Oh thanks goodness!

30 11 2007

NaBlowMe is OVER in 1 hour!!! Seriously, this month was hard. Participating in NaBloPoMo totally goes against my nature to be lazy, but I tried it, and I succeeded. I have surprised even myself. Was a month enough practice to get me to continue blogging every day? Probably not. Everyone seems a bit burned out and I dont blame them. I am really going to try and keep posting daily but when I really dont feel like it, I like that I dont have to. And thats what I learned during NaBloPoMo. The end.

Got my new TV today. With it, I got a DVD player, a VCR, a bunch of DVD’s, dumpster porn, a Sylvia Brown book to read, and another book that I will be reviewing later. I have to put it down to finish this because its distracting me. Oh and I got cookies. Sugar cookies with cinnamon on them. I’m eating them for dinner. I also got a new best buddy. He has bright red hair and rose colored cheeks. He’s pretty awesome.

Where the hell did I get all these things? Why from Jessie’s house of course. Hi! *waves* Thanks for the cookies, the blog talk, and for not bonking me on the head and taking advantage of me.

In other news, it rained all day today. I pretty much followed it out to Jessie’s after work and her rain came with thunder and lightning as I was leaving. I enjoy the rain but driving in it makes me tired.

Rura is going to a bachelor party tomorrow. For a cop. I don’t think I’m worried. Until tomorrow.

Oh and? I dont want to jinx anything by saying this but Rura and I have been blow out free for going on 2 months! You have no idea how happy it makes me to be able to say that. I hate our big fights.

Gah! I am so tired. My damn dumb ass alarm didn’t go off this morning and I woke up 20 minutes AFTER I should have already left for work. But I do get to sleep in tomorrow before I go and pick up SBJ from his dads.

Good night and Good bye NaBloPoMo!


29 11 2007

As I was doing my normal blog reading today, I never thought I would actually GET something out of it. Tomorrow, we are gettin’ a new TV. And a DVD player. And free DVD’s. I love me some free stuff. Yes, I have to treck allll the way out to Beaumont to get them, but its ok.

See Jessie is ridding her home of TV. She says they don’t need it. I say thats awesome. For them. For us? Not so much.

We are TV people. Sure its probably rotting our brain. That’s fine by me. I’m a movie addict and my boys are gaming freaks. Right now Rura’s playing a video game. We just got done watching an hour and a half of Cops DVD’s. Before that? I read on the couch with my mom for almost two hours. (I’m reading a really good book right now.)

Those are my DVD’s that I have managed to either salvage from my ex or buy new. That is NOTHING compared to what my old collection looked like. To the left, a sliver of my book collection. Those are just the books I have read and/or bought in the last few months. Dont mind the 3 cups of Jamba Juice. We have a slight addiction. You can also see my very yummy cookies in the very back by the wall. Hee. Can you spy anything else?

I’m not going to say that TV enriches our life or any of that crap. But having a TV in the house and in my room is something I have always have. I love to watch the news in the morning when I am getting ready for work. One of my favorite things to do is cuddle in bed and watch a movie with Rura, one we both enjoy. We like to watch Cops, and South Park, and Family Guy, and CSI, and Las Vegas, and Heroes. Even SBJ enjoys Heroes.

There is a lot of debate over TV being bad for you and all that. I don’t believe the hype. We spend a lot of time together as a family anyways and the amount of TV we watch is small in the long run. All I know is, I’m getting an awesome deal on a much bigger TV than the 6 inch TV I have in my room now. Yea, I actually think its smaller than that. It’s sad. I’ve had it since I was a kid. And you know what? This will be the first TV I have bought on my own.

Does that make me a grown up? Oh and Jessie, do you have any left over turkey? That you might be able to make into a sandwhich? That might just be ready when I show up? No? Cookies? Bread? I’m just sayin….

Enough waiting!

28 11 2007

Vacation picture time!

Wait… you mean no one was waiting to see the 177 pictures I took while we were in San Francisco for 2 and a half days? I’m the only one? Weird…

Don’t leave! I’m not going to show you all 177. Serious. I’m not that patient and you probably aren’t that interested. I’ll do you a favor and break the days up. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m doing my lazy ass a favor because I just dont want to post our whole vacation in one post.

So I took a few pics on the road up there, and here they are, in all their glory. Aren’t you excited?? Well get excited becuause NaBlowMe is almost over and I’m really running dry here people.

Yup this is my offspring. And the very first picture I took to kick off our vacation. He makes for nice memories.

This is the inside of the car after a few hours on the road. My mom has a PT Cruiser and it was pretty cramped in there. As you can see.

Anyone else think thats sexy? Just me? Ok…

mmmm pea soup. Like boogers.

I so love them.

Woman! Put the camera down and grab something!

Hahaha thats all! For tonight anyways. Is it really only Wednesday?? This week is draggggging.

Is it too late to be thankful?

27 11 2007

I didn’t really have the time to do a Thanksgiving post this year, being on VACATION and all. (I love saying that. Do you know how long its been since I could say that?) So here goes.

*I’m thankful for Starbucks Gingerbread Lattes. I wont be very thankful once they take them away, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.
*I’m thankful for the Mega Mango smoothie at Jamba Juice. Its sooo good. That makes me happy.
*I’m thankful for my Ipod. Without it, I would have no tunes. That would be tragic.
*I’m thankful for Nintendo and their ability to make mind numbing games that keep SBJ occupied for extended periods of time.
*I’m thankful for my camera. It helps me cover the walls of my room with pictures of the people I love.
*I’m thankful for Hershey’s Almond Chocolate Bars because one of them is making Rura happy as I type this. He loves his chocolate, that one does.
*I’m thankful for my friend at work who bails me out two times a day so we can go smoke and bitch about the most annoying co-worker ever. Boy are we snarky!
*I’m thankful for wireless internet, without it, I wouldnt be able to write this in bed. Naked. Or am I??
*I’m thankful for SBJ and the fact that every single day I spend with him, he makes me laugh.
*I’m thankful for my parents, for letting us crash their house party every night of the week.
*I’m thankful for their DVR, without it, I would miss the shows I love the most because I am too scatterbrained to remember when they were on. I always remember in the last 5 minutes of the show and that makes me sad. So DVR makes me happy.
*I’m thankful for my queen sized bed because it’s big enough to share with the sweetest guy in the world.
*I’m thankful for my memories because without them, Rura and I would not have been able to enjoy our car ride home tonight when music helped us remember some good times early in our relationship.
*I’m thankful for my readers, without you I wouldn’t have comments. I love me some comments. Oh and your blogs are ok too.
*I’m thankful for Rura. For so many reasons, for so many moments, for so many breaths that we take, and especially for his cute butt and sexy lips.

Thanksgiving is awesome ya’ll! I feel happy now. Time to get this kid to bed so I can get lucky. And I have to pee.

I really do love you guys. A whole lot. Thank you for coming back here to see what kind of useless information I have to share each day. I hope we get the chance to get drunk together one day. Because I would so make out with all of you and totally blame the booze. Fo Sho.

Not my thing

26 11 2007

I dont “do” Black Fridays. Another shocker right? Me, being the bargin hunting queen that I am! You know I loves me a good deal and a good sale but I cannot subject myself to the insanity that IS Black Friday.

I love deals. I do. Me and deals, we have a relationship. It’s hard to explain. You just have to get it. But I cannot justify saving money in exchange for the possibilty that I will get trampled. Here is the thing with me. I dont do crowds.

I get nervous. I get sweaty. I get tingley and I have trouble breathing. When I am in a crowd that feels frantic, I fuh-reak, just a little. I feel like I want to scratch my skin off and I have to get out, FAST. My guess is thats anxiety. I can walk through a crowd of people at Disneyland, or something similar to that. But shopping crowds? Them people be actin’ STOOPID and I cant deal with STOOPID. It’s that whole “I need to get there first, I need it more than you, I need, need, NEED, and want, want, WANT” that makes my skin CRAWL. Some people might think its not so bad. Good for you. Wake up at 4am and get your happy asses to the store. Me? I’ll be sleeping.

This time of year brings out the crazy in people. The week before Christmas, I cant go into a store even though thats usually when I need to do all my shopping because I am a procrastinator like that. My trips need to be brief, I need a list, and I need to get in and out otherwise, spaz attack. Rura saw it first hand last year and his eyes buldged out of his head for a minute when he saw my eyes starting to dart back and forth and watched me starting to scratch at my neck and face. He thought that was a good time to leave. And he’s still hanging in there folks! Bo-yah!

Have you ever been on the flip side of Black Friday? Like, behind the register?? For you BF lovers, those are real people, not robots. Yea. I was one, with my happy red shirt and khaki pants. Bright eyed on the morning of Black Friday, no less than 5 years ago. I was a young thing, just short of 19 years, a happy 8 months along in my pregnancy. Walking into work that morning, I only thought for a few seconds that it was odd that I was offered 20 bucks for my red t-shirt by someone waiting in line to get into the store. The line that went around the shopping center. Twice. I happily grabbed my money bag and went to my register. The vets around me looked nervous, as did security. It was 5 minutes to opening and already some people were pulling on the door handles. A few minutes later, the manager came from downstairs and yelled that they were unlocking the doors. People around me flinched and braced themselves. I had no idea the mayhem I was about to watch unfold.

People spilled into the door, falling over each other like sand pouring from a bucket. Our registers were staggered, not lined up like most Target registers are today. I was towards the middle and I watched in slow motion as a man who was pushing 40, was actually hurtling the register stands to get to a display of 10 dollar boomboxes that were stacked at the end of the furthest lane. He scooped up 3 and threw them on the register. His wife appeared from nowhere with a cart full of deals. The store had been open no more than 10 minutes. I still wonder how she did it. They were rung up and were back in the store in less than 10 minutes. Watching that middle aged man fly thru the air, I grabbed my belly and ducked as low as I could. I swore on that day that I would never work another Black Friday again. And I haven’t. I haven’t.

Having a line with more than 15 people in it, all with their carts overflowing, the tired kids whining, the grumpy husbands frowing at me, urging me with their scowls to move faster is what I believe made me hate Christmas shopping and the people who shop. It’s nothing personal against you dear reader, its just try and have a little compassion for the people behind those registers. Especially the young ones that are knocked up and only working because their baby daddy’s are complete assholes. *cough*

This year, I am focusing on getting SBJ his gifts within the next few weeks and then just grabbing a few things here and there. Example, I went to WalHell tonight and came out with no gifts. But I got a good IDEA for some. I plan ahead like that.

If you chose to experience Black Friday, more power to you. You are a stronger shopper than I will ever be. Meanwhile, I’m just going to lay here, browsing Amazon and forming gift ideas for mine and Rura’s families.

Me and my kitty.

Like my newly shapen eyebrows?


24 11 2007

I’m tired. Tired of being on the car, on the road, in a cramped space.

But the trip was great. Better than great.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I wonder how many blogs I have to catch up with…. That would be 716 entries in my Google Reader. Fun.

Rubbing our eyes

23 11 2007

We are tired. We have walked and sightseen most of what there is to see around here. My legs hurt all over. Right now we are watching TV and SBJ is writing letters to Santa. So far he has asked for a bike, a scooter, and a toy ship.

Tomorrow we go home but I think we are going to stop and see the USS Hornet. My dad told me today that my grandpa was stationed on it. I hope we get a chance to see it.

When I was typing the name of the ship, I accidently typed horney. Can you tell whats on my mind? Vacationing with parents does have its downside.

Tomorrow, back home.