Classy Chaos Challenge #1

22 06 2008

There are soooo many photo challenges on the web these days. Foto Friday, Wordless Wednesday, and I’m sure a whole lot more that I don’t do. I tried the 365 project with Rura but that shit ended faster than it started.

But every once in awhile, a really funny, sexy, and classy blogger comes along. And she makes a photo challenge. That I just HAVE to participate in. Because if I can up my classy status just a little bit, then I am totally IN. Because participating in the Classy Chaos Challenge will most definitely make me a little classy by association right? Right??!

Don’t answer that. CCC#1 was to take a picture looking down at the top of my kids head. He has a really big head. A big head on a skinny body. And big ears. But I love every inch of that head and that skinny body…. so I really don’t mind.

Classy Chaos Challenge #1

Wow… I can almost feel my classy points raising.

I love to think outside the box. Thanks HO, for giving me a challenge.

SPF – Music Player

9 05 2008


Oh hells yea. Nice button!! This week, the ever lovely Kristine asked us to show her our music players. Here goes:

SPF Music Player

I’ve rocked this Ipod for over two years. It’s blanked out on me a couple times but has held out for the last 6 or 7 months. I’m in the process of updating all my technical toys but its hard for me to part with this one the most. Plus I love my awesome Dodgers skin and I dont really want to part with that.

So there it is.

Did you play?

Update on my grandma: She’s still in rehab. She’s doing better but we just don’t know if she is going to be able to handle stairs. She should be there another week so I’ll give a better update once she is home. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes. I appreciate it more than you know.

SPF – Bad

11 04 2008

Today Kristine asked us for bad. I thought hard about this and I had some trouble with it. I thought about posting a picture of SBJ’s busted up toe nail and how bad it looks, but when I look at it, I get dry heaves and I really did not want to share that experience with you.

So you get this:

bad ass

My son, the Bad Ass.

He was probably about 2 in this picture and all it took was me saying “wanna fight?” and throwing up my fists, he would say “anna fie momma?” and put up his.

I would throw a few jabs and the laughter would just spill from his little chubby body. His laugh… it made even the hardest of people crack a smile. It was infectious. My reaction to his laugh was always a mixture of laughter and tears because my soul just could not handle the immense love that this kid made me feel.

Love you little Bad Ass.

Did you play??


SPF – Triangle

4 04 2008



When I went to see the Dodgers take on the Red Sox at the Coliseum last week, I wasn’t really prepared for anything. I knew it was going to be memorable, but I just didn’t really know why.

Only 3 days before the game, an LAFD Fireman lost his life in an explosion. The LAFD and The Dodger’s organization responded by arranging a fly over of 3 LAFD helicopters before the start of the game.

They are literally flying into the sunset. It was moving, and beautiful, and a moment that made the game that much more perfect.

Did you play?

7 Years Ago

7 03 2008

It was a pretty nice day, for March. It was overcast and I ran over to the video store to pick up some movies. I grabbed JFK because I was hard up for a good conspiracy movie and hadn’t seen JFK in a while. I was pretty excited because it was the first day of my pregnancy leave and I was SICK of Target. I had a good week ahead of me before I expected him to come so I was ready for a mini vacation before EVERYTHING was going to change.

I headed over to the base to my checkup which was supposed to be pretty routine. I felt good going in and was already planning my day. Turns out, that little fetus inside me had other plans.

It has to be said. The worst thing that can happen, while the doc is all up in your biznezz, is for him to get a bewildered and confused look on his face. Not a good sign. Never a good sign. He asks if I am feeling any contractions. Nope actually, I feel great. I rented JFK. No plans for a baby tonight. It wasn’t to be. I was at 4 centimeters and that’s doc talk for admittance. But first, walk for two hours. Then come back and get felt up again.

Grab the ex from his job in the hospital and tell him that we gotta go NOW and get my bag. And of course stop at Target for PJ’s. Go home, grab my bag and pillow and walk around the mall for an hour. Drive the 30 minutes back to the base and get checked, only to be told to go walk some more.

We end up at the apartment of one of the ex’s friends. They play cards while I watch HBO and attempt to time my contractions. Which I couldn’t really feel. End up back at the hospital around 11:00 that night.

The next day rolls around. I have a room with a view of the roof of the hospital and the parking lot. It’s raining. I’m on pitocin. The ex insisted on making all my IV’s. I had to put my foot down when he suggested that he put the IV in me. Uh, no.

SEVERAL hours later and a good half hour of PAIN and I’ve got an epidural injection that will last 45 minutes instead of the normal IV. I’m dilated to 10 and its time to push.

30 minutes later and there he is, all up in my world.

At 1:19 pm, my life changed forever.

This kid makes me smile every day. He makes me want to pull my hair out just as much. He has a crazy sense of humor and it so smart, I don’t know how he came from me.

7 years and he still sleeps with his arms flung over his head, just like he did when he was a tiny little baby.

As crazy as he is, I wouldn’t trade him for anything.


Happy Birthday my sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey.

BTW, I never did get to watch JFK. But the video store decided not to charge me a late fee when I returned the movies 2 months later.

2007 In Pictures

2 01 2008

Here’s our year, in picture form. Check it out if you are interested! Hope everyone had a good New Years!

Here’s to 2008! Read the rest of this entry »

Enough waiting!

28 11 2007

Vacation picture time!

Wait… you mean no one was waiting to see the 177 pictures I took while we were in San Francisco for 2 and a half days? I’m the only one? Weird…

Don’t leave! I’m not going to show you all 177. Serious. I’m not that patient and you probably aren’t that interested. I’ll do you a favor and break the days up. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m doing my lazy ass a favor because I just dont want to post our whole vacation in one post.

So I took a few pics on the road up there, and here they are, in all their glory. Aren’t you excited?? Well get excited becuause NaBlowMe is almost over and I’m really running dry here people.

Yup this is my offspring. And the very first picture I took to kick off our vacation. He makes for nice memories.

This is the inside of the car after a few hours on the road. My mom has a PT Cruiser and it was pretty cramped in there. As you can see.

Anyone else think thats sexy? Just me? Ok…

mmmm pea soup. Like boogers.

I so love them.

Woman! Put the camera down and grab something!

Hahaha thats all! For tonight anyways. Is it really only Wednesday?? This week is draggggging.

Saturday Photoblog 2 (On a Monday)

19 11 2007

Better late than never right?

Here is our week in pictures. Saturday, Nov. 10 – Friday, Nov. 16 2007

Sat. 11/10
I went from this:

oooh straight all around…

To this:

Dont ask about that face I’m making. Oh yea, layers too.

Mon. 11/12

My very purdy flowers

Our very blurry anniversary pic… I started feeling crappy soon after…

Thurs. 11/15
Around the house…

When he was a baby, he used to always sleep with his hands thrown over his head. Guess some habits die hard.

Thats my pretty baby girl.

You know we are dorks.

Fo Sho

Here’s a bonus pic for you!
Assaulting an officer??

Quit resisting!

Secret Op

16 11 2007

The tooth fairy is coming tonight. Wanna take odds on “the tooth fairy” forgetting to replace the tooth with money?

I’m tired. I had a mango smoothy for dinner and then some ice cream. I fell asleep for a few minutes watching Heroes and I have to get up early to take Rura to a soccer game. Saturday and I can’t even sleep in. Good times.

NaBloPoMo sucks….. hard.

Here. Us being stupid. It’s all I got tonight.

We are a special few.


Because that’s not my job!!

7 11 2007

Jessie challenged me to write about the 13th photo in one of my albums. Every album I had, was a picture I dont like. So to defeat the whole purpose, I’ll write about two pictures that I absolutely love.


I happen to think that kid in that picture is cool. In fact, he rocks. We both do. This picture was taken when I worked nights, and spent my days with SBJ at home. Based on the background, I can figure that this picture was taken after he had turned 3, sometime in July or August. I had just bought a web cam and we were playing around on it.

SBJ was my best friend for a long time. I hung out with him all day, what do you expect? We used to dance to the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack, watch movies, go to Target, and play games all day. That was before he started talking a lot. Now, he wont be quiet. He is constantly chattering and asking questions ALL. DAY. LONG.

“Mom, why is your tummy getting bigger? Are you having a baby?”

“Mom, how old are you?”

“Mom, who came first in the whole wide world? How did people start?”

“Mom, how do you pee? Why don’t you stand up like me?”

“Mom, mom, mom, MOM, why aren’t you listening to meeeeee?”

and my favorite, which I hear about 10 times a day,

“Mom, can we go to McDonalds?”


Thats us, eating candy that my friend sent us from Texas. She had just sent us a package FULL of goodies and I sent her pictures of us enjoying them.

Remember that “wont stop talking” thing? It also means, “wont get OUT FROM UNDERFOOT!!!!!”

Holy cow, this kid wont leave me alone for two seconds. I have been asked at least 6 times while writing this when I will be done so I can go play video games with him. When he DOES walk away from me for two seconds, he’s standing in front of the TV asking my parents lots and lots of completely random questions, much like the ones I wrote about.

Right now he is bribing me with fake food. He keeps putting them on my lap and they keep sliding off. This is what I am hearing:

“Put on the shower. Put on the shower. Put on the shoowwwwwwweeeerrrr. (No games until he doesn’t smell like a foot.) Mommy, do you like butterflies? Do you? Theres butterflies in our room on the wall. singing And I know how to count, and I dont know how to count.”

He ran away. And jumped on my dad. Then ran back to me. Haha, my mom told him to calm down. Now he is laying on the dog bed. My dad asked him what his problem is. LMAO. He’s acting like a dog.

Dad: “You gotta poop dog? GO OUTSIDE!”
Mom: “Don’t fart any more you stinky dog!” Yea thats because he farted on my mom earlier.

Back on the dog bed.

Back to the talking and sitting next to me barking like a dog. A rabid dog. He wont go get his PJ’s because he said that it wasn’t his job. I would then assume that makes it MY job.

Please tell me that my child is not the only strange one on the planet?

Remember ARK Sundays!! And have fun with it!