Thats funny

24 09 2007


Ahhh the beauty of Calvin and Hobbes. Why only the snowman series? Because thats my favorite. These are the ones that make me roll on the floor laughing my pretty little ass off. Or ROTFLMPLAO. Fo sho. I mean, how can you not laugh at this?

Or this?

Oh Calvin…. your dark sense of humor warms my heart. (You might have to click those to really enjoy them)

  • Aha! I bet you thought this was a fun post. Well think again. The rest is bullet points. Sucker!
  • I used C & H to warm you up. Hopefully you wont hate me for tricking you.
  • But seriously, how could you be so easily manipulated? How do you sleep at night?
  • I went to Ulta this weekend. With no money. I couldn’t breathe when I left because there was so much stuff I Neeeeeeeeded. I really do need more stuff. I really dont. I’m a liar. Dont make me post pictures of all my stuff.
  • While I was there, I sinned. Big time. I fell head over heals with a perfume that I really shouldn’t have. It smells fucking great. Go ahead. Please. Slap me in my fucking face. Ugh. I hate her with the heat of a thousand suns but damn, she smells good.
  • I also went to Famous Footwear and bought some brown heels that are adorable! They were only $15! I cant find them anywhere online but I guess thats because they were in the clearance. I never ever find cute shoes my size in the clearance section.
  • It rained on SBJ’s soccer game on Saturday. They ended at the half. SBJ was soaked to the bone when he left with the ex’s sister. I was pretty happy they ended early because I really wanted to go and get back in bed with Rura. I actually ended up waking him up and we went to my moms.
  • He met my Aunt (mom’s sister) for the first time.
  • She lives in Alabama and was here for a funeral. She hates the ex (always has). She divorced her husband for a MUUUCCCHHH younger guy (think the same age as her oldest daughter. Hee.) so I know she cant judge me. Pfft! She was a real witch growing up but she’s improved. Plus it helps only seeing her every 2 years or so.
  • I’ll release you now from the clutches of my bullet post. But only because its 5 minutes until I leave from work. FREEDOM!!!!!!
  • One more!!!!!!!! Rura has a ride along tonight! Bust out the straight jacket! Fun times!

Wow! July 1st!!

1 07 2007

I know it’s not a big deal, but more than half of 2007 is over. Yea, half of it. I dont know why I care, it just makes me wonder how time goes by so quickly these days.

I noticed that when I am not feeling excited or happy, I dont blog. Sucks huh but I feel like I have no motivation to write about anything. It’s usually me over-reacting to Rura as usual. We just go through our moments in time that just make me question our relationship and most importantly, myself. But we seem to get over them as quickly as they come so I am glad for that. Being that this is really only my 3rd serious relationship in my life, I am really starting to realize that this is just the norm in a serious relationship. Me and him together are NOT perfect. We have flaws, mistrust, and anger towards each other. But we also have humor, love, joy, and extreme attraction towards each other. It’s these type of things we share that make us work, that keep us ticking. That’s what I hold on to when it gets really hard.

Moving on… this weekend was a laundry weekend. My mom has been out of town a week on Tuesday so my dad is feeling it big time. When she is gone, he has trouble finding things around the house and has trouble making decisions. He relies on my mom for these things. So we have been trying to fill that void. I did his laundry today plus ALL of Rura’s. I went to his room and scooped up ALL his clothes laying all over and threw them in his hamper and took them to my parents to wash. He has 3 piles of clean clothes now. I think all together I did about 9 loads of laundry.

The only thing my dad likes about my mom not being here: he doesn’t have to eat pizza or fried chicken and he gets to eat all the things she doesn’t like to eat.

Now that I think about it, we did a LOT this weekend. Lets recap shall we:

*After work Rura and I stayed over night at the fireworks booth. BORING. We went to the batting cages for a bit then just sat around and drank beer with another couple from the board. We slept on the floor of the trailer and didn’t even get to fool around! WTF?

*Took Rura to get a haircut. Came out VERY sexy.
*Picked up SBJ at my cousins where he spent the night. Hung out there for a bit.
*Got my oil changed at the Oil Stop, coolest place to get an oil change. You stay in your car and they give you water and soda and talk you through the oil change. We get kicks out of stupid stuff like that.
*Grabbed lunch and went back to my parents.
*I watched Dogma while Rura took a nap. SBJ bugged the whole way through because he wanted to go swimming.
*Three of us went swimming for a few hours. My dad got home while we were in the pool.
*Four of us went to my FAVORITE resturaunt, Red Robin. I had the Teriyaki Chicken Burger. YUMMM.
*Rura, SBJ, and I went to a bowling alley near my moms and played two games. Of course I won both but I played league a few years back. This bowling alley was so cool because everytime that SBJ went up to bowl, the bumpers came up. Rura cheated a few times and used them because there was a slight delay when they went back down. I think he banked two or three strikes off of the bumpers that my 6 YEAR OLD was using.

*MOM slept in. Till about 9. I made French Toast for all my boys at my dad’s request. I made my dad make the bacon. I told him “I cant make bacon, I burn it.” He asked Rura when he came out of the room who responded saying, “I cant make bacon, I burn it.” My dad thought we planned it because I started cracking up. Soul mates? I think so. Soul mates who wont be eating bacon in the future. We watched Ice Age 2 while we ate.
*My boys went swimming again. While they dried off, I suggested a movie. Actually, Rura mentioned it yesterday but I just reminded him. I get credit right?
*Went to see Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Super cool. I liked it because it wasn’t completely drawn out. They got to the point and I like that.
*Cruised the mall like 3 mall rats. Best deal of the day: Almond Body Lotion at The Body Shop. For 3 bucks EACH. With a pump. Heavenly. I also got 10 beaded necklaces that were priced at $3 each. I paid $5 for all 10. SWEET.
*Came home and went swimming. Now my left ear is full of water and I HATE it. Rura tried sucking it out and it worked a little bit but right now, its back.
*Got Subway for dinner and watched King Kong.
*Laundry is almost done. Last load needs to go into the dryer. SBJ is playing games on the computer, I’m blogging (duh) on the laptop, and Rura is watching Cops, as per usual at night. If its not Cops, its some other law inforcement show. He likes to drool over the toys they use and listen to the codes and watch the redneck’s get wrapped up. He’s so cute. I can’t wait to take advantage of him later.

So busy weekend yes? To me it was. I think the A/C has been running for 3 days straight. I’m still sweaty. I need some cheese and mint chip ice cream. Not at the same time though.

Rura is eyeballing me so I guess I better go. BTW, check this out:

NC-17! COOL. Almost as good as porn

All it takes…

18 06 2007

Sometimes all it takes is a little love.

I have a lot of love in my life, to give and receive:
Rura love ♥ SBJ love ♥ blog love ♥ wordpress love (when it works) ♥ Ipod love ♥ kitty love ♥ camera love ♥ photo love ♥ Flickr love ♥ sandle love ♥ pedicure love ♥ Jessie love ♥ Dawn love ♥ CSI love ♥ makeup love ♥ product love ♥ bed love ♥ sex love (ha) ♥ Rura’s ringtone love ♥ stinky cheese love ♥ pillow love ♥ open window at night love ♥ Avon love ♥ sunglasses love ♥ book love ♥

I mentioned I have serious product love. I mean serious. I am additcted to anything that I can use in my hair, on my face, body, feet, hands (I just typed nads, LOL), and anything else. I went to CVS today and restocked my Burt’s Bee’s lip balm which Rura and I both are addicted to. One thing that I am seriously addicted to right now is Avon Natural’s lotion, shower gel, and body spray in banana and coconut milk. This stuff SMELLS like summer. Its so delicious. And when I bought two of the products, I got this cute cute bag. Thank goodness I didnt pay that much for it. I might love products, but I wont pay an arm and a leg for them. The only time I endulge myself is when I buy Clinique, Lancome, MAC, or Estee Lauder. I get specific things from all of those expensive makeup counters. And only when they offer free gifts. Yes, thats how cheap I am.

I’m so addicted to Avon, I’m thinking of selling it. I have no market at work because I get mine from a chica there who sells it. Everyone buys from her. I dont know who would buy from me so I am just not sure. Anyways, I want to share my product love with the internet so I might drop product raves here once in awhile.

Speaking of love… Go share some of yours with Liz. Liz works her ass off on her blog working to help suport her gorgeous family. She is also in a very competitive sweepstakes where she wants to win an awesome toy for her daughter. I know how much kids LOVE toys and I think she has worked hard for this payoff. But she needs your help. I helped already by voting and you should too. Yes you, reading this! Click here and check it out. Thats the link for the website which is a totally fun website where you basically win free shit by doing nothing but whoring for votes! Trust me, its a free sign up and they dont spam you. I signed up and haven’t gotten anything other than my confirmation email. I entered myself for a few sweepstakes and voted on a few while I was there. If you go sign up and vote in that perticular sweestakes, make sure you vote for table4five. She is the one with the cool eye for an avitar. Oh and she is out for blood on this one because there is another person who is just totally trailing her in votes. Help her out with a few will ya?

I shared my love… you should do the same. It feels nice. ♥