3 07 2008

The last time I used Fuck in my title, it brought all the sun fuckers out. Those freaks are STILL finding my blog when they are on their pervy searches.

There’s some stuff going on in the blogosphere that I played along with and I even got an award. See what happens kids, when you never blog?? People still love you. Just another reason why I love, love, LOVE my readers.

First of all, the ever so delightful Huckdoll challenged us all to Disconnect to Connect on Monday. Basically, it was turn off your computer, TV, whatever for one hour, and connect with your kids, your lover, or yourself if need be.

I participated and really didn’t even notice! Me and Rura went over to a friends and had dinner and some R&R and then, in the spirit of “connecting” I got laid. So. How much better can it get? Once we were finished “connecting”, he went off to sell Fireworks, and I turned on my lappie, only to find that people were still connecting and no one was really online. So I would say that this experiment was a success. I’ve read quite a few people’s post’s on how they connected when there were disconnected so check out Huck’s blog for all the linky lovin’.

Moving on….

My new BFF Ash did something that most women don’t like to talk about. She gave us an opportunity to talk about self image.

Why she chose to inflict this pain in my life, I’ll never know 🙂 . I’m very unhappy with my body. I’ve mentioned it before. This summer was the first since my son was born that I’ve felt uncomfortable wearing a two piece bathing suit. I bought 3 one pieces from Old Navy, just so I wouldn’t have to wear anything else around the pool. I love them. You cant see my flabby baby belly. The other night, Rura asked me what was wrong with my the backs of my legs when I was sitting on my knees. I said that nothing was wrong, that’s just the beginning of cellulite. And then I died a little. I’ve got fat popping out in places I never knew I even had. And I hide it well. Believe me. I would rather people think I am pregnant than see how fat I am getting.

What am I going to do about it? I dont know. I honestly dont know. I have no motivation for the gym and I love food too much to diet. I guess I should just really GET pregnant, so that I do have a reason for the weight.

Although I don’t think Rura would be down for that solution.

And I do have the pictures, but you are NOT seeing them. Sorry. They kill me.

Award time! Since I feel a little low talking about my fat ass, this will cheer me up. (not your fault ash, I love you)

Isn’t it pretty! My very good, very pregnant blog buddy Heather at Finding Atman gave it to me. She said my photographs were of professional caliber. I adore her. She’s about to pop out her second very soon and I am so excited for her! Here’s the rules of the award:

  1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contribute to the blogging community, no matter what language.
  2. Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog to be visited by everyone.
  3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that presented her/him with the award.
  4. The award winner and one who has given the prize have to show the link “Arte y pico” blog so everyone will know the origin of this award.
  5. Show these rules.

Seems easy right? Except I’m bad at giving out awards. Especially to 5 people. But let me try…

The first two I’m going to give away, go to my two girls I already talked about here: Ash and Huck. Seriously, both of them are fab. And sweet. Good listeners, I know that for sure. And obviously creative as hell to come up with the ideas that they have. Ash is even setting up a bloggy swap which I am looking forward to as well. So they rock. Go read them.

Third goes to Maria. She has been blowing me away with her posts. They are controversial, shocking, and written so beautifully, each one touches me and makes me think. She is amazing. Thats the bottom line.

Fourth goes to a new blog I’ve been reading which is 10 parts hysterical, and 10 parts awesome. Yeah, totally…right? is written by a very cool guy, Sully Sullivan. I have seen this guy pop up in blog comments of some of my favorite reads, and they are commenting on his blog too. Why? His content is JUST THAT GOOD. Seriously. Go read him NOW. He’s gonna be big.

Last one goes to a blog written by two of my favorite reads, Busydad and Mr. Lady. It’s a little weird to give an award this way to a blog written by two people. But its a damn funny blog. And you know what? If you read between all the funny, there is some damn good advise there. So Stark Raving Dads, this ones for you!

Well that wasn’t so bad I guess.

This blogging every other day thing isn’t so bad either… Anyone running bets on how long this will last? If so, I want in.




10 responses

3 07 2008
Tara R.

Jumping over from Ashley’s… I stopped wearing two-piece bathing suits after my first kid, 19yo ago. I would love to get back to pre-baby weight too, it ain’t happening and preggers at my age to hide the bulge is even less appealing.
Love all the blogs you sent the awesome award too. I couldn’t agree more with your choices.

3 07 2008
A Whole Lot of Nothing

Hooray for every-other-day blogging! (damn, where’s my dancing banana?)

I agree 100% with your bloggy lovins.

3 07 2008

Awwww. Miss you are a DOLL. Thanks for the write up and the award, you are too sweet and you’re absolutely beautiful, own it babe.

YOU deserve another award for actually posting the words, “I got laid”…

You rock.

3 07 2008
Mr Lady

Awww, shucks. Thanks, dude.

3 07 2008

Duuuuddde! Thank you! Not only did you participate in my blog carnival, but you were all sweet AND gave me an award. You so totally rawk. I can’t wait to meet you! ShockHer 09 baby!

3 07 2008
Sandy (Momisodes)

I love Huckdoll’s idea to disconnect to connect!!!

I can relate to the 1-piece bathing suit. Somehow, I still look incredibly disproportioned in them though. 😦

Congrats on the award!!! All of those recipients are amazing bloggers 🙂 So well deserved.

3 07 2008

I’d like to thank the academy…

3 07 2008

great choices. but you started a snowball and now i’ve gotta hand it down, too! YOU!

10 07 2008

Good advice? Me? It’s a good thing Mr Lady writes half of it. I can rest on her laurels. But, damn. THANK YOU!!

10 07 2008

Dude, Sully is the shit. That boy cracks me up! ALL of your picks are the shit though. Every one of them totally deserving.

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