100 Things (Well 55 things anyways)

16 04 2008

I’m a horrible follower of all things blog trendy and extremely uncreative so here we go.

You know you were all dying to know 100 random things about me. Admit it.

  1. My middle name is Lynn.
  2. I’ve used a combination of my first and middle names as my email address for 10 years or so.
  3. The only thing that changed in that time was going from hotmail to yahoo.
  4. I am an extremely fast typer. When I am typing at work, co-workers sitting around me actually comment on my typing speed.
  5. This makes my co-worker that I hate extremely jealous. So jealous that she memorizes typing tests online so she can get 100% on them. Then she prints the results and hangs them on her wall.
  6. I can still beat her average speed without memorizing the test. Biotch!!
  7. I am extremely sarcastic which gets me in trouble.
  8. I have a horrible potty mouth. And I rarely sensor myself in front of my kid.
  9. I love Budweiser Select and Corona’s with lime and salt.
  10. I’ll drink beer over most anything else.
  11. Except wine. This wine specifically.
  12. My idea of a good time is sitting around in the evening, talking, drinking, and smoking with a good friend.
  13. I love all things music.
  14. I love all things Dodgers.
  15. My ipod has a Dodgers cover. Understand?
  16. My new favorite show is The Office. My ringback tone and ringtone are the theme song.
  17. It took me 3 weeks to watch all three seasons on DVD and two days to catch up with the current season.
  18. I constantly obsess over TV shows on DVD.
  19. I’ve gone through One Tree Hill, Heroes, The Office, and right now, I’m working my way through ER. I’m on Season 2.
  20. I sell Avon.
  21. I wish I was a good enough Saleswoman to supplement my income. That will probably never happen.
  22. Soooo many people hate it, but I totally love Applebees. They make the best pasta.
  23. I love iced tea with Sweet N’ Low. No splenda for me.
  24. I love dark chocolate.
  25. I need to have a triple venti eight pump vanilla latte from Starbucks in the morning.
  26. If I cant get it, I drink a Monster.
  27. If its hot outside, I will get a grande caramel frappachino add vanilla and extra caramel.
  28. Rura drinks the same thing every time we go.
  29. Speaking of him! Even after almost 3 years, he still gives me butterflies.
  30. He’s the first guy to ever really “get” me and not want to change who I am.
  31. I smile every time I think about him (except when he does dumb shit to piss me off)(then I frown)(but then I usually think of something funny he did or said and I cant help but smile)(which makes me mad for not sticking to why I am mad in the first place).
  32. I HATE one-uppers. Stop trying to be better than me! It’s not going to work. I am awesome, just accept it.
  33. I’m not really that conceited, swear.
  34. But I really do hate people who try to out-do everything anyone says. It annoys the shit out of me to think that they are most likely lying.
  35. I am a very disorganized and messy person, but only in my own space like my room or car.
  36. I like a clean house so I don’t get that about myself.
  37. My car is so dirty right now, its embarrassing. I get in it and cringe.
  38. I have cleaning (and obviously blogging) ADD. I get easily distracted by things that need to be done and my thoughts are jumping around like crazy for this list.
  39. Shit I just forgot what I was going to start in about next.
  40. I love my family.
  41. I love Rura’s family.
  42. I want us to have a big family with a big house for both our families to hang out together in.
  43. As messy as I am, I LOVE to be organized. I know this makes NO sense.
  44. I hate feeling frustrated when I don’t understand something.
  45. I hate lazy people, especially lazy co-workers who make more money than I do but get paid to talk about their own stuff to other people on the phone. Things that have nothing to do with work.
  46. I get bitter about things very easily.
  47. I hate stupid people.
  48. I hate ants and small flying bugs.
  49. I love to take pictures with this, even though I’m not very good.
  50. I obsess over photography. I cant be on flickr for less than an hour.
  51. I cannot stand when people use their life as an excuse for drama.
  52. I feel like life happens to all of us and we can either learn from it and move on, or wallow in self pity.
  53. I do know that sometimes its harder for people to move on and if I love them, I want to help them with that.
  54. I try to keep my friends close, and my enemies far far away.
  55. I’ve learned a lot about friendship in the last 8 years.

Ok that’s it for today. I’ll finish the rest tomorrow.

I’ll be twittering at the Dodger game tonight if anyone is interested!




12 responses

16 04 2008

Great list, I love hearing all about you. Now show me your boobs! And ditto on 1, 4, 7, 12, 13, 16, 22, 24, 34, 35, 36, 44-48, 54 and 55. My gawd girl, you are awesome. We totally need to get together some year and do #12!!!

Lub you!

16 04 2008

i LOVE how in love you are. it’s awesome.

16 04 2008

I never censor myself in front of my kids either. 🙂

16 04 2008

Damn girl, you so crazy!

Every time I think about doing one of these “10 things” I just can’t muster anything past 12. How’d you make it to 55? I think I’d have to start making stuff up.

16 04 2008

I love the 100 lists, or in your case, 55!
16 – The Office is my favorite comedy on TV. It rocks.
19 – I’ve been watching “Entourage” on DVD to catch up…it is great.
22 – why the hate? Applebees has some good stuff to offer!
23 – me too, sweet n low. Though in my neck of the woods most people don’t drink it sweet.
32-34 – yup
38 – oooohhh, shiny object…
45 – not much more annoying than a lazy coworker

17 04 2008

We have LOTS in common…except! I love Splenda. And Rura doesn’t give me butterflies. I don’t even know him. Oh and I didn’t take you for an Avon lady!

17 04 2008

It’s so nice to hear someone else say that they don’t censor themself in front of their child/children either! People are always trying to make me feel guilty because I never do that, but fuck them.

18 04 2008

First sales tip – link to your Avon site so your random readers can buy from you!

My middle name also used to be Lynn, then I took my maiden name as my middle when I got married.

And really, 100 things is ambitious. I’m impressed you made it to 55.

18 04 2008
The Kept Woman

I’m going to have to figure out this twittering thing…it sounds so dirty thought, could they have thought of a different name? Anyway…

“I’ve learned a lot about friendship in the last 8 years” Me too…except moer in teh past 5 years. Amazing how it takes us THIS long to figure it out, isn’t it?

19 04 2008

Well, I did all 100 in one pop…
Just kidding! You are awesome, I admit it! I’ll even buy you a Corona!

20 04 2008

I love the Office and dark chocolate, too. But I tend to be an organized person who is messy. Nice to meet you!

23 04 2008

We are so much alike, Miss! So much it’s scary. Especially the nonsensical organized/messy/clean thing. Also 34! So in agreement.

Hope you had fun at the game.

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