Calling all angels

6 12 2007

One of my very best bloggy friends is in a situation that NO ONE should ever be in, especially around the holidays.

Jessie’s sweet husband David broke his clavicle riding his bike back to work after lunch. He works for a recycling company and is in charge of his own recycling center during the day. At night, he delivers pizza. Now with his injury, he can do neither. The doctor called for him to be out of work for at least 6 weeks.

Let me tell you a little about David, if you don’t read Jessie regularly (which you so should be doing BTW). David is just… well…. he’s David. I am talking about a guy that works two jobs so his wife can stay home with their kids. He wants badly to work in law enforcement or with the fire department. He knits. He reads. He takes great pictures of bugs and then writes about them. (There should be a link there but I cant find the URL to his bug site). He makes hilarious videos with Jessie.

These are all normal traits and David is a normal guy. What makes David special in my eyes, is that he has shown to be a better man than most guys out there. He steps up to the plate in every situation life throws at him. He is a good father and has been since a young age. When most guys would have taken off, he stuck with it and has done an excellent job of being a father and a husband. Jessie describes him much better than I could of course:

Me? I’m probably hell bound, but David on the other hand is living, breathing proof that there are good people in the world still. Little old ladies touch his hands for some reason when they talk to him. Animals absolutely love him, including sick ones who hate anyone but their owner, he’s surprised a good number of people by getting the sick mean doggies to lick his hands.

David’s friends are mostly homeless, people he’s met while working at the bins. The man who helped him today was one of his homeless buddies. He’s never been able to help them financially, but he did set it up at his pizza place with the owners so that if they came and cleaned out the dumpster area they would be paid in pizza, just so they could have a hot meal.

They are in a situation that could not have happened to nicer people. If you have ever lived pay check to pay check, you KNOW what kind of situation they are in. It sucks.

So I’m asking anyone reading, to stop by Jessie’s and read her post about David’s accident. She gives a link to her paypal and if you have a little extra to give this holiday season, please do. If you can’t then that’s cool. Just do me a favor and go over to her site anyways and click on her ads that are in her sidebar. Click them all right now, then go back the next day and click them again. Trust me, visiting her site will bring at least a smile to your face or some kind of understanding of the type of people Jessie and David are.

Karma is in full force here people. I promise you that much.

Last night when I read about David’s accident, I signed up for Google Ads. I got approved and stuck the code on my site today but at work, I cant see them. If anyone can, let me know. If I manage to make any money off of them in the next month or so, I’ll be donating that to Jessie and David.

Another thing you can do to help is to buy Jessie’s book, Eat Your Colors. It’s available through LuLu Books and it’s a really great book. (Jessie, this isn’t my review) It has all kinds of tips on how to feed your family better and healthier. The recipes are good and the drawings are cute. If you know of anyone with picky eaters, or you’ve got one yourself, this is a great book for them.

This post is really just me trying to help a friend. Nothing more, nothing less. No one deserves the stress and strain of supporting a family of 4 with no income (other than the disability checks which equal NIGHTMARE) especially around the holidays. If you have it in you, in the spirit of good intentions and good will and over all goodness that I know some of you have inside you, please do whatever you think you can to help them. If you need blogging material, please link to Jessie. Every little bit helps.

Like I said, karma is in full force here. It will come back to you in some way, shape, or form.

Thank you for reading and for all that you can do.

A slight retraction?

14 11 2007

I’m still ass deep in Heroes and that shit is getting GOOOOOOD.

I think I’m just about beating a dead horse here, but I wanted to talk about the whole commenting/paid blogger thing.

I guess I’ve just been thinking more about it and reading your comments about it and here’s what I think. I don’t think any of us get into blogging for the money. We blog because we feel we have something to say, something to contribute. We write because we want to be heard, by anyone. Sometimes, our voices get out there. Sometimes they dont. I truely believe that if someone is being offered money to write, then they’ve got something other’s do not. Thats obvious. Hello, book/magazine/newspaper industry. But with blogs, its like a whole new world. But in reality, its not. A blog allows everyone an outlet. Any idiot with a computer can start a blog and put something in it. But that doesn’t mean that people will read.

I love blogs. I love the whole concept. Because I am a reader. I am a visual reader. When you write something and I read it, I see it in my head. I see it how you describe it and I can visualize what is happening. Reading is one of my great loves. The very first blog I read, that truely felt like I was reading talent, was Dooce. Heather is a wonderful writer. She paints such a picture with her words and its hard for me to describe, but its there. She gets a shitty wrap because she does get paid to write. I still read, and I will continue to read. Because she is real. She is out there. For me, blogs make the writer really human. When I read a fiction novel, I dont visualize the writer. I visualize the characters they are writing. This is where I get the theory that bloggers paid to write should be able to connect with their readers on a more personal level.

And that is where I was wrong. (Read it again, I was wrong. You might want to bookmark this because you ain’t never hearing it again.) The thing is, these bloggers with huge fanbases just can’t touch their readers back. Because there are far too many. But I would not doubt for a second that if I, for some cosmic reason, ran into Dooce on the street and I recognized her, I think she would take a minute and say thanks for reading. Which is all we really want right? Sure, if that time comes, I will make a huge ass out of myself, but thats just me. I’m sure if I ever met any of my readers, or the writers of the blogs I love, I would do the same (right Jessie?)

So I guess thats that. For now anyways. From where I stand, I would be open to meeting any of the blog authors that I read. I would be open to meeting the bloggers who read me and who come here again and again to read the crap I throw out into the blogosphere. I’m especially open to a reader, upon recognizing me on the street, to stop and say hello because I know that I WILL thank you for reading. Then I will taze the shit out of you. But I will keep reading your blogs!!

Please don’t be scared of me… It was a joke. Maybe. Guess we’ll find out… heh…

In response… (and some more complaining! I mean, opinionating)

9 11 2007

I’m going to go ahead and reply to your comments from yesterday’s post right here. Unconventional? Maybe. But that’s how I roll. And I think we have a good subject going here and since I have to post every day, I thought “why not keep it going”? So yea. Watch me go….

sulz– I have struggled with finding “my way” of responding to commenters. I do like the way you suggested as I saw another blogger doing something similar today (responding by editing their comment with my thoughts). BUT, how many people actually go back to check to see if their comment was responded to? I’m not saying that negatively, I am honestly asking… I still have yet to figure out what I am most comfortable with there.

Readers!! How do you like to be replied to/acknowledged/whatever?

Heather– We would definitely hang. You crack me up. I would make you cook for me.

squishycutegirl – I feel ya. We are on the same page here.

Jessie – I’ve got nothing but love for ya! I actually wasn’t referring to Dooce as I truly enjoy her writing. I think she gets stepped on by far too many bloggers if you want the truth. As far as your paycheck for writing, its all good. You are good to your readers, I know this first hand. No complaints.

Rima– How dare you leave me your honest opinion?? Especially when it does not agree with mine? You are rude indeed my friend. Heh. Actually, I’m glad you did so I can maybe clear something up. I think that paid bloggers (decent money, not the ones that do PPP or make a few bucks off of ads) SHOULD feel obligated. Let me tell you why. I don’t make a red f-ing cent off this blog. I don’t get free shit from it either. But I still want anyone reading to know that I appreciate it. Then again, this blog is not a source of income I rely on. I work an 8 hour a day/40 hour a week job. My blog is not my job. If you rely on your blog as actual INCOME, then your blog is your job. Your readers, they are your customers. If you cant give back to them in some way to show your appreciation, then you shouldn’t be working that job. See what I mean? They pump out a short post about their kid throwing up and we all laugh and they get paid. Then they get to spend the rest of their day doing what we mom’s do best. They are blessed in my opinion but if it were me and my blog was my income, I would be damn sure to at least put in some good time out of my day giving back. Know what I mean jelly bean? I’ll get to your “blogging circle” in a bit.

Z – You are lucky because as far as I have seen, that’s rare. And you are soooo right about the way we women work. We are catty bitches when it comes down to it and we all want to be the best. I at least strive to be better than Amy and you know what? I’m fighting a loosing battle there.

Amy– There you are! Heh. Ignore that little comment… errr….. You know I love you (and your sister’s guest posts, as scared as I am for her). You shouldn’t have offered to let me stalk you. I so will. Your bad my friend, your bad indeed.

Ali – At least you are willing to admit to your problem. That’s the first step to recovery, or so I hear.

Skip– Thanks! Commenting takes practice, that’s for sure. We should hang at your secret beach and talk about it. (STALKER! STALKER! See Amy… run!)

Rima touched on expanding ones blogging circles and, like Amy, I agree with that:

One thing that really bugs me, though, is the sense I get that few “popular” bloggers seem interested in expanding their blogging circle past what they’ve already established ages ago.

You hit the nail on the head. I’m not naming names (hell no, you think I want to knock myself out of that circle before I am even in? You’re crazy) but I have seen one blogger who I LOVE LOVE LOVE! who comments on another blogger who I adore too. I have never ever seen her comments ANYWHERE else. She is one of those 100+ comments bloggers I speak of. It’s like they both sit at the cool kids table in the cafeteria and I can only walk by and WISH they would invite me to sit down.

Ehh…… I can just hear some people reading that and thinking “why does she feel SUCH a need to fit into this group of women??” Its all good. I think that too. But its because I genuinely feel that these women are NOT doing this on purpose. Their writing reflects that they are really good, nice, sweet women who wouldn’t just DO that to be mean.

It’s a double edged sword my friends. Fo sho.

One thing that gets on my nerves DAILY (and with 207 blogs in my reader, I see this more often than I would like) is the bloggers who fight. You know you’ve seen them. I have this to say to those people: GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELVES! This is the INTERNET. They are words!! Sticks and stones, love*. I mean seriously, what kind of whiney ass person dedicates a whole blog post to someone who may or may not have talked shit about them on their blog? And what kind of person talks shit about another blogger on their blog? I mean, good lord, we aren’t in freaking high school (says the person who just referred to the cool kids table in the caf). And really, if someone said something rude about me on their blog, good for them. What the hell am I gonna do about it? Complaining about people who wrong you IRL on your blog is one thing, one totally normal thing that we all do. Well some people don’t, but I do. But honestly, I think deep down, people do that shit for attention because most of their readers have no clue what they are talking about and lets not kid ourselves, everyone wants to be in on the secret. My opinion?? If you are gonna go ahead and get yourself into a blog war, and you are going to call out someone on your blog, GIVE ME DETAILS. GIVE ME LINKS. Give me all, or nothing at all. Because me? I loves me some drama. Ha.

Oh I could so keep going… so many more things I could touch on. But not today. Because its Friday. So I leave you with this:

Courtesy of Amy, who just wanted to cheer me up!


*If anyone can tell me what movie that is from, we can be best friends. And not have blog wars. K. Bye.

On Comments

8 11 2007

I’ve been wanting to touch on commenting for a while now. WordPress ate a really good post that I had written and I am just now getting over that enough to try and write about it again. Let me tell you, that was an awesome post. Its gone now. Lets have a moment of silence for it because this post? Will probably suck.

Moving on… I’m a big blog reader. As of right now, I have 207 blogs in my fancy Google Reader. That sucker is a life saver because there is no way I would be able to get through blogs without it. Out of 207, only about half of them update enough for me to be interested. Overnight, I usually have about 200 + things to read in the morning when I get to work. Keeps me busy. Along with work. *cough* Of course some of these are those celeb blogs that update throughout the day, or the funny cat pictures, you know! I know you know! Out of all those updates, I comment on maybe 15 blogs.

Out of those 15, I usually comment on about 5 on a regular basis. No matter what they post. Anything else is because something they wrote made me laugh, I could relate to, or pissed me off. (That last one is rare)

Just to be clear, I am not bashing ANYONE who comments here. I am overly thankful for anyone who visits and finds me interesting enough to leave me a comment. I totally understand that not everything I post is comment worthy. I’m down with that peeps. Fo Sho. So I’m not actually talking about my comments or complaining about them in any way. Trust me. Although it will probably come across that I am, I’m not trying to. So forgive me ahead of time.

I follow this very simply:
i follow

Easy enough right? If you leave me a comment, I will visit your blog and leave one back for you on one of your posts. If I like you, I’ll be back and you will end up in my reader.

What really frustrates me is that this doesn’t happen very often. I get that people are busy. I totally GET THAT. And it frustrates me. There are so many GOOD bloggers out there. There are so many POPULAR bloggers out there. I feel so stupid for leaving them comments. Especially when mine is comment number 152 or something insane like that. Please tell me you hear me on this. I mean, 150 comments, what the fuck is mine going to mean? There are a couple awesome “popular” bloggers that live around me and I would just love to meet up but they are like untouchable. Do I sound crazy?? If you are funny, a good writer, and I can relate to you, why shouldn’t I want to meet you? But its freakin 2007. I would be the crazy stalker for suggesting that. And to even attempt to relate to these bloggers is impossible because hello? #152 right here. Oh and by the way, I’m #152 about 10 minutes AFTER they have posted their blog. Yea, that shit is sick yo.

Mainly, I am all about good bloggers. You have a good story to tell, I want to let you know that I think you’re funny. And lets be honest here. How many of us don’t like comments? Seriously. I can tell you I write for me and there are times when I have. But I write for anyone reading too. Anyone who denies that is a big fat LIAR.

Oh and by the way? Bloggers paid to write? You know who you are. You SHOULD be responding to those comments. I don’t care how. Email, visiting their blog, responding in your comments section, WHATEVER. If you make a dime off that blog because you have people who read it, you owe your readers. That may sounds crazy, but I believe it. If I got paid based on the number of clicks or visits, I would feel obligated to say thank you by at least acknowledging those readers.

I’m getting worked up. About comments. Yea. I’m a psycho. Give me your thoughts though. In the form of comments only. Ha.

Need I remind you? ARK Sunday… only 3 days away! Go be nice!