Saturday Photoblog 1

3 11 2007

This week seems to have been really long. Here is our week in pictures. Saturday, Oct. 27 – Friday, November 2 2007

Sat. 10/27
Halloween Party #2
I went as Little Red Riding Hood and him as Lil’ Jon again. His family didn’t recognize us.
penis costume
Best costume of the night. Only Rura’s cousin could pull this off.

Tue 10/30
Getting ready for Halloween

Wed 10/31
Rura’s little sis with her liberty spikes.
Never seen someone so happy to be bloody.
His brother decided not to dress up.
Drunk trick or treating.

Thur 11/1
Hard working boy.
Tired after soccer practice. He was eating dinner. Thats my mommy in the back.

Fri 11/2
Birthdays and Beers
Figure out which one I’m related to.
Love my family! They never smile! And they climb a lot of mountains apparently.

Thats it. Thats our week. Exciting huh!

Around and back again

1 11 2007

This year, Halloween was a mixed bag for me. To be perfectly honest, as of yesterday morning, I was pretty much OVER Halloween all together. I just wanted to get through the day quickly and get it over with. In the end, it didn’t turn out so bad.

Every year since he was born, I have taken SBJ trick or treating. This was the first year that I didn’t. The ex’s sister had offered to have her boys (ages 17 and down) take him trick or treating around her neighborhood. When I asked him what he wanted to do, he said that he wanted to go with them. Cousin’s trump mom every time. Especially boy cousins. That was pretty depressing but he is 6 and I know this will NOT be the last time I loose out over “hanging with the boys” vs. “hanging with mom.” I’m fine with that. As fine as I can be. So he stayed with his dad last night. I’ll pick him up today from soccer practice so I’m sure I’ll be hearing all kinds of stories.

Two years ago on Halloween, I took SBJ trick or treating around town. This was the first year the ex decided not to go with us and also the first year that Rura did. He walked the blocks and blocks of houses with us while we collected all different kinds of candy. We had a lot of fun together.

Halloween 2005. This is also the first picture we ever took together. We weren’t dating at the time, but don’t worry, the obligatory anniversary post WILL come this month.

Halloween 2007. Do you like my boob muscles? We snapped this one real quick before midnight, just for the tradition. We WERE in costume earlier but had already changed.

We didn’t trick or treat together last year because I was about 20 days shy of manning up and leaving the ex.

After I left work I was pretty out of the mood of Halloween. There was a severe accident at my work that I really cannot talk about now, but I will say that it was horrific and not exactly the best way to kick off Halloween. I went over to Rura’s and we were just going to hang out there, pass our candy, and just chill with his family. His sisters, brother, and cousin were dressed up and when I left for the store, I came back and HE was dressed up. So I just threw something together because I wasn’t prepared with a costume. We hung out for a bit handing out candy, him scaring kids by laying on top of the roof and throwing a dangling cushion thing at them when they walked up. He made a little girl cry and after that, he stopped because he felt bad. After that, we decided to do our own trick or treating. Mind you, the youngest person with us was 15 so we got a lot of “aren’t you a little OLD to be trick or treating?” We threw eggs at those houses.

I kid!!! It was toilet paper!

Overall, it was a good night. The beer helped, let me tell you! Getting an extra hour of sleep because I stayed at Rura’s helped too.

I totally blanked on the Perfect Post Awards this month. I had a good one in mind too but I’m not going to say who’s. If I did, then you would be mad because I was too lazy to do it and you don’t get a shiny button for it. So lets just pretend I didn’t say anything at all ok?

This is my first post of NaBloPoMo. I really don’t know if I can do this so please encourage me! Monique outlined what she is going to do for the month. I can only say so far that on Saturdays I want to do a post with pics from the week and on Sunday, of course I’ll be doing ARK Sundays.

What is ARK Sundays you ask? Well just go here and check it out!  Now with buttons!!

I am giving you a free pass for at least 4 posts of NaBloPoMo here people! That is 4 posts that will practically write themselves. Unless you are pure evil. Then you are on your own.

That’s it. I’m spent. Come back every day this month for exciting posts just like this one. *yawn*

Jessie says J*ck Off

12 10 2007

We all know that Halloween is right around the corner. How can we forget, what with Target and Walmart reminding us for the last month and a half? I already posted about costume choices and lucky for all of us, I dont have to post about pumpkins.

Jessie is already doing that for us.

Did I mention that I have bought two pumpkins already? Yea. I bought two “medium” sized pumpkins from Target about 2 weeks ago. (Yes, I said from Target) I also bought some of those spider web thingies and one of those giant spiders that you fill with leaves and perch up on top of your house. So far, the spider and the webs are still in their bags and those pumpkins? They haven’t left the kitchen counter.

So what to do with them? If I put them outside, I know they will get smashed. If I carve them, they will definetely rot. So I guess we will just wait it out. I think they are too small to carve anyways. We’ll be buying bigger ones to carve and when we do, I’ll be following the Official J*ck Off Campaign.

jack off

The J*ck Off Campaign teaches us all how to perfectly preserve pumpkins this Halloween Season. Wont you join me? I almost forgot to mention that if you click that sweet badge, you can see all kinds of kinky tips on preserving your pumpkins. Ok, they aren’t kinky. But they are really good. So just go there.

Oh and? I never mentioned that Rura is out of town this weekend. Yea. He left yesterday and doesn’t come back until Sunday. Ha… ha. I’m FINE! Its only been 19 hours, 24 minutes, and 37 seconds since he left. Heh…….. Does someone have co-dependency issues? I’ll be a heap of jittery mess come Sunday. If this trip wasnt career related, I would have had a bigger problem. But its training. For his future. Which equals into my future. So I’ll just drink heavily until he comes home. That or take SBJ to Disneyland. Ooohh I get to take pictures of stuff!! All better now!

Imagine opening the door to these?

21 09 2007

Growing up, I used to love to dress up for Halloween. I don’t remember it being cold and I think I would have seeing as my dad always had me dress up as a Denver Bronco’s Cheerleader. (and he wonders why I am a Raider fan now) As I got older, I was a french maid for a couple of  years and the last real costume I remember wearing was that of a renaissance girl. Corset, big skirts, flower crown and all. My boobs looked huge that year. I believe I was a senior the last time I really dressed up for Halloween. The Halloween following, I was pregnant and for the first time, wore some kitty cat ears and called it a costume. Those ears and a pair of devil horns have been my costumes every year since. No, I take that back. I had bunny ears one year too. I had that whole “playboy bunny” thing in my head but sweat pants paired with those ears really didn’t cut it. Plus walking around with a miniature spongebob or biker or whatever costume SBJ chose that year really didn’t sell that image.

But guess what kind of options are available for our youth these days?? Ladies, lock up your girls!

whore boots
My favorite thing about this are the boots. Who doesn’t need 8 inch platforms when trick or  treating?

Great thing is, you can wear these shoes year round! Auntie Em would be so proud!

Hat, stethoscope, candy-striped dress, apron and petticoat included! Sorry girls, you’ll have to ask mommy if you can borrow her stripper shoes!

Mommy I want to be Paris Hilton for Halloween!!

no words
*rolling on the floor laughing my ass off* If you want to go for the complete dumb-ass outfit, here’s the perfect choice!

Don’t these give you something to look forward to? I seriously found ALL of these in the “teen” section of a costume website. I cant wait to send my future daughter out on the streets in one of these costumes. Instead of candy, she’ll bring home wrinkled $20’s and stains not even a dry cleaner would touch.

During my browsing, I did manage to find the costumes Rura and I will be sporting to my family’s Halloween dinner party this year.

Handcuffs are not included. Good thing we have our own.

I actually wouldn’t mind sporting this:
Do you think $49.99 is too much for something that will be laying in a heap on the floor after about 20 minutes? Oh and seriously, boots stay ON or OFF?

In case anyone was wondering, I am not the only one getting blog stalked and noticing. Mystery solved? They may not want to sensor us, but they sure are watching what we are up to!! I can only hope that monitoring my blog teaches Big Brother a thing or two about the fine state the blogging community really is.