The Evolution of Love

14 07 2008

~We used to listen to these songs laying next to one another, now I listen while you dont.

~We used to fall asleep next to each other, now I sleep alone and you just lay beside me.

~We used to run down to the market together, now I walk alone.

~You used to carry my bags, now I struggle under my own burdens.

~We used to be head over heels, now I struggle to keep up, only skimming the surface, struggling to keep my head above water.

~ You love me, no doubt about that. I love you, certainly that isn’t a question.

~ But when the spark, the flash, turns into a sizzle… What used to be a huge explosion, is now just a dull roar… How do we get that fire back?

~ You are comfort, as I am to you. I am familiar. I want to be a little mysterious again.




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15 07 2008


15 07 2008

Aw sadness. Things are not good?

15 07 2008

I don’t think anyone’s found a cure for that. Time heals all wounds but snuffs all fires. The key is being content with comfort and finding distractions like fishing.

15 07 2008
Red Lotus Mama

As a parent of a young child this is so true! I am not a realistic person and not a terrible romantic one. So, I have to work on “spark”.

15 07 2008

I think it’s kind of inevitable for that to go away. But that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever.

15 07 2008


16 07 2008

You have no idea how much that hits home.

16 07 2008

Let him stick it in your pooper.

Also, remember that touch means a lot. Little pats and running a finger down his arm, they really send messages. Us humans respond to it.

But from what I know about you guys, I’d say that he needs a longer leash and you need more time doing something relaxing. It’s hard to have spark when there is stress, so you two really need to wind down. Otherwise, it isnt worth living unhappily ever after.

Let go of whatever is holding you two back and just be a gentle and loving woman. Then, let him stick it in your pooper.

16 07 2008

Ebb and flow of love. Sometimes you have to have the ebbs to appreciate the flow . . .

know you aren’t alone.

16 07 2008

I am totally cracking up at Jessie’s comment! Let him stick it in your pooper…


16 07 2008

Wow, yeah. Those feel a little familiar, especially today. :/ *hugs* if you need them.

16 07 2008
dysfunctional mom

Wow, this is powerful and sad.
I found you thru OhMommy.

17 07 2008


The panty dance. It makes boys do crazy things.

Love you, babe.

19 07 2008

I’m glad my first marriage was like that

20 07 2008

All relationships have their ups and downs. I wish everything could always be sunshine and flowers and rainbows, but it never works out that way. I guess the bad times come so you don’t take the good times for granted.

PS: Love that picture!

20 07 2008
Karen MEG (Pomtini)

Mystery is good. So is magic. This was sad, but also so hopeful.

I bet it’s still there. It’s just a lot harder to find in the day to day.

We’ve been together 22 years, married 15 in August. I totally hear this.

Time together, alone, is what you need.

Works wonders.

(( Hugs ))

20 07 2008

I thought about this for days after I read it, but I didn’t comment sooner because…you said it best in the ha-ha post. It’s just the way it is.

Have you ever seen ivy or vines growing on a house? If you look close, the vines just have little spots where they attach to the wall and then keep growing up, around, out, everywhere. I’ve always liked to think of our significant others that way. We take turns being the house or the vine. We need to be connected, but we take turns growing.

21 07 2008

You are definitely not alone.

(yeah, I know, late to the party.)

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