Is this the 1950’s? Heh, I wish.

3 04 2008

I have to brag here for a minute. I am so proud of Rura. Not only for being dead sexy, but for figuring out his dream, and actually doing something about it. Not many people can honestly say that they have done that. I know that I can’t. Shit, I don’t even know what I want to be when I grow up. I don’t even know if I want to be anything.

Ugh, that is depressing.

Anyways, as much shit as I give him for missing Dodger games and other half important things, I do admire his dedication to the police force he is involved in. He is active and on ride along’s at least once a week and he dedicates a lot of time to it. Without pay. He can do that NOW, but it wont last for long. He does work a regular job too and he has to deal with my crazy on a daily basis. Once he completes his training and gets hired to a force, I know he is going to make an excellent cop. And he is going to love what he is doing with his life.

Now me? I dont mind my job. It pays my bills and doesn’t get under my skin on a daily basis. (There is always an exceptionand you will not BELIEVE what that crazy bitch is up to now.) But…. but…. I just don’t think that this is what I am supposed to do with my life.

Truth be told, I hate working. I am the most awesome housewife and SAHM mom ever. Even better than you. I’m sorry but it has to be said. Someone should pay me just to stay home and have babies and take care of them. Which is what I want to do once Rura is making enough money.

Hahahaha Wait. I live in California. Economy? Crap. Housing Market? Crap. All of it is crap. Which just kills my lifelong dream of not working. Which makes me sad.

Is it so horrible that I don’t want to be a bread winner? That I would prefer being a housewife? Barefoot and pregnant? I just don’t know.

But I do know that I rock at getting uniforms to the dry-cleaners and getting them picked up on time. I can cook when given a kitchen and I do laundry like its nobodies business. Hell, I’ll even scrub a toilet or two. Overall, this just determines that the above is true, I should SO not be in the workforce. All my talents are going to waste.

I really don’t care if this post sets the women’s movement back 50 years. Seriously. Don’t. Give. A. Fuck.

Saturday Photoblog 2 (On a Monday)

19 11 2007

Better late than never right?

Here is our week in pictures. Saturday, Nov. 10 – Friday, Nov. 16 2007

Sat. 11/10
I went from this:

oooh straight all around…

To this:

Dont ask about that face I’m making. Oh yea, layers too.

Mon. 11/12

My very purdy flowers

Our very blurry anniversary pic… I started feeling crappy soon after…

Thurs. 11/15
Around the house…

When he was a baby, he used to always sleep with his hands thrown over his head. Guess some habits die hard.

Thats my pretty baby girl.

You know we are dorks.

Fo Sho

Here’s a bonus pic for you!
Assaulting an officer??

Quit resisting!


13 11 2007

Remember this?


My poor SBJ went back to the dentist today because apparently the root canal didn’t work. Don’t ask me about how, I really have no idea. The dentist warned me that it might not, so now they had to pull the tooth. My son has had half the number of teeth pulled as I have. His dentist said that this was it, this was the last of the work he needs done. All that’s left is the cosmetic things, such as making spacers to fill the two holes that used to have teeth in them. This is just to prevent crowding once his teeth start shifting and falling out and all that crap.

I feel so awful, like this is partly my fault. I guess now he has to become the tooth brushing king.

Speaking of teeth, mine have been aching something fierce and because of that, my anniversary night went down the tubes. I had a horrible headache all night and on to today and it finally ended about 11:30 this morning. I didn’t even get to enjoy my anniversary sex!!! I can’t make up for it today either because Rura has a ride along so I guess I’ll be flying solo. Ummm…….. not like that. Well maybe not. Maybe yes. Ha.

My night will be oh so exciting though because I am going to watch more Heroes. And eat whatever I want. In bed. By myself. Are you jealous yet? I wouldn’t really be… so yea.

Did I mention I got flowers last night? Oooh half a dozen roses. They are gorgeous. I’m debating about posting a pic now, or wait until Saturday. So that way I actually have something to put up. Ehhh… I don’t know.

Can someone please tell me how “show your boobs for veterans day” actually got someone to this blog? Do I write posts in my sleep about boobs and veterans and I just don’t know it? 

Most likely.

Southern California

26 10 2007

As anyone who reads knows, I live in Southern California. As anyone with a TV knows, Southern California is currently going through another fire season. The air is thick with smoke and it sits heavily on top of us. I’ve been fighting off a sore throat since Monday night and it was only today that I actually connected it with the fact that I literally live in a punchbowl, and the smoke from the surrounding fires is acting as the punch.

This picture was taken on Monday the 22nd on my way home from work. The smoke was coming from the fire that was burning in San Bernardino near the University, and also from the fires in Arrowhead.
This is what was left of the hillsides near the University.

That picture was taken on Wednesday the 24th, no less than 15 miles from where SBJ goes to school and now lives. His school was evacuated Monday afternoon as a safety precaution. He just thought it was cool to ride the bus. The great thing about his school is that they are the first to leave the area in the event of a fire. His town got lucky this year, as portions of the surrounding areas burned starting Sunday, and very luckily being controlled and put out by Tuesday. He got extra lucky though because his school closed for the week, starting his vacation early. He is off track the whole month of November and today was supposed to be his last day.

Monday was the last time that we could see these mountains clearly.

Now they are completely hidden behind smoke.

The wind was so severe that fire spread within minutes. Huge trucks tipped. Trailers were literally ripped apart. Trees broken and scattered across the highways.

Now the wind is gone and the smoke has settled. Schools are still closed. People of all ages are having trouble breathing. Sports are cancelled and are being rescheduled. No soccer for SBJ tomorrow. Football stadiums, usually filled to capacity on a Friday night sit empty. When I wake up in the morning, I cant tell if its early morning fog, or smoke that blocks the sun. When it doesnt burn off by 11, I know its still smoke.

So we wait. We wait for the fearless men and women who are out there, day and night, to finish their jobs. Those fires will go out. The wind will pick up again and blow all this smoke out to the ocean. We’ll remember how it feels to breathe deeply again. And we will rebuild. If there is anything that California can do, its help each other move forward. We wont sit on our asses and feel sorry for one another. We will get out our brooms, our tools, and we will be back on our feet.

Its amazing how life continues on while our little part of the state is being ravaged by fire. I still go to work. Rura still does what he has to do. Today he had to take part in the hardest job of all. The words are hard for me even to type because I dont feel like I can do them any justice. Rialto, California lost one of its finest last week. He was doing his job and he didn’t come home to his wife and two kids. He was only 29 years old. He was working with his SWAT team, right along side the very post Rura will someday work for. Right along side one of Rura’s mentor’s. We aren’t married and he isnt a paid employee for that station, but it feels as if we have lost family. It became reality. Going with Rura to get his post’s mourning bands, which block their sheilds, was reality. Having him sleeping next to me and only knowing that today was “so sad” for him. It’s reality. It’s the life we choose. And days like today will not be our last.

Rest in Peace Officer Carrera. You will forever be one of Rialto’s finest, and will forever be in the hearts of every officer before, and after you.

And hang in there So Cal. We’ll breathe deeply together when the smoke clears.

Auntie Miss

23 10 2007

This weekend I got to perform my auntie duties. I am still recovering which is why I haven’t posted. Of course, I got myself into this by offering to take my good friend S’s kids to a Halloween party that my family was having. She couldn’t come because she is 11 months pregnant and I really didn’t want her laboring all over our party. I don’t think she would have liked that either.

So on Saturday, after SBJ’s soccer game* I drove halfway out to where they live and we did the kid exchange. Except we didn’t swap kids. She got my sanity and I got her two kids. The first one, PP (which stands for Pirate Princess, her costume of choice) is two months older than SBJ. They are betrothed and have been since birth. When I was pregnant, and S was pregnant, we became friends. Our kids have been best friends since they were born, forced to get along. They spent their first Halloween together, moms pushing them in their strollers. SBJ as Dumbo and PP as a little ladybug. They couldn’t walk and sucked pacifiers the whole time but I know they had a blast.

Her second, LN (or Lil’ Ninja) is going to be 4 and is a little bundle of interestingness. I’ve always said he resembles Beavis, except with huge blue eyes like his momma. And his nostrils are fine. He gets the forehead from his daddy. He has the cutest little voice and is always saying things that crack me up.

So I’m having to do all of this exchanging and preparing for the party on my own, since Rura was participating in a Police Simulation with his post. He told me that I was just practicing for when I start popping out all his babies. *snort*

I was really suprised with myself because I only forgot TWO things that I needed to bring to the party which is amazingly low for me. I managed to get all three kids into their costumes, get mine on (sans Britney Spears wig) and gather up all our stuff in less than an hour. It was then that I could go and pick up Rura and we could all get on to the party. We had to make a quick stop at Big Lots and while I was in there, IN COSTUME, he went ahead and transformed himself to Lil’ John. I was rockin the poodle skirt with a black wig. Yea no matching costumes for us. We have one more party this weekend with HIS family and I might actually go as Britney Spears. Once you see me in the wig, you will so agree that I look like her. I just need some cowboy boots, a Starbucks cup, and some cigerettes to complete the outfit. Oh, and I cant wear underwear which Rura might appreciate. Everyone else, not so much.

In the end, the kiddies ended up staying overnight and two poopie pullups, candy for breakfast, two trips to McDonalds, 3 bags of candy, 1 popped balloon, lots of “Auntie I’m thirsty, I’m not eating that, thats yucky, Batman is a GOOD GUY, and I farted, who farted, YOU farted, GROSS”, and tons and tons of trucks and car toys later, it was time to return those little darlings to their parents.

And I already miss the little boogers.

brit lil john
I told you so.

*SBJ scored a goal in his game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried. He has been struggling this season and he scored!! It was an awesome goal and I’m such a good mother, I didn’t have my camera. Oh and no one but me and the ex were there to see it. But my baby scored!!!!!!!

Thats funny

24 09 2007


Ahhh the beauty of Calvin and Hobbes. Why only the snowman series? Because thats my favorite. These are the ones that make me roll on the floor laughing my pretty little ass off. Or ROTFLMPLAO. Fo sho. I mean, how can you not laugh at this?

Or this?

Oh Calvin…. your dark sense of humor warms my heart. (You might have to click those to really enjoy them)

  • Aha! I bet you thought this was a fun post. Well think again. The rest is bullet points. Sucker!
  • I used C & H to warm you up. Hopefully you wont hate me for tricking you.
  • But seriously, how could you be so easily manipulated? How do you sleep at night?
  • I went to Ulta this weekend. With no money. I couldn’t breathe when I left because there was so much stuff I Neeeeeeeeded. I really do need more stuff. I really dont. I’m a liar. Dont make me post pictures of all my stuff.
  • While I was there, I sinned. Big time. I fell head over heals with a perfume that I really shouldn’t have. It smells fucking great. Go ahead. Please. Slap me in my fucking face. Ugh. I hate her with the heat of a thousand suns but damn, she smells good.
  • I also went to Famous Footwear and bought some brown heels that are adorable! They were only $15! I cant find them anywhere online but I guess thats because they were in the clearance. I never ever find cute shoes my size in the clearance section.
  • It rained on SBJ’s soccer game on Saturday. They ended at the half. SBJ was soaked to the bone when he left with the ex’s sister. I was pretty happy they ended early because I really wanted to go and get back in bed with Rura. I actually ended up waking him up and we went to my moms.
  • He met my Aunt (mom’s sister) for the first time.
  • She lives in Alabama and was here for a funeral. She hates the ex (always has). She divorced her husband for a MUUUCCCHHH younger guy (think the same age as her oldest daughter. Hee.) so I know she cant judge me. Pfft! She was a real witch growing up but she’s improved. Plus it helps only seeing her every 2 years or so.
  • I’ll release you now from the clutches of my bullet post. But only because its 5 minutes until I leave from work. FREEDOM!!!!!!
  • One more!!!!!!!! Rura has a ride along tonight! Bust out the straight jacket! Fun times!

Can I handle this?

31 08 2007

This morning was a full circle morning. But let me start at the beginning…

For the past two days, Rura has had my car. He needed it to get to and from an interview for a job. Piss test pending, he’ll be working again soon. Because of this, he has been taking and picking up both me and SBJ for work and school. I also got to have lunch with him the past two days which is always fun. Last night, he had soccer practice and I really didn’t feel like waiting around till  7:30 so me and SBJ went home. Well first thing that went wrong is that he kept my debit card because he needed it to fill my tank. He didnt keep it on purpose and I forgot to take it back. So today, no food for me. I had to bring cup of noodles. Second thing that wasnt wrong at the time but in the end caused me STRESS was that he got called for a ride along last night after practice. This is all fine and well because we have a system in place that means that he will check in with me during the night so that I dont have to worry about his safety. Can you see where this is going??

I haven’t heard from him since 2:15 this morning. When he sent me a text that said he was in a pursuit on the freeway. I guess this didnt quite register in my brain at 2am but I responded and told him that was “cool” and to tell Officer G that “if he’s not first, he’s last”. Apparently I am retarded at 2:15 in the morning.

So yea. I tried calling and texting when I got up at 6:00 for work. Tried for the two hours until I got to work at 8:00. Imagine me completely bat shit crazy. I’ve called his cell, house, and sent so many text messages my fingers hurt. I decide then that I am going to just stop trying to get a hold of him.

I’m at the anger stage at this point. How dare he not call me? He KNOWS how nuts I get. He knows. He accepts my insanity and does what he can to stop it. AARRGH!!!! Freakin idiot, selfish prick, mother effing dick. Yea… I’m so bitchy when I am scared and angry. Plus I am PMSing. Ha. That shit sucks.

An hour and a half goes by. It’s 9:30 at this point and I am sick to my stomach. Literally sick. I’m running scenario’s in my head. “Should I leave work? Should I call the station? Should I call Officer G? Naw, he’s probably asleep. I think I’m Rura’s emergency contact, arent I? If something had happened, someone would have called me by now. Should I call his mom? Should I go to his house and bang on some windows? No I have his keys. Should I? Should I? What if I dont…?” Can you see me? Rocking back in forth in my chair? I’m insane. Find me the nearest padded room.

Ok a half hour of that craziness goes by. Its about 10:00. I get up, walk to the bathroom, and have an epiphany. “I bet that asshole is sleeping in his bed.” I remember that he hasn’t slept for 24 hours and that he is NOT a good candidate for that type of thing. Here’s scenario number two that is running in my head as I am actually sitting on the toilet at work. “I made him get up at 6:30, take me to work, SBJ to school. He went home and made ringtones for an hour, took a shower, got ready for his pee test, then came back to take me to lunch. We had lunch then he went to pee in a cup. He was there for two hours. Went back home for an hour, went to pick up SBJ, they messed around for an hour, came to pick me up. We went to his house and messed around, he went to practice. Got out at 7:30 and by 8:30, Officer G calls for the ride along. I bet Officer G dropped him off at home right as shift was ending, he went inside, took off his clothes, turned his fan on and literally fell into bed. And there he is.” Ok I’m better now because that HAS to be what happened. What. the. FUCK. is wrong with me? 

Seriously, I know that is exactly what happened. It’s about 12:00 now and I still haven’t heard from him but I will soon. The latest by 2:30 because his sisters will be home by  then and they will tell me he is comatose in bed. Then I get to guilt trip him when I get off work. So we all win.

This will happen every time he has a ride along. I can see it now.

Now please excuse me while I go eat my cup of noodles. Delicious!!!

Edit 12:54 – He just called. “I was sleeping babe!” He got home at 5:30am and did just what I said he would. I called him a jerk and he told me to relax myself. ♥