! I played too.

7 04 2008

Oh, that’s so COOL. (Even if it was at a Dodgers game)

7 04 2008

Very cool picture.

8 04 2008

A fitting tribute. My buddy is a fireman. It is insane how counter instinctual they need to be to do their job. Even a bug knows better than to not run INTO a fire.

9 04 2008

That looks powerful – I can so see my sobbing and being caught on the big video thingie.

Booo Red Sox!!

11 04 2008

I have chills. Beautiful.

12 04 2008

AMAZING picture! Wow.

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