Late as usual…

4 10 2007

So apparently yesterday, while I was busy blogging about ghosts and mango tea, the rest of the internets were de-lurking.

The thing about it is, I totally read about this on Monday, I was just tooooo lazy to make the post. So I’m breaking the rules too, like Jennifer. Because rules are meant to be broken. Yea.

So de-lurk!

Hey you club mommies coming from the daily dose?? I see you! Thank you for coming, please show me your pretty faces…err… blogs.

Rura, this means you too! I know you are out there somewhere because you TOLD me you were reading so say hi will ya? LOVE YOU (and your cute butt).

Actually, I have a confession. There is truely only one person I would love to see de-lurk. You visit my blog every day and get here in the same way. You are like a morning cup of coffee, always there for me. So sun fucker, will you please say hello? I would love to greet you by kicking you in your balls and personally asking you to STOP GOOGLING THAT FUCKED UPĀ  TERM THAT GETS YOU HERE EVERY DAY!! Fucking book mark me already bitch! *cough*

If you are still up to it and not offended that I didn’t personally ask you to de-lurk, go ahead and leave me a comment. I’m not famous enough yet to ignore you and I’m certainly not too busy to stop by your place, drink your wine (or whatever’s in your fridge) and leave you a comment too.