25 07 2008

There’s been a shift. I can’t pinpoint if its a shift in the blogosphere, or just an overall shift in my life in general. I think it’s safe to say that its a fair mixture of both areas.

As far as the blogosphere is concerned, many are still riding the high of BlogHer. In the months leading up to BlogHer, I was really serious about going. Not so much for the conference, but to meet some amazing bloggers that I have been dying to meet. Turned out that the only way I was able to go, was on a stick. Thanks to Maria, I traveled around a little bit. If you happened to be there and saw a stick with this pic on it:
then you had the pleasure of meeting me. It was sooo nice to meet you too. As you might know, misery loves company and I didn’t mind going as much because a lot of my other friends couldn’t make it either. We would plurk, drink, and feel sorry for ourselves. There was even discussion with a friend about making a video based on the “we didn’t make it to BlogHer but we can still drink” concept. Until his wife gave him a free pass to San Francisco. (Which, BTW, is totally awesome. I wish I had a cool wife who let me do things like that, and a kick ass sis who would babysit for me too.)(I have neither.) So as Jim was getting ready to fly off into the sunset (literally), I made a few small requests that he bring back a little bit of BlogHer for me. I hear that he did do such a thing, but I haven’t seen what that is just yet. He also rang me up in the midst of a party and let me talk to some girls that I love so much. That conversaton was 99 parts awesome and 1 part sadness. But I knew BlogHer would be ending soon and all the kids would go back home and return to their normal lives. Oh how quickly I forget BlogHer fall out. The week leading up, everyone is talking about it. The weekend of, their blogs are quiet. The week after? It’s all about how much fun was had. I can easily say that I am DAMN sick of hearing about it. But that would make me a bitch. And a liar. Because I am enjoying the videos, the photos, and the stories. The hardest part of all of this? It’s that shift I am talking about.

I have made some pretty close friends these past few months, for which I am so grateful. There are people I trust and who I believe trust me and I love them and hope to have babies for all of them someday. But now that BlogHer is over?? This is going to come out nothing but selfish and I guess I’m ok with that. Being a non-BlogHer gal, I feel so out of the loop. This explosion of love and “new” friendships, and much more respect and adoration amongst those that attended is being crammed in my face. Twitter, blogs, plurk, all of it. I guess I just feel a little jaded that it takes a conference in a big city to make people feel close to one another. That now that they have met, they are so much closer to one another than they could ever be with me. I can understand that. Meeting someone and sharing an experience IS life changing. No doubt. But we blog our thoughts, our hardships, our good times, and bad. We forge friendships through social networking and we feel secure knowing that there are people out there who care about what happens to us. With this new influx of love and friendships coming from BlogHer, I cant help but feel that some of what we forge online is just a false sense of security, that because we never met, we can’t possibly be that close to one another. Oh well. It is what it is. For those who did attend BlogHer, I am happy for you and insanely jealous. But I’m already saving for next year. I wont be there for the networking, I’ll be there for the body shots and the opportunity to say hi and give you a big ole’ knock down hug when I see you.

Now changes IRL have been happening too. I don’t really want to write about it. Lets just say that a certain girl told a certain boy that she was not coming back to his house until he directly asked her to. She shared that she was tired of chasing him and that she was tired of not feeling wanted. She continued with her week and has since not called him or sent him any of her regular messages (unless it was returning a call or txt, I have manners people). She is willing to guess that he has slipped happily into a place where he is probably thrilled to not feel obligated to call. She and he both refuse to address the current situation at this time. Girl is slightly wondering if she should feel more upset by all of this, but is more focused on going out and getting something new to wear for drinks tonight. Call it avoidance if you must, girl just feels at this present time that she will NOT let this get to her.

Priorities, they are a changin’.

Girl would also like to mention that she has been feeling a little wanted this past week. And you know what? It’s kinda pretty nice. Or so she says…

We got badges!

7 07 2008

So the other day, I talked about the Z-List. Seems like you folks dug it. And thats why I love you all.

Soooo someone very awesome, who I met through Plurk, who has an awesome blog, volunteered to make us Z-Listers some badges.

MomBabe, you are super duper, highly, insanely, and beautifully awesome and I adore you.

And you gots skillz girl!! Check these out!

Badge 1

Very fight club, very cool. Comes in a few colors actually.

Badge 2

Love, love, love all the phrases that just describe the Z-List to a T. Oh and it comes in blue for you boys…. or girls who like blue. Whatever.

Badge 3

Very hardcore, this one. MomBabe’s got herself a dark side me thinks.

Dont worry, all of these can be shrunk to fit all your blog sidebar desires.

So thats the future of the Z-List and how we are gonna make everyone want to be on it.

And now you vote!

Have fun! Voting closes on…. Thursday night, midnight.


3 07 2008

The last time I used Fuck in my title, it brought all the sun fuckers out. Those freaks are STILL finding my blog when they are on their pervy searches.

There’s some stuff going on in the blogosphere that I played along with and I even got an award. See what happens kids, when you never blog?? People still love you. Just another reason why I love, love, LOVE my readers.

First of all, the ever so delightful Huckdoll challenged us all to Disconnect to Connect on Monday. Basically, it was turn off your computer, TV, whatever for one hour, and connect with your kids, your lover, or yourself if need be.

I participated and really didn’t even notice! Me and Rura went over to a friends and had dinner and some R&R and then, in the spirit of “connecting” I got laid. So. How much better can it get? Once we were finished “connecting”, he went off to sell Fireworks, and I turned on my lappie, only to find that people were still connecting and no one was really online. So I would say that this experiment was a success. I’ve read quite a few people’s post’s on how they connected when there were disconnected so check out Huck’s blog for all the linky lovin’.

Moving on….

My new BFF Ash¬†did something that most women don’t like to talk about. She gave us an opportunity to talk about self image.

Why she chose to inflict this pain in my life, I’ll never know ūüôā . I’m very unhappy with my body. I’ve mentioned it before. This summer was the first since my son was born that I’ve felt uncomfortable wearing a two piece bathing suit. I bought 3 one pieces from Old Navy, just so I wouldn’t have to wear anything else around the pool. I love them. You cant see my flabby baby belly. The other night, Rura asked me what was wrong with my the backs of my legs when¬†I was sitting on my knees. I said that nothing was wrong, that’s just the beginning of cellulite. And then I died a little. I’ve got fat popping out in places I never knew I even had. And I hide it well. Believe me. I would rather people think I am pregnant than see how fat I am getting.

What am I going to do about it? I dont know. I honestly dont know. I have no motivation for the gym and I love food too much to diet. I guess I should just really GET pregnant, so that I do have a reason for the weight.

Although I don’t think Rura would be down for that solution.

And I do have the pictures, but you are NOT seeing them. Sorry. They kill me.

Award time! Since I feel a little low talking about my fat ass, this will cheer me up. (not your fault ash, I love you)

Isn’t it pretty! My very good, very pregnant blog buddy Heather at Finding Atman¬†gave it to me. She said my photographs were of professional caliber. I adore her. She’s about to pop out her second very soon and I am so excited for her! Here’s the rules of the award:

  1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contribute to the blogging community, no matter what language.
  2. Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog to be visited by everyone.
  3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that presented her/him with the award.
  4. The award winner and one who has given the prize have to show the link “Arte y pico”¬†blog so everyone will know the origin of this award.
  5. Show these rules.

Seems easy right? Except I’m bad at giving out awards. Especially to 5 people. But let me try…

The first two I’m going to give away, go to my two girls I already talked about here: Ash and Huck. Seriously, both of them are fab. And sweet. Good listeners, I know that for sure. And obviously creative as hell to come up with the ideas that they have. Ash is even setting up a bloggy swap which I am looking forward to as well. So they rock. Go read them.

Third goes to Maria. She has been blowing me away with her posts. They are controversial, shocking, and written so beautifully, each one touches me and makes me think. She is amazing. Thats the bottom line.

Fourth goes to a new blog I’ve been reading which is 10 parts hysterical, and 10 parts awesome. Yeah, totally…right?¬†is written by a very cool guy, Sully Sullivan. I have seen this guy pop up in blog comments of some of my favorite reads, and they are commenting on his blog too. Why? His content is JUST THAT GOOD.¬†Seriously. Go read him NOW. He’s gonna be big.

Last one goes to a blog written by two of my favorite reads, Busydad and Mr. Lady. It’s a little weird to give an award this way to a blog written by two people. But its a damn funny blog. And you know what? If you read between all the funny, there is some damn good advise there. So Stark Raving Dads, this ones for you!

Well that wasn’t so bad I guess.

This blogging every other day thing isn’t so bad either… Anyone running bets on how long this will last? If so, I want in.

I’d rather live my life on the Z-list, than be a bitch

30 06 2008

*Blows the dust off her blog*

I really need to get someone in here once in awhile to blow the cobwebs out of here.


eDrama round the ‘sphere is always good for a laugh. Hurting people for your own enjoyment is never very nice though. I mean, I can laugh at the bigger picture all day long. That being the whole A-List to Z-List aspect and thought process of some people around the blogosphere.

Don’t try to convince me it doesn’t exist. Because it does. When a fuckin bitch of a blogger openly insults another blogger, that’s elitist. And I hate elitist. When one blogger has no qualms about calling another blogger “parasitic”, that shit is fucked up and unnecessary. Why say anything? And on a very public place like Twitter? That’s all for attention. 100% attention. The reason she got the attention she is craving is because she is a “popular” blogger. Dooce like status in some circles, or so I hear.
The most hilarious part? Both bloggers involved have the exact same number of followers on twitter. This probably means their blog followers are equal too. This cracks me up.

To me, a bitch is a bitch is a bitch.

I can be a real bitch. A mean fuckin bitch. An awesome bitch too.

But to be a bitch, just to inflict pain on someone that has done NOTHING TO YOU, just because you think you can? That’s bitch on a whole new level.

Don’t be like that kids. It’s not nice. At all. It will not earn you respect. You will LOOSE respect from people that you probably don’t even give a shit about in the first place. That’s the sad thing. But that is the reality of blogging right?

1000 people can adore you. 100 people can leave comments on your blog. Doesn’t mean you give a shit about 1 of them. Even though, chances are, you like at least 1. But not all. I can promise you that.

Now me? I follow about 20 people on Twitter. About 20 follow me. Same for Plurk. 21 friends. My average amount of comments? About 15 on a good post. I’m ok with this. The people who come here, well I think they are pretty fucking swell. The people I plurk, well, lets just say I’d like to see them ALL naked. Ha.

So leave my ass on the Z-List. I’m joined by some pretty awesome people.

I know one who’s neighbors steal her plants.

I know one who wont link to me, but I love her ass anyways.

I know one hot chick that battles bullies, broken bones, and boys daily.

I know one who is an international blogger, who’s blog is banned in China, and who also informed me that MINE is too. (Would you expect any less from either of us?)

I know one who LURVES hot dogs and the Packers of all teams. Lucky for her, she always looks hot.

I know one who might be Y-List, because she has way more class in her pinky than I do in my whole body. But her classy status does NOT define her, she is so much more.

I know one that I plan on getting old with, living in our trailer park, playing cards and drinking wine till we die a happy death.

I know one that is just FULL of opinions, although some people would call those opinions something else. But she is fucking awesome. And crass. And beautiful. People dont like that. I do. The Z-List does.

I know one that struggles, that survives, that makes me laugh with her spin on life. She’s just that good.

I know one that is just gorgeous, her eyebrows in her header lay that right out there. She is funny and creative and is *gasp* a woman with a BRAIN. All Z-Listers ARE.

I know one that is definetly not perfect, but DAMN good enough.

I know one that is willing to talk me off a ledge on the most random of days, not more than a week after we started plurking.

Believe me, this is not another form of being elite. It’s just a real fuckin honest way of saying that if you are
not scared to say hello, to put yourself out there, to be REAL, and to communicate with people who are willing to do the same, then you are so ready for the Z-List. You dont need a special pass to get in, and you sure dont need more than 100 commentors either.

Just be real. Don’t be scared of life, of other bloggers LAME ASS, rude opinions of you, and embrace the people that are supportive of you. And I dont mean comments on your blog. I mean emails, messangers, phone calls, text messages, plurks, twitters (if you like FAILURE) or whatever it is that keeps you connected.

Cuz thats how the Z-List rolls. And we roll deep. You’ve been warned.

So sorry

26 02 2008

I haven’t been able to post in the last week because I have been enjoying a fabulous vacation in Paris.

No, I haven’t. I’m a big fat bitchy liar.

I hate blog entries like this. I hate to read them because really, who the fuck cares where I have been. I don’t have any tragedies to tell. I don’t have any good news either. I’ve just been busy.

Busy reading. Busy reading this, this, this, and I am totally wrapped up in THIS right now. SOO good. If you can, pick it up.

Why am I so obsessed with Jodi Picoult¬†right now? The question should be, why are you NOT? She is a fantastic writer. My personal favorite. How in the hell am I reading so many books in less than a month? Don’t ask. Much neglect to my child and blog happens during this process.

The book I am reading now, Nineteen Minutes, is just compelling. It’s about a school shooting. Picoult writes from the perspectives of ALL involved from the shooter, to the students, their parents, law enforcement, and the judicial system. She never takes a side but gives the raw, honest feelings in every way that she can. Her books are just books that you cannot put down.

That said, I am wasting time writing this when I could be reading. Not that I don’t love you all, I just have this addiction that I have to go tend to.

Be lucky its not booze or sex.

Now I know

18 02 2008

Now I know what kind of readers I have. Seems you all like to laugh at whores and whore related jokes. Duly noted my dears.

Skiplovey tagged me for a meme. And since I have nothing better to write about, I’ll go ahead and do it.

It’s the My Post Meme! Whooo.

**The Rules**
Post about the meme and link back to the person who tagged you. [Done]
Go back through your archives and link to your five favorite posts.

*Link One: must be about family.
*Link Two: must be about friends
*Link Three: must be about yourself
*Link Four: must be about something you love
*Link Five: can be anything you choose.

Tag 5 other people (2 being people you would like to get to know better)

Here goes…

1. I’m going to cheat a little and link to two posts, but only because they go together. My dad’s parents are both gone. I was very close to the two of them and my grandma especially. I wrote about her twice and the legacy she left behind, the legacy that NO ONE in my family even knew about. First part is here and the second is here.

2. Most of the “friend” type of writing that I have been doing lately hasn’t been the most positive so I am not linking to them. I am going to point towards my post about being an Auntie to my best friend S’s kids. Check it out here.

3. Hereis one where I wrote an open letter to myself in high school. Yikes. I just found my old high school journal so I might be copying some stuff out of there for your reading enjoyment. HAHA. I’ll have to drink a lot first.

4. Something I love? How about Calvin and Hobbs and shopping? Check it out.

5. Since I lurrrve my man so much, here is a post I wrote in response to him remember an anniversary I didn’t even remember we had.

So now I have to tag people huh? Ok… don’t blame me, its in the RULES.

Ima go with Amy, because I love to read about her humble beginnings. Heather, because like me, she always needs blog fodder. Oh and this is an easy way to drop a link to her new site. She WAS blogging at “I’ll Think of It” and has now moved. Jennifer, because I’m nosey like that. As for people I would like to get to know better, Ima tag OhMommy because she is SUCH a great writer, and LunaNik over at Secrets of a Black Heart because I would love to get to know her a little better.

Since so many of you enjoyed my Valentine, you might enjoy a contest too. It isn’t your average blogging give away, I promise. It’s the Sex in a Box Giveaway!! Go here to enter. Tell her I sent you. Because who doesn’t need a vibrating cock ring??

Everything changes… And friends become strangers

13 02 2008

Well it seems that, based on your comments from my last post, that you all feel that I should NOT leap regarding my ex friend.

I have to say that I agree. Somewhat. (Chill, let me explain. Sheesh.)

I know, without hesitation, that whatever type of friendship we had in the past, will never happen again. Ever. I will never trust her with any part of me, with any information about my life, with anything. I can’t. I will never go to any length to do the things I have done for her, to make the sacrifices I did. I will never lie for her or put myself in a position where I have to cover for her in any way.

What I can do is tolerate her. I can play nice. I can drink her beer. But I really doubt that I could ever call her a friend ever again.

¬†Friendship is funny. After high school, the whole concept of friendship changes. The people you thought were your friends let you down. The people that really ARE your friends, stay by you. Out of all the “friends” I had in high school, I still talk to about 3 of them. That is a shockingly low number to me. In the 7 (almost 8 ) years since graduation, I have¬†2 good friends that I know I can count on. I’ve made one really good friend here at work. The ultimate test to me, being a “grown up” is making friends out of co-workers and finding out if they were really your friend after you leave that job.

2 maybe 3 friends. Seems kinda low.

But wait. I’m forgetting about an untapped group of friends. Internet friends. Blogging buddies. There are so many people that I have gotten close to, thanks to the Internet. This would normally be the place where I would link drop like crazy. But I don’t think I have to. My friends know who they are.

In all honesty, anyone who commented on that last post and the FUCKED UP situation that I am faced with is now considered my friend. Seriously. That’s the beauty of the Internet. We write about the most off the wall shit and yet there is still someone out there who can relate. We can write about the most random stuff our kids, loved ones, and just people in general come up with, and we can find some humor, compassion, and love to pass on.

We are a lucky few.

Thank you for being there for me, without reservation.

Thank you for reading, without asking for anything in return. (except comments. GIVE ME COMMENTS you demand)(Ok ok you know I do!)

Most of all, thanks for relating, for being honest, and for being you.

(Everybody now – AWWWWWWWW)

Oh yea, and thanks for coming back.