18 08 2008

I knew, from the moment I fell in love with him, that one day he would realize that I wasn’t enough.

I’m not enough.

I’m so sorry I wasn’t enough. Wasn’t good enough to fit into your perfect life.

How will I ever know when I’m getting this right?



15 responses

18 08 2008

If you’re not enough, then he isn’t enough for you either. You are amazing and strong and deserve the best. =)

18 08 2008

You’re too good to fit into his self-absorbed life, Miss. ❤ you

18 08 2008
A Whole Lot of Hooch

Love you, Mama.

18 08 2008

Babe, you ARE enough.

I love you!

18 08 2008
Maggie's Mind

Sounds like the problem is way more him than you, from what I can tell. Take some time to heal and to be gentle with you. I recommend a latte, but that’s just me.

18 08 2008


18 08 2008

I’d say you were too much, if anything. Wow. I hope things go better for you, and I wish I knew what to say.

18 08 2008

😦 I’m sorry love.

18 08 2008

Oh sweetie. If only I had the words. {{{hugs}}}

18 08 2008

I’m looking forward to the time when you fully realize that it wasn’t you. Cuz you are so far past enough that it’s actually a little astounding.


19 08 2008

It wasn’t you, no way. He just wasn’t the right one FOR you. *hugs*

19 08 2008

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I do know that whenever someone thinks that they’re not good enough, it usually has much more to do with the other person being in the wrong. Don’t blame yourself.

19 08 2008

you are enough. he’s just a dumbass.

19 08 2008

No no no no no. You have it all bass ackwards. Other way around. YOU were not the problem here.

21 08 2008
Karen meg

It’s not you, Miss. I’m sorry for the pain you’re going through, but not sorry that you’re moving on.

You’re more than enough my sweet, and someday someone more deserving WILL know it and cherish it.


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