SPF – Bad

11 04 2008

Today Kristine asked us for bad. I thought hard about this and I had some trouble with it. I thought about posting a picture of SBJ’s busted up toe nail and how bad it looks, but when I look at it, I get dry heaves and I really did not want to share that experience with you.

So you get this:

bad ass

My son, the Bad Ass.

He was probably about 2 in this picture and all it took was me saying “wanna fight?” and throwing up my fists, he would say “anna fie momma?” and put up his.

I would throw a few jabs and the laughter would just spill from his little chubby body. His laugh… it made even the hardest of people crack a smile. It was infectious. My reaction to his laugh was always a mixture of laughter and tears because my soul just could not handle the immense love that this kid made me feel.

Love you little Bad Ass.

Did you play??





11 responses

11 04 2008
christina ina

How cute… he’s a little B.A.!

I played.

11 04 2008
Just a girl

too funny. My nephew did the same routine with us until one day he decided to step up and actually punch my husband. No one wants to play that game anymore…I wonder why?

Thanks for stopping by.

11 04 2008

He bad!

11 04 2008

i love that you turned bad into cute!

11 04 2008

It’s the nice-looking ones who are most lethal. I see past that smile and sense a dangerous KO artist. BadAss is right!

11 04 2008

oh he is too cute.
happy SPF!

enjoy your weekend & thanks for stopping by!

12 04 2008

He’s definitely BAD.

I played

12 04 2008

Awww! What a cute take on Bad!! =)

12 04 2008

As much as I love a bad ass… I love an infectious smile more. AWESOME!

14 04 2008

Not bad…CUTE!

27 04 2008

Hi, I just found your blog while browsing around and what a little brawler! So cute!!

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