SPF – Music Player

9 05 2008


Oh hells yea. Nice button!! This week, the ever lovely Kristine asked us to show her our music players. Here goes:

SPF Music Player

I’ve rocked this Ipod for over two years. It’s blanked out on me a couple times but has held out for the last 6 or 7 months. I’m in the process of updating all my technical toys but its hard for me to part with this one the most. Plus I love my awesome Dodgers skin and I dont really want to part with that.

So there it is.

Did you play?

Update on my grandma: She’s still in rehab. She’s doing better but we just don’t know if she is going to be able to handle stairs. She should be there another week so I’ll give a better update once she is home. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes. I appreciate it more than you know.

SPF – Bad

11 04 2008

Today Kristine asked us for bad. I thought hard about this and I had some trouble with it. I thought about posting a picture of SBJ’s busted up toe nail and how bad it looks, but when I look at it, I get dry heaves and I really did not want to share that experience with you.

So you get this:

bad ass

My son, the Bad Ass.

He was probably about 2 in this picture and all it took was me saying “wanna fight?” and throwing up my fists, he would say “anna fie momma?” and put up his.

I would throw a few jabs and the laughter would just spill from his little chubby body. His laugh… it made even the hardest of people crack a smile. It was infectious. My reaction to his laugh was always a mixture of laughter and tears because my soul just could not handle the immense love that this kid made me feel.

Love you little Bad Ass.

Did you play??


SPF – Triangle

4 04 2008



When I went to see the Dodgers take on the Red Sox at the Coliseum last week, I wasn’t really prepared for anything. I knew it was going to be memorable, but I just didn’t really know why.

Only 3 days before the game, an LAFD Fireman lost his life in an explosion. The LAFD and The Dodger’s organization responded by arranging a fly over of 3 LAFD helicopters before the start of the game.

They are literally flying into the sunset. It was moving, and beautiful, and a moment that made the game that much more perfect.

Did you play?

SPF – Numbers

28 03 2008

Don’t be upset.

You just saw this photo.


I chose it for today’s SPF because tomorrow is the big game. But 555 wont be in action. Number 5 in this picture has to work. As for Monday’s home opener? Remember how I said that you had to win the chance to buy tickets? Well turns out, my parents bought me a seat for the season. Not the whole season, but one of the mini-plans available. They bought 4 seats all together and that package included Opening Day.

He can’t go to that game either.

He can’t go to Opening Day.

Of the Dodger’s 50th Anniversary.

*insert picture of me crying and banging my head on the table*

His work is important. I get that. I’ve been where he is, just starting out at a new job. BUT ITS OPENING DAY! Oh well. Anyone in my area want to go? I’ve got an extra ticket.

Oh and I’m SO wearing #5, probably to both games. Garciaparra is my baby daddy. And at least HE’LL be at both games.  

Stuff Portrait Friday is Back!!!

21 03 2008

*Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!*

Stuff Portrait Friday is back my friends! I am so excited. And unprepared.

The first official SPF is Your Favorite Picture.

This is my second favorite. My first is on another computer that I wouldn’t be able to get to until tonight. If I remember, I’ll update this post with it.


I took this picture on a hot summer evening. Last year’s summer KILLED, and we spent much of it in the pool. I had already gotten out of the pool and I decided to just get some pics of my guys swimming. SBJ LOVES to run and jump in the pool and we have just the right kind of concrete that does NOT get slippery (you can hang up with CPS now fuckers). This jump is NOT a trick of depth perception. He really got high. I completely love the color of the water and of the sky in the corner, and the way his arms and legs are just flung so carefree.

*sigh* Thanks Kristine, for giving me a reason to take my camera out again!!

Did you play??