Things that need to be said

9 07 2008
  • You are beautiful. Song cliche and all.
  • Sometimes you just don’t know when to stop do you? For someone so thoughtful, you just don’t realize when you are being insensitive do you? Do you? Maybe you do, and you don’t care.
  • If there is anything to take from all of this, know that your strength amazes me.
  • Your children do not deserve to grow up wondering why Mommy is sad all the time. This will effect them. More than anything you might do to him.
  • Do you know how much I admire you? I don’t think I tell you enough.
  • Happiness, in our lifetime, is something we need to find and hold on to. If you don’t have it, you know you don’t have it. Go find it.
  • You ARE full of grace. Please don’t let anyone take that away from you.
  • I really hate you. I wish you picked up on that. Too bad for me I’m not the type of person to make it THAT obvious.
  • If you feel a sense of dread going home, or knowing someone is coming home, then that is NOT home. That’s an open door prison. I’m speaking from experience.
  • I’m not telling you to leave him. I’m telling you to find your happy. You take the steps to get there.
  • NO ONE shits sunshine and rainbows, no matter how hard they try to make you believe it. Don’t measure your self worth to the people that try to make you believe that. I bet they have the DARKEST of secrets.
  • I wish I could walk a day in your shoes.
  • Do you know how insanely sexy you can be?
  • You were right about the music, it does say a lot.
  • You really need to knock off your shit, its already old and so many people are OVER it. Move on…
  • I love you. For you, for all of it.

If you think this applies to you, then maybe it does. Even if its not directly from me. If you see your life in any of these black bullets, I suggest you ask yourself why. Don’t bother trying to figure out who I mean. If you think too hard about it, you might figure out that I AM talking about you. Got anything to add?? Go for it. The comment section is all yours.

*Polls closed for the badge. It’s obvious that #3 won. I’ll post sizes and stuff once I get off my ass and ask MomBabe to do some tweaking for me.




19 responses

10 07 2008

Well shit… thanks for killing my belief about people shitting sunshine and rainbows. I suppose next you’re going to tell me that Santa Claus isn’t real.

And the “I really hate you” one is about me, I just know it. And for my vengeance… I shall banish you to the Sun Fuckers.

10 07 2008

i DO know how insanely sexy i can be. ahhahaha.

i know THAT one was for me, right??

10 07 2008

“You really need to knock off your shit, its already old and so many people are OVER it. Move on…”

I get told this damn near every single day.

10 07 2008

I don’t know WHAT you are talking about. I shit puppy dogs and rainbows. So there. Tell me I’m sexy, again. Again. Once more.

I lurrrvvee you! mwah!

10 07 2008

Awww I love you too! That was for me and you know it. Damnitt.

10 07 2008

*sigh* a slap in the face on some of those. Not from you though, just saying…

10 07 2008
maggies mind

Oh, how very, very awesome. I loved this. So much applies to so many.

10 07 2008

Oooh, ominous, at some points. Intrigue. Secrecy. I will listen to point number 2, now.

10 07 2008

My shoes are really uncomfortable, btw. But they look damn good.

10 07 2008

Obviously Im the beautiful one, jeez. You didnt have to hide it, I’ve known for ages.

Actually Im thinking about the music one…

10 07 2008
Karen MEG (Pomtini)

This was awesome.

I remain,

Shitting sunshine, rainbows and an occasional big purple Barney.

PS. I love you too.

10 07 2008

I love you. Thank you for being my friend, Miss.

That’s all.

10 07 2008

Man, oh man… I wish I could pick your brain. LOL.

10 07 2008

Yeah, that’s me.

10 07 2008

I am, have been, or will be every one of those bullet points.

Awesome post, Miss.

11 07 2008

Great list.

I wish my mom had known #4. For reals.

11 07 2008
Tara R.

I know a few people who need these tattooed on their forehead… very intense.

11 07 2008

Yo. Stat counter.

13 07 2008

Nice! Glad someone got around to saying it.

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