Another “first” gone

10 08 2008

So just the other day, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Wait… that was 7 years ago.

Let me start over.

So just the other day, I took my son to his first day of second grade.

*Ahem* That’s better.

He was very much not looking forward to second grade. His whole first grade experience left a lot to be desired. His teacher was much too old* to be teaching first graders. She just could not keep up and she had a short temper with all the kids, not just mine. Basically, it was one of those situations where every parent thought it was their kid that was acting out, when, to his teacher, it was all the kids.

Needless to say, he was not looking forward to his first day.

I kept telling him it should be ok, and to give his new teacher a chance. He can be stubborn as hell so he wasn’t buying into my attempts to be a soothing mother type figure. Kid’s got me figured out yo.

We did the school clothes shopping, and the supply shopping and his dad took care of the shoes. He wasn’t quite ready to end his vacation. He had just stayed at the beach with the ex’s family for a long weekend, plus a lot of swimming, games, and just normal little boy stuff.

I keep forgetting he’s 7. I know that 7 doesn’t mean grown. But 2nd grade? Already? I mean, really. It’s going by far too fast for me. It’s hard to remember a time before now. I mean, yea I have pictures and video but it’s just not the same.

This does not equal out to baby fever by the way. So stop thinking that right now. You know who you are.

Any-ways, before I was rudely interrupted by those that want to see me knocked up, I just want a few minutes with my squishy little boy. Can you believe that skinny kid right there used to be a bunch of rolls? Rolls for days. He loved the boob, this kid did.

So my baby is grown. Wearing a size 3 and a half shoe now. Starts his 4th year of soccer tomorrow. Listening to this song, over and over on his first day of school.

Yea, I know all the words. What of it?

If there is yet another thing that makes me proud, is that he has inherited my love of music. Even if it’s The Naked Brothers Band, or iCarly. He will always make me smile when I hear him singing along.

Yup. My kid is so much cooler than me.

*I got mad love for the teachers. Some of the coolest people I know have teachers for their mommies. Me included.

Classy Chaos Challenge #1

22 06 2008

There are soooo many photo challenges on the web these days. Foto Friday, Wordless Wednesday, and I’m sure a whole lot more that I don’t do. I tried the 365 project with Rura but that shit ended faster than it started.

But every once in awhile, a really funny, sexy, and classy blogger comes along. And she makes a photo challenge. That I just HAVE to participate in. Because if I can up my classy status just a little bit, then I am totally IN. Because participating in the Classy Chaos Challenge will most definitely make me a little classy by association right? Right??!

Don’t answer that. CCC#1 was to take a picture looking down at the top of my kids head. He has a really big head. A big head on a skinny body. And big ears. But I love every inch of that head and that skinny body…. so I really don’t mind.

Classy Chaos Challenge #1

Wow… I can almost feel my classy points raising.

I love to think outside the box. Thanks HO, for giving me a challenge.

7 Years Ago

7 03 2008

It was a pretty nice day, for March. It was overcast and I ran over to the video store to pick up some movies. I grabbed JFK because I was hard up for a good conspiracy movie and hadn’t seen JFK in a while. I was pretty excited because it was the first day of my pregnancy leave and I was SICK of Target. I had a good week ahead of me before I expected him to come so I was ready for a mini vacation before EVERYTHING was going to change.

I headed over to the base to my checkup which was supposed to be pretty routine. I felt good going in and was already planning my day. Turns out, that little fetus inside me had other plans.

It has to be said. The worst thing that can happen, while the doc is all up in your biznezz, is for him to get a bewildered and confused look on his face. Not a good sign. Never a good sign. He asks if I am feeling any contractions. Nope actually, I feel great. I rented JFK. No plans for a baby tonight. It wasn’t to be. I was at 4 centimeters and that’s doc talk for admittance. But first, walk for two hours. Then come back and get felt up again.

Grab the ex from his job in the hospital and tell him that we gotta go NOW and get my bag. And of course stop at Target for PJ’s. Go home, grab my bag and pillow and walk around the mall for an hour. Drive the 30 minutes back to the base and get checked, only to be told to go walk some more.

We end up at the apartment of one of the ex’s friends. They play cards while I watch HBO and attempt to time my contractions. Which I couldn’t really feel. End up back at the hospital around 11:00 that night.

The next day rolls around. I have a room with a view of the roof of the hospital and the parking lot. It’s raining. I’m on pitocin. The ex insisted on making all my IV’s. I had to put my foot down when he suggested that he put the IV in me. Uh, no.

SEVERAL hours later and a good half hour of PAIN and I’ve got an epidural injection that will last 45 minutes instead of the normal IV. I’m dilated to 10 and its time to push.

30 minutes later and there he is, all up in my world.

At 1:19 pm, my life changed forever.

This kid makes me smile every day. He makes me want to pull my hair out just as much. He has a crazy sense of humor and it so smart, I don’t know how he came from me.

7 years and he still sleeps with his arms flung over his head, just like he did when he was a tiny little baby.

As crazy as he is, I wouldn’t trade him for anything.


Happy Birthday my sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey.

BTW, I never did get to watch JFK. But the video store decided not to charge me a late fee when I returned the movies 2 months later.

Looks like we made it

27 12 2007

Christmas is over? I can come out of hiding now? FINALLY!

It wasn’t that bad people. I can’t complain. No wait, that’s a lie. I can complain about the IDIOT I married deciding on Christmas Eve to live up to his title of being a complete asshole. So much more than usual too! He decides he wants to take SBJ that night, instead of the next morning. Fucking tard. Instead of “putting my foot down” and telling him no, I agreed, therefore completely bypassing what I’m sure would have been a very dramatic standoff of sorts, possibly including local law enforcement which is just not cool. So when I had to take my grandma home, I also sent SBJ off with his dad. I hated doing it because I wanted to do the whole “Santa came” thing which we had to fake on Christmas Eve. Eh, C’est la vie. He still loved the bike that Santa brought him and the Spy Gear that Rura and I got for him. Amazingly, he got no clothes. Well I bought him some PJ pants but I didn’t wrap them, I just showed them to him. Then again, he does have 4 presents to open from my aunts and one of my aunts is famous for giving out clothes. So I’m not holding my breath.

This Christmas was interesting though. Here’s why (with more bullets) wee!

  • My aunt who is visiting her daughter in Iowa busted the back of her head open and needed 5 staples in her head. She did not want to go to the hospital because she did not want her head shaved. She went and did not end up getting shaved. Just stapled.
  • My grandma did not want to come over for Christmas. The only part of my mom’s family in California for the holiday, and she wanted to stay home. Not on my watch G-ma! I went and picked her up and took her home.
  • My dad’s family breakfast was awesome. One of his brother’s wives went bat shit crazy on the family and accused all of us of hating her daughter. Good times! She was pissed no one complimented my cousin for loosing 50 pounds. Hello, are you just joining our family? We don’t compliment each other. We exploit each others weaknesses with glee and then we all laugh about it. I mean just this year I was asked if my house was my car and if I was going to prison. Good times had by all.
  • Rura fucking scored in the presents department. It took my family almost 5 years to even acknowledge that my ex was alive, and that was after I popped out his kid. This was Rura’s second Christmas spent with my family. Perfect example: My parents got my ex a t-shirt for Christmas. One of those $10 ones from Target with some dumb phrase on it. It wasn’t even a funny one. That was on the last Christmas we spent with my family. Rura got a portable speaker type gadget for his Ipod, a soccer shirt, AND a $25 gift card for Jamba Juice. Facker. He made out. All that brown nosing paid off for sure.
  • Between me and him, we have $75 worth of Jamba Juice.
  • Worst part of Christmas? We did NOT watch Christmas Vacation. WTF I ask you? We watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind INSTEAD. Cool in the 70’s? Hell yea. 2007? Um no, not so much, no. That whole movie is an anti-climatic rip off.

So there you have it. I got some pretty nice clothes and a PJ set, some gift cards, lotion from B&B Works, and my two bestest presents?? A hand me down Dooney and Burke purse from my aunt that I have been drooling over since I first saw it like 3 years ago at her house. Its white with navy blue lettering and tan handles and accents… drool, drool, all day. When she brought it in the house before she left my aunts, she said “remember this?” and I started jumping up and down. None of my cousin’s got it. Hello, boys are stupid remember? The decided that the D & B on the purse must stand for Damn Bitch, or more favorable, Dumb Bitch. Yea, no. Stoopid boys.

Favorite gift? More than my purse? That will MATCH my purse? My daddy promised me a Dodger Jacket, from the stadium, first game we go to next year. Well a jacket or a jersey. *insert happy frickin dance here* Do you know how badly I have been wanting a real Dodgers jacket? I will die and go to heaven the day I get that jacket. I ask to be buried in it. *cough*

Hope everyone else out there had a Merry Christmas.

Oh did you see my new header?? Purdiful isn’t it??! Courtesy of the gorgeous, but M.I.A. Dawn. Dawn, come back to the blogosphere!!!!!! I miss you!!

All mixed up

20 12 2007

Today is just a jumble of things. I’m even warming up to the idea of using bullets. Should I?? Why not.

rain drops

  • It’s been raining here the past few days. So badly the other night that my car did a little hydroplaning on the freeway. Rura was driving and handled it well. Of course he said that he never wanted to drive on the freeway in the rain again, but that can’t really be avoided now can it?
  • Today SBJ has a Christmas program. Whoever’s idea it was to have 1st graders sing “Must be Santa” must hate all the parents. Do you know how long that song is?? Plus his school has like the smallest cafeteria known to man that they cram a ton of parents and kids in. And no parking. So I had to come to work early and I get to leave late. That kid better appreciate me being there.
  • The crazy biatch at work gave cookies to everyone. Individually wrapped. I don’t feel safe eating them. But she had to throw in my favorite cookie just to temp me. Damn her.
  • I need coffee.
  • Last night, a miracle of sorts occurred. I went to Target and spent less than 10 dollars.Don’t believe me. I know you don’t. But it’s true. I bought mousse, note cards, a composition book, and Tostito’s Queso. Oh and two candy bars. Came out under $10 and both me and Rura were shocked. Never happened before, probably wont ever happen again.
  • Head on over to see a crazy bitch that blogs. While you are there, wish Jessie a Happy Birthday! Just don’t mention Christmas and the fact that its only 5 days from now. She is kinda bitter about that. For good reason of course. Happy Birthday!!!
  • The last bullet is reserved for Amy. Amy! I am the cat, you are the chair:


Fo sho.

Happy Turkey Day

22 11 2007

I really hope everyone had a good holiday. Ours so far has been great. Lots of walking, turkey, and pictures taken.

Once we get back home, I’ll write a proper post.

Stay safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Saturday Photoblog 2 (On a Monday)

19 11 2007

Better late than never right?

Here is our week in pictures. Saturday, Nov. 10 – Friday, Nov. 16 2007

Sat. 11/10
I went from this:

oooh straight all around…

To this:

Dont ask about that face I’m making. Oh yea, layers too.

Mon. 11/12

My very purdy flowers

Our very blurry anniversary pic… I started feeling crappy soon after…

Thurs. 11/15
Around the house…

When he was a baby, he used to always sleep with his hands thrown over his head. Guess some habits die hard.

Thats my pretty baby girl.

You know we are dorks.

Fo Sho

Here’s a bonus pic for you!
Assaulting an officer??

Quit resisting!

Secret Op

16 11 2007

The tooth fairy is coming tonight. Wanna take odds on “the tooth fairy” forgetting to replace the tooth with money?

I’m tired. I had a mango smoothy for dinner and then some ice cream. I fell asleep for a few minutes watching Heroes and I have to get up early to take Rura to a soccer game. Saturday and I can’t even sleep in. Good times.

NaBloPoMo sucks….. hard.

Here. Us being stupid. It’s all I got tonight.

We are a special few.



13 11 2007

Remember this?


My poor SBJ went back to the dentist today because apparently the root canal didn’t work. Don’t ask me about how, I really have no idea. The dentist warned me that it might not, so now they had to pull the tooth. My son has had half the number of teeth pulled as I have. His dentist said that this was it, this was the last of the work he needs done. All that’s left is the cosmetic things, such as making spacers to fill the two holes that used to have teeth in them. This is just to prevent crowding once his teeth start shifting and falling out and all that crap.

I feel so awful, like this is partly my fault. I guess now he has to become the tooth brushing king.

Speaking of teeth, mine have been aching something fierce and because of that, my anniversary night went down the tubes. I had a horrible headache all night and on to today and it finally ended about 11:30 this morning. I didn’t even get to enjoy my anniversary sex!!! I can’t make up for it today either because Rura has a ride along so I guess I’ll be flying solo. Ummm…….. not like that. Well maybe not. Maybe yes. Ha.

My night will be oh so exciting though because I am going to watch more Heroes. And eat whatever I want. In bed. By myself. Are you jealous yet? I wouldn’t really be… so yea.

Did I mention I got flowers last night? Oooh half a dozen roses. They are gorgeous. I’m debating about posting a pic now, or wait until Saturday. So that way I actually have something to put up. Ehhh… I don’t know.

Can someone please tell me how “show your boobs for veterans day” actually got someone to this blog? Do I write posts in my sleep about boobs and veterans and I just don’t know it? 

Most likely.

Because that’s not my job!!

7 11 2007

Jessie challenged me to write about the 13th photo in one of my albums. Every album I had, was a picture I dont like. So to defeat the whole purpose, I’ll write about two pictures that I absolutely love.


I happen to think that kid in that picture is cool. In fact, he rocks. We both do. This picture was taken when I worked nights, and spent my days with SBJ at home. Based on the background, I can figure that this picture was taken after he had turned 3, sometime in July or August. I had just bought a web cam and we were playing around on it.

SBJ was my best friend for a long time. I hung out with him all day, what do you expect? We used to dance to the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack, watch movies, go to Target, and play games all day. That was before he started talking a lot. Now, he wont be quiet. He is constantly chattering and asking questions ALL. DAY. LONG.

“Mom, why is your tummy getting bigger? Are you having a baby?”

“Mom, how old are you?”

“Mom, who came first in the whole wide world? How did people start?”

“Mom, how do you pee? Why don’t you stand up like me?”

“Mom, mom, mom, MOM, why aren’t you listening to meeeeee?”

and my favorite, which I hear about 10 times a day,

“Mom, can we go to McDonalds?”


Thats us, eating candy that my friend sent us from Texas. She had just sent us a package FULL of goodies and I sent her pictures of us enjoying them.

Remember that “wont stop talking” thing? It also means, “wont get OUT FROM UNDERFOOT!!!!!”

Holy cow, this kid wont leave me alone for two seconds. I have been asked at least 6 times while writing this when I will be done so I can go play video games with him. When he DOES walk away from me for two seconds, he’s standing in front of the TV asking my parents lots and lots of completely random questions, much like the ones I wrote about.

Right now he is bribing me with fake food. He keeps putting them on my lap and they keep sliding off. This is what I am hearing:

“Put on the shower. Put on the shower. Put on the shoowwwwwwweeeerrrr. (No games until he doesn’t smell like a foot.) Mommy, do you like butterflies? Do you? Theres butterflies in our room on the wall. singing And I know how to count, and I dont know how to count.”

He ran away. And jumped on my dad. Then ran back to me. Haha, my mom told him to calm down. Now he is laying on the dog bed. My dad asked him what his problem is. LMAO. He’s acting like a dog.

Dad: “You gotta poop dog? GO OUTSIDE!”
Mom: “Don’t fart any more you stinky dog!” Yea thats because he farted on my mom earlier.

Back on the dog bed.

Back to the talking and sitting next to me barking like a dog. A rabid dog. He wont go get his PJ’s because he said that it wasn’t his job. I would then assume that makes it MY job.

Please tell me that my child is not the only strange one on the planet?

Remember ARK Sundays!! And have fun with it!