We got badges!

7 07 2008

So the other day, I talked about the Z-List. Seems like you folks dug it. And thats why I love you all.

Soooo someone very awesome, who I met through Plurk, who has an awesome blog, volunteered to make us Z-Listers some badges.

MomBabe, you are super duper, highly, insanely, and beautifully awesome and I adore you.

And you gots skillz girl!! Check these out!

Badge 1

Very fight club, very cool. Comes in a few colors actually.

Badge 2

Love, love, love all the phrases that just describe the Z-List to a T. Oh and it comes in blue for you boys…. or girls who like blue. Whatever.

Badge 3

Very hardcore, this one. MomBabe’s got herself a dark side me thinks.

Dont worry, all of these can be shrunk to fit all your blog sidebar desires.

So thats the future of the Z-List and how we are gonna make everyone want to be on it.

And now you vote!

Have fun! Voting closes on…. Thursday night, midnight.




13 responses

7 07 2008

Oh man, tough call. I like three the best, but want it in the same colours at #2. How DID MomeBabe know to match it to my blog’ colour scheme? Either way, I’m looking forward to pimpin’ it.

7 07 2008

I agree with Z – will match my blog, too. MomBabe has mad skills.

8 07 2008

I love you, and my place in the z-list. But me no likey the sidebar thingies. You see how empty mine is. LOL

So, I won’t vote.

8 07 2008

Ummmm I love them all. Can I have all 3? Please?

You could always put all 3 up and ppl choose which they want…

8 07 2008
Karen MEG (Pomtini)

Wow, wow and wow LOL! They’re all awesome; but I’ll vote..

8 07 2008
Sully Sullivan

Number 3 for sure. All of them are awesome though.

8 07 2008
A Whole Lot of Nothing

I’m in for #3.

8 07 2008

I’m a big fan of Number 1, but that’s just because I love Fight Club.

8 07 2008

They’re all so cool, there isn’t even an official one yet and I already want in!

9 07 2008

She is one talented momma. AWESOME badges!

10 07 2008

I’m totally into badge #2. I have a thing for hot pink and skulls, you see. HOWEVER, I would prefer the phrasing around the outside of the star to say “where everything is sunshine and rainbows” or even, “where everyone has sunshine coming out of their ass” Oh wait, do we get to make suggestions or do we just have to vote?? Hmph. I vote #2.

12 07 2008

I like them all!

16 07 2008
Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

Um, can I get on the Z list? I mean it is a good thing right? Not a scarey cult thing….cuz I am totally cutting back on the scarey cult memberships this year.

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