29 04 2008

I spent the majority of my day yesterday in the ER. The ambulance came at the request of my cousin to take my Grandma to the hospital. She was having horrible pain in her legs and back and was having a lot of trouble walking. Throughout the course of the last few weeks, she has been falling down more and more, her legs collapsing under the weight of her own body. She can’t walk up the stairs to her room and can’t climb into the shower.

Her blood pressure was also extremely high. Whatever medication she was taking for it was not working. So the whole clan heads to the hospital to wait and see what is going on. We were there for about 5 hours but it seemed like it was forever. The ER gave her an MRI and medication to control her pain.

The MRI came back around 3:30 and the doctor explained what was wrong. Lumbar Spinal Stenosis in association with Osteoarthritis. Wha? Basically her spine is deteriorating and has been for a while. Her normal doc never did and MRI and always said it was just arthritis. She never really complained of pain and I suspect that she just lived with it. The ER doc explained that it is happening down the majority of her spinal column. Surgery is not an option given her age and the severity of the surgery that would be necessary.

The only thing they can do is manager her pain and send her to rehab. She’s gonna be a pill popper. She’ll like that. The rehab center that they transferred her to last night is going to give her physical therapy so that she can learn to use a walker and how to fall if she feels herself going down, to prevent more serious injury.

Some of our family went to see her today and she got’s her hair did and all that. I told my cousin to pack her some nice threads in case she picks me up a grandpa while she is in rehab. I hope he’s rich and kidless.

She’s in really great spirits and was in a good enough mood to nag at my dad about her going to the ER being the only way he will come see her. He told her to suck it up and get out of there so that they could go to Vegas. Ahh my family.

I’m heading over to her rehab after work to visit. She wants me to bring SBJ because she said that she “really really misses him”. We’ll go see her tomorrow after he gets off of school.

Because of this I may have to move in with her and my cousin to help care for her at night. We are still discussing this option. I don’t mind being there part time if necessary. Plus it’s closer to work for me which is always a good thing. I guess it’s just a waiting game now.

Thank Jeebus that my cousin is here from Iowa. She leaves Monday but there is no way her sis (who lives with my grandma) would have been able to handle what went down yesterday.

*le sigh* I’ll be sure to drop an update once I know more. If anyone can just send some positive vibes, good thoughts, or prayers our way, I would appreciate it!

56 Reasons Why

15 03 2008

…I love my mommy.

  1. She always buys the coolest gadgets and lets me play with them.
  2. When she was growing up, she had a ton of pets, including a monkey.
  3. She doesn’t cook very often, but she does treat a lot.
  4. She makes great desserts.
  5. And finger foods.
  6. She is a pack rat. She has a whole room of stuff and she thinks she knows everything that’s in it.
  7. When you ask for something in that room, she says she has to find it.
  8. Then she takes two weeks. 
  9. And she gives it to you once you’ve forgotten that you needed it. Or you don’t need it anymore.
  10. She likes to watch Oprah and has watched her my whole life.
  11. She is insane about her DVR and gets cranky if you tape too many shows because it scares her that her’s wont tape.
  12. She collects Chevron Cars.
  13. She has an IPhone and lets me watch You Tube videos on it.
  14. She falls asleep in front of the TV every night around 7. 
  15. Once she has her blanket, she is out.
  16. Rura says I’m the same way.
  17. Once she wakes up, she will stay up till midnight.
  18. Then get up at 5am. 
  19. She made SBJ his own Cheerio’s box with his picture on it.
  20. She still has it. 
  21. Her Christmas tree is covered with ornaments that she has collected forever.
  22. A lot of those were made by me and a few by SBJ.
  23. She irons my dad’s shirts every day he goes to work.
  24. She used to make lunches for both of us growing up. 
  25. She is a teacher.
  26. Her classroom looks like her spare room.
  27. She still runs into her old students that she taught years ago.
  28. When she taught them, they were between 6-8 years old. 
  29. She has been teaching in the same district for 30+ years.
  30. She keeps everything, which is why my son can now play with my old View-Master. 
  31. She buys me kiwis and candied apples, because she knows I like them.
  32. She has a Facebook account. Thank goodness it’s not Myspace.
  33. She loves to take pictures.
  34. She know’s everyone in the families birthdays.
  35. She taught me how to bargain shop and rock those clearance racks.
  36. She let my dad buy two boats and a house in the mountains.
  37. She spoils the crap out of him.
  38. She records episodes of Drake and Josh for SBJ.
  39. She is going to China on Monday and doesn’t mind bringing souvenirs back.
  40. For my friend. 
  41. She always accepts everyone I choose to have in my life.
  42. She totally loves Rura.
  43. She emails him and he texts her.
  44. She has a personalized licence plate that matches her email address.
  45. She makes SBJ the food he likes.
  46. She takes everywhere when she has a day off. 
  47. She yells at me when I yell at Rura or SBJ.
  48. She folds my laundry if I leave it in the dryer.
  49. She hates cartoons like Family Guy, South Park, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. 
  50. The rest of us love them and she gets irritated when we watch them.
  51. She loves to do projects.
  52. Her newest one is making plastic pens that are bent into shapes like stars, dolphins, and circles.
  53. She takes a mini cart FILLED with stuff to school every day.
  54. She travels the same way too, with too much stuff.
  55. She has always supported me, even when I might not have deserved it.
  56. She’s the best mommy I know.

Happy Birthday mom! 

“With you, all I know is, I’m coming home”

7 01 2008

It’s hard for me to define “home”. I haven’t felt the physical presence of a home for a long time. Being that I have not exactly “settled” in the last year, I am seriously missing my own space, my own “home”. This is why I spend a majority of my time holed up in my room, because it feels like my own space. I like having control of what is playing on the radio, or on the TV, of being able to read or go online without interruption (this excludes interruptions of the male persuasion of course, boy or man).  I miss that independence, that freedom. I know, why don’t I actually DO something about it?! Huh. You know me, all talk, no action. Oh and have you seen cost of living around these parts lately? Not pretty. And don’t get me started on location. That is an argument safe for another day.

Of course I do love the area I am in now. I have no complaints. Its not crowded, and some areas are very gorgeous. Its just not “local” to Rura’s station and the commute? Not so close. But that’s Southern California for you. Most people I know commute. I drive at least 30-40 minutes to get to work. And that doesn’t include the days I have to take SBJ to school.

I’m getting off track…

I was laying in bed this morning, NOT wanting to get up for work, and I was remembering the town I grew up in. It was a small community, a ski resort town. I loved it, and I miss it. I wasn’t much for skiing or snowboarding and the one time I tried? Well I was sore for 3 days. But I would so try again if I got the chance.



I was thinking about how it felt to live in that town. I knew ALL my neighbors by name, by pet, and by kid. Every neighbor on the whole street and half the street next to us. I grew up with their kids or babysitting their kids. I knew the inside of their houses as well as I knew my own. We could run in during a day of playing, just to use the bathroom, or to get a glass of water. I could walk out of my house in the morning on a Saturday and not come back in until well after dark. My parents weren’t scared of letting me out to play all day. They were used to hearing the door open and close throughout the day and welcomed all the neighborhood kids in as well. I knew every inch of property from my own house, to at least 4 blocks in each direction, and I knew all the good hiding places too.

I miss that. Since I have “grown up” and lived on my own, I have never known any of my neighbors, unless they happened to be family of the ex. And that doesn’t count! My parents have lived in their house for 6 years and I really don’t think they know their neighbors. Its amazing because they used to have a key ring with a key to every home on the block in our old town. That’s just the way it was.

Is it the times that are a changin’? Or is it purely based on location? I know I don’t feel safe letting SBJ outside without me being out there with him. Even my mom, who used to let me roam free for hours, doesn’t let him go in the backyard alone.

That makes me sad. It makes me really want to find a place like that to raise my kids. It makes me wonder if a place like that even exists anymore.

Looks like we made it

27 12 2007

Christmas is over? I can come out of hiding now? FINALLY!

It wasn’t that bad people. I can’t complain. No wait, that’s a lie. I can complain about the IDIOT I married deciding on Christmas Eve to live up to his title of being a complete asshole. So much more than usual too! He decides he wants to take SBJ that night, instead of the next morning. Fucking tard. Instead of “putting my foot down” and telling him no, I agreed, therefore completely bypassing what I’m sure would have been a very dramatic standoff of sorts, possibly including local law enforcement which is just not cool. So when I had to take my grandma home, I also sent SBJ off with his dad. I hated doing it because I wanted to do the whole “Santa came” thing which we had to fake on Christmas Eve. Eh, C’est la vie. He still loved the bike that Santa brought him and the Spy Gear that Rura and I got for him. Amazingly, he got no clothes. Well I bought him some PJ pants but I didn’t wrap them, I just showed them to him. Then again, he does have 4 presents to open from my aunts and one of my aunts is famous for giving out clothes. So I’m not holding my breath.

This Christmas was interesting though. Here’s why (with more bullets) wee!

  • My aunt who is visiting her daughter in Iowa busted the back of her head open and needed 5 staples in her head. She did not want to go to the hospital because she did not want her head shaved. She went and did not end up getting shaved. Just stapled.
  • My grandma did not want to come over for Christmas. The only part of my mom’s family in California for the holiday, and she wanted to stay home. Not on my watch G-ma! I went and picked her up and took her home.
  • My dad’s family breakfast was awesome. One of his brother’s wives went bat shit crazy on the family and accused all of us of hating her daughter. Good times! She was pissed no one complimented my cousin for loosing 50 pounds. Hello, are you just joining our family? We don’t compliment each other. We exploit each others weaknesses with glee and then we all laugh about it. I mean just this year I was asked if my house was my car and if I was going to prison. Good times had by all.
  • Rura fucking scored in the presents department. It took my family almost 5 years to even acknowledge that my ex was alive, and that was after I popped out his kid. This was Rura’s second Christmas spent with my family. Perfect example: My parents got my ex a t-shirt for Christmas. One of those $10 ones from Target with some dumb phrase on it. It wasn’t even a funny one. That was on the last Christmas we spent with my family. Rura got a portable speaker type gadget for his Ipod, a soccer shirt, AND a $25 gift card for Jamba Juice. Facker. He made out. All that brown nosing paid off for sure.
  • Between me and him, we have $75 worth of Jamba Juice.
  • Worst part of Christmas? We did NOT watch Christmas Vacation. WTF I ask you? We watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind INSTEAD. Cool in the 70’s? Hell yea. 2007? Um no, not so much, no. That whole movie is an anti-climatic rip off.

So there you have it. I got some pretty nice clothes and a PJ set, some gift cards, lotion from B&B Works, and my two bestest presents?? A hand me down Dooney and Burke purse from my aunt that I have been drooling over since I first saw it like 3 years ago at her house. Its white with navy blue lettering and tan handles and accents… drool, drool, all day. When she brought it in the house before she left my aunts, she said “remember this?” and I started jumping up and down. None of my cousin’s got it. Hello, boys are stupid remember? The decided that the D & B on the purse must stand for Damn Bitch, or more favorable, Dumb Bitch. Yea, no. Stoopid boys.

Favorite gift? More than my purse? That will MATCH my purse? My daddy promised me a Dodger Jacket, from the stadium, first game we go to next year. Well a jacket or a jersey. *insert happy frickin dance here* Do you know how badly I have been wanting a real Dodgers jacket? I will die and go to heaven the day I get that jacket. I ask to be buried in it. *cough*

Hope everyone else out there had a Merry Christmas.

Oh did you see my new header?? Purdiful isn’t it??! Courtesy of the gorgeous, but M.I.A. Dawn. Dawn, come back to the blogosphere!!!!!! I miss you!!

89 Years Young

10 12 2007

Lots of important stuff happened in 1918, at least according to Wikipedia.

  •  The Council of Lithuania adopts the Act of Independence of Lithuania. declaring Lithuania’s independence from the Russian Empire. I didn’t know that Rima!
  • The U.S Congress establishes time zones and approves Daylight savings time.
  • The “Spanish Flu” becomes pandemic (no CLUE what that means) and over 25 million people die in 6 months. Thats not so great. 
  • The Boston Red Sox beat the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. They won’t win again until 2004. 
  • There is a lot going on with World War 1. A lot. 

All that is interesting and all, but on December 9, 1918 my beautiful grandma was born. She went on to NOT catch the Spanish Flu, to come to the U.S. and begin a family. That family includes my mom, her witchy sister, and her big brother. During their life together, that witchy sister would burn their house down playing with matches, they would own a pet monkey, and all of her kids would go on to marry, have kids, some divorce, a ultimately a whole lot of love. She would loose her husband and a short time later, gain a drop dead gorgeous grand-daughter. Her third, but her cutest. 

Like you didn’t know it was going to be me! She has always said that I was a gift from my grandpa. My parents tried for years to have me and never succeeded. Until my grandpa passed away. She said I was a miracle from him. Now she has 3 great grand kids and is 89 years young. 4 generations alive and going strong.

May 2005

 December 2007
  Please ignore the spare tire I am carrying around. Anyways, my Grandma is pretty kick ass. She drinks beers with me, makes a MEAN carne con chili, and has no problem saying whats on her mind. I guess at 89, you really don’t have to care what people think.

Happy Birthday Grandma B!

Happy Turkey Day

22 11 2007

I really hope everyone had a good holiday. Ours so far has been great. Lots of walking, turkey, and pictures taken.

Once we get back home, I’ll write a proper post.

Stay safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Saturday Photoblog 1

3 11 2007

This week seems to have been really long. Here is our week in pictures. Saturday, Oct. 27 – Friday, November 2 2007

Sat. 10/27
Halloween Party #2
I went as Little Red Riding Hood and him as Lil’ Jon again. His family didn’t recognize us.
penis costume
Best costume of the night. Only Rura’s cousin could pull this off.

Tue 10/30
Getting ready for Halloween

Wed 10/31
Rura’s little sis with her liberty spikes.
Never seen someone so happy to be bloody.
His brother decided not to dress up.
Drunk trick or treating.

Thur 11/1
Hard working boy.
Tired after soccer practice. He was eating dinner. Thats my mommy in the back.

Fri 11/2
Birthdays and Beers
Figure out which one I’m related to.
Love my family! They never smile! And they climb a lot of mountains apparently.

Thats it. Thats our week. Exciting huh!