Thats funny

24 09 2007


Ahhh the beauty of Calvin and Hobbes. Why only the snowman series? Because thats my favorite. These are the ones that make me roll on the floor laughing my pretty little ass off. Or ROTFLMPLAO. Fo sho. I mean, how can you not laugh at this?

Or this?

Oh Calvin…. your dark sense of humor warms my heart. (You might have to click those to really enjoy them)

  • Aha! I bet you thought this was a fun post. Well think again. The rest is bullet points. Sucker!
  • I used C & H to warm you up. Hopefully you wont hate me for tricking you.
  • But seriously, how could you be so easily manipulated? How do you sleep at night?
  • I went to Ulta this weekend. With no money. I couldn’t breathe when I left because there was so much stuff I Neeeeeeeeded. I really do need more stuff. I really dont. I’m a liar. Dont make me post pictures of all my stuff.
  • While I was there, I sinned. Big time. I fell head over heals with a perfume that I really shouldn’t have. It smells fucking great. Go ahead. Please. Slap me in my fucking face. Ugh. I hate her with the heat of a thousand suns but damn, she smells good.
  • I also went to Famous Footwear and bought some brown heels that are adorable! They were only $15! I cant find them anywhere online but I guess thats because they were in the clearance. I never ever find cute shoes my size in the clearance section.
  • It rained on SBJ’s soccer game on Saturday. They ended at the half. SBJ was soaked to the bone when he left with the ex’s sister. I was pretty happy they ended early because I really wanted to go and get back in bed with Rura. I actually ended up waking him up and we went to my moms.
  • He met my Aunt (mom’s sister) for the first time.
  • She lives in Alabama and was here for a funeral. She hates the ex (always has). She divorced her husband for a MUUUCCCHHH younger guy (think the same age as her oldest daughter. Hee.) so I know she cant judge me. Pfft! She was a real witch growing up but she’s improved. Plus it helps only seeing her every 2 years or so.
  • I’ll release you now from the clutches of my bullet post. But only because its 5 minutes until I leave from work. FREEDOM!!!!!!
  • One more!!!!!!!! Rura has a ride along tonight! Bust out the straight jacket! Fun times!