Now I know

18 02 2008

Now I know what kind of readers I have. Seems you all like to laugh at whores and whore related jokes. Duly noted my dears.

Skiplovey tagged me for a meme. And since I have nothing better to write about, I’ll go ahead and do it.

It’s the My Post Meme! Whooo.

**The Rules**
Post about the meme and link back to the person who tagged you. [Done]
Go back through your archives and link to your five favorite posts.

*Link One: must be about family.
*Link Two: must be about friends
*Link Three: must be about yourself
*Link Four: must be about something you love
*Link Five: can be anything you choose.

Tag 5 other people (2 being people you would like to get to know better)

Here goes…

1. I’m going to cheat a little and link to two posts, but only because they go together. My dad’s parents are both gone. I was very close to the two of them and my grandma especially. I wrote about her twice and the legacy she left behind, the legacy that NO ONE in my family even knew about. First part is here and the second is here.

2. Most of the “friend” type of writing that I have been doing lately hasn’t been the most positive so I am not linking to them. I am going to point towards my post about being an Auntie to my best friend S’s kids. Check it out here.

3. Hereis one where I wrote an open letter to myself in high school. Yikes. I just found my old high school journal so I might be copying some stuff out of there for your reading enjoyment. HAHA. I’ll have to drink a lot first.

4. Something I love? How about Calvin and Hobbs and shopping? Check it out.

5. Since I lurrrve my man so much, here is a post I wrote in response to him remember an anniversary I didn’t even remember we had.

So now I have to tag people huh? Ok… don’t blame me, its in the RULES.

Ima go with Amy, because I love to read about her humble beginnings. Heather, because like me, she always needs blog fodder. Oh and this is an easy way to drop a link to her new site. She WAS blogging at “I’ll Think of It” and has now moved. Jennifer, because I’m nosey like that. As for people I would like to get to know better, Ima tag OhMommy because she is SUCH a great writer, and LunaNik over at Secrets of a Black Heart because I would love to get to know her a little better.

Since so many of you enjoyed my Valentine, you might enjoy a contest too. It isn’t your average blogging give away, I promise. It’s the Sex in a Box Giveaway!! Go here to enter. Tell her I sent you. Because who doesn’t need a vibrating cock ring??

Mondays are bullshit

8 10 2007

I hate Monday. I always wake up on Mondays and think about how damn short the weekend was. Why don’t we have 3 day weekends? I mean, there are 7 days in a week right? 2 is NOT enough to rest. Why not give us 3, then just have 4 days of work? Isn’t that a little bit more balanced then this 2 day/5 day thing? I think so… 

It’s Columbus Day here in the states and Thanksgiving in Canada. Wow. I never knew that and its so fucking uninteresting, I don’t know what to do with myself.

This is why I hate Mondays.

Also, to raise my level of hatred for Mondays, I find out I got tagged by the only Hot Lithuanian Momma that I know. She laughs at my pain. I guess this is like the “Four things” Meme because all the questions ask you to list 4 things. Like we are too lazy to think up 5 things. Wait, I am that lazy. Thank ya Jeebus its only 4 but I would love it more if it were only 3. Anyways, here:

Four Jobs I’ve Had in my Life
-Target (Red and khaki combined is horrible. Half my entire wardrobe at the time consisted of 20 red shirts. This is also where I learned that people are assholes. Remind me to tell you about the lady who made me cry over Christmas lights.)
-Robinson’s May (Department store. I sold suits and dresses to old ladies and then later, but on their makeup at the Lancome counter. Oh how I loved that makeup. PS Lancome mascara is THE BEST, hands down. Show me a better one. I doubt you can.)
– Fleetwood RV. (I still cringe when I think of this job. I hated it. 8 hours a day on the phone talking to pissed off people. And my boss was a raging bitch who personally hated me for the 2 and a half years I worked there. She hated me so much that she moved my desk right in front of her office which just confirmed my suspicion that she did absolutely NOTHING all fucking day long.)
– Giant RV (This is the job that fired me. Every time we drive by any of their 6 convenient locations throughout Southern California, we give the one finger salute and say “Fuck you Giant RV!”)

Four Movies I would watch over and over
Fever Pitch (Every single time she drops from that wall and runs across the field, I CRY. )
-Knocked Up and Superbad (New favorite movies. That shit is hilarious. Go see them. NOW. I only group them together because they are made with the same casts of people and oh, how these guys crack me up. Because, I am McLovin’.)
-Grandma’s Boy (Classic. Pot and sex jokes crack me up. This is Adam Sandler’s group of guys and they are always great.)
– 50 First Dates (Duh. I always cry at the end of this one too.)

Four Places I Have Lived
-El Monte, CA
– Wrightwood, CA
– Temecula, CA
– Colton, CA (This list just reads from bad, to awesome, to rich, to ghetto… WOW)

Four TV Shows I Watch
– C.S.I.
– Las Vegas
– Heroes (kinda.)
– Family Guy (hee)

Four Places I Have Been
– Hawaii
– Caribbean
– Tahoe (LOVE)
– Florida (We actually drove cross country when I was a kid so I have seen the bottom half of the USA, up to DC on the East Coast, and up to Washington on the West.)

Four of My Favorite Foods
I just fell in love with the toasted french dip at Arby’s. Yum
– Chili
– Anything comfort food like. Hot chocolate, warm bread, soups, etc.
– Hot wings (Fuck yea)

Holy crap, am I almost done?

Four Sites I Visit Daily
– My Google Reader (for the blaaaags)
– Cafemom
– ummm….. yahoo games when I’m in the mood

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
-In Bed. Not Alone.
– At the beach
– San Francisco
– ummm really, anywhere but work. I’m not picky.

So there you have it. I’m not tagging anyone because I don’t want any viruses in my email. Why did I do the meme if I was going to bitch about it so much you ask? Well who the fuck are you? Don’t worry about it ok? Fuck. Its fucking Monday, don’t ask me stupid questions like that. It took me like 3 hours to get this post up.

Fuck you Monday.

TMI Tuesday!

8 08 2006

It’s that day of the week again! Go Play!

1. Which ONE do you wish you had more of in bed… romance, experimentation or foreplay? Well we have plenty of romance and foreplay most days… so I am going with experimentation. We are both “up for pretty much anything” type of people so I guess it just comes down to who can think of the freakiest thing and ask for it.
2. How often do you have “make up sex” after an arguement? We aren’t really big on arguing but when we do, we have serious make up sex and its pretty damn good. It’s rare that we argue so badly over the phone that we NEED make up sex.
3. Have you ever been “caught” masturbating? No. We are both open about that with each other so we dont have to sneak around. In the past, no.
4. On a scale from 1-10, how comfy are you being naked? At this time in my life, I am a 10. We are talking about in the privacy of our homes right? If not, I would say a 4. At home, I have no problem. [By “home” I always mean anywhere I am with Rura.] He makes me feel so comfortable and confident that I have no problem being naked with him.
5. The three words that best describe your most recent partner in bed are ____, ____, and ____. Sexy, a stallion, and satisfying.

Bonus (as in optional): Have you ever called out the wrong name in bed? Uh hell no. That would be so fucked up!

Now, Did you play??

tmi? I don’t think so…..

1 08 2006

TMI Tuesday

1. Is there any type of sexual act you’re embarrassed to ask for? (If so, what? Hee…) Not really. Sometimes I dont like to ask because I expect him to know what I want but thats really silly huh? I shouldn’t ask, I should always demand. 😉
2. Have you ever dumped someone purely because of bad sexual performance? No but could that be considered grounds for divorce?
3. Name something you would say no to if asked to do in bed. It would have to be really really extreme. I’ll say yes to pretty much anything (except when pee is involved. eww)
4. The three words that best describe you in bed are ____, ____, and ____. Adventurous, dominating (some days), and good 😉
5. Have you ever been so emotionally moved by a sexual experience (in a good way), that you cried? Yes! It happened just the other day actually. I felt so good and just got this rush of love and affection, that it brought tears to my eyes. He didn’t notice, otherwise it would have turned into a big mushy lovey mess.

Bonus (as in optional): What could your partner bring to bed that would most turn you on? OMG umm….. I’m going to say food. Food that we could use on each other. Messy but I have never tried it and I think it would be fun.

Did you play??