5 06 2008

The most amazing thing just happened.

My friend at work got tickets for tonights Dodger’s game and he cant go so he gave them to me.

They are in the first row on the first base side.

First row. Box seats.

I don’t even know what to say. I’ve never sat in the first row and I never will again.

He gave me 4 so we can all go. If only Rura wasn’t working. My parents, my son, and I are going to have the greatest experience ever.

Dood, celebs sit down here. Fuck. I am so speechless and humbled by the kindness of people.


And it begins

4 02 2008

So now that that pesky little football game is out of the way, we can make room for a much more important sport.


That’s right. It’s time for Dodger Baseball.

I’ll be perfectly honest. This fires me up Cal.

This year is gonna be a big one people. 50 years to celebrate. And how are the Dodgers kicking off that celebration you ask? Well they are going home. On March 29th, the Dodgers are returning to the L.A. Coliseum to play the Boston Red Sox. Did you hear that tickets for the game sold out within one hour??! The Dodgers haven’t played there since 1961!! I believe that this is the first baseball game played there since.

And guess who’s going? Just guess.


Oh hell yes we are. I can’t think of a better way to start this season. I can’t think of a better game. The only thing that could make this the perfect season would be if we could get into Opening Day. Hopefully I get lucky because they are drawing names of people who will be able to buy two tickets. Believe me, if I won, I would take the day off for opening day.

Wish us luck!